Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 505

“Yes, I have no evidence, but he did touch me just now.” Liu Xuan bit her scalp and continued to insist. By now, she has no retreat. She has to buckle the shit basin on Chen Feng’s head. There is a silver lining.
What if your Chu Celadon is a big star? Can the big stars be unreasonable?
“Are you sure?” Chu Celadon’s pretty face became even colder.
“OK!” Liu Xuan said through gritted teeth.
“Okay.” Chu Celadon nodded lightly. Immediately, she turned her gaze to the old man in a tuxedo behind her: “Uncle Wang, go and adjust the monitoring!”
“Call out the monitoring on this deck!”
“Yes, miss. “The old man in the tuxedo bowed slightly, then turned and left.
After hearing the monitoring, Liu Xuan’s complexion changed drastically. There is still monitoring on the cruise ship?
“Wait!” Liu Xuan suddenly spoke before the old man in the tuxedo walked far away.
She can’t let the old man in the tuxedo turn the monitor out. If the old man in the tuxedo turns the monitor out and put it under everyone’s sight, then her face will be lost!
And shame is still a trifle, and more importantly, Chu Celadon and Chen Feng will not let her go!
“Miss Chu, I may have remembered it wrong.” Seeing Chu Celadon looking at herself coldly, Liu Xuan couldn’t help but speak.
“Remember wrong?” Chu Celadon’s mouth raised a hint of playfulness.
“Well, just now, the gentleman didn’t touch my ass, he might just… accidentally touched me.” Liu Xuan bit her scalp.
“I just accidentally touched you?” Chu Celadon’s face was covered with sarcasm, and it was all this way, and Liu Xuan actually planned to quibble.
“Yes…it’s like this.”
“Uncle Wang, let’s go to monitor. It seems that the monitoring can’t come out. Some people won’t tell the truth.” Chu Celadon said lightly.
“No!” Seeing Chu Celadon so decisive, Liu Xuan suddenly panicked.
“I said, I’m telling the truth!”
“The gentleman didn’t touch me, I took the initiative to seduce the gentleman.” Liu Xuan blurted out in desperation.
Actively seduce? !
Liu Xuan’s words caused an uproar in the crowd.
Many people cast contemptuous glances.
But the few passionate young men who had just spoken to Liu Xuan were embarrassed and embarrassed at this time, wishing to dig a gap in the ground and then get in.
“Failed to seduce, and then raked it down?”
Chu Celadon sneered at Liu Xuan.
“Yes.” Liu Xuan blushed and admitted with a thick neck.
Chu celadon nodded slightly, and immediately looked at the many onlookers: “Have you heard it?”
“Have you heard.” Some tourists responded, and many tourists also bowed their heads involuntarily after looking at Shang Chu celadon.
“It’s fine if I hear it.” Chu Celadon nodded slightly, and then she looked at Liu Xuan again, and smiled lightly: “Tell you one thing, there is no surveillance on this cruise ship.”
No surveillance? !
Did Chu Celadon lie to her just now? !
Liu Xuan’s eyes widened, almost spit out a mouthful of old blood.
Many onlookers also opened their mouths and their faces were dumbfounded.
Chu Celadon didn’t care about how Liu Xuan and passersby reacted.
At this moment, Chu Celadon smiled and came to Chen Feng: “Brother Chen, why are you down?”
“I’m here to find someone.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
“Looking for someone?” Chu Celadon’s beautiful eyes flicked a thoughtful look, and said, “Do you need my help?”
“No, it’s already late, or maybe I’ve read it wrong, you go back first.” Chen Feng shook his head and smiled.
The reason for the idea of ​​finding someone is just a whim.
It doesn’t really matter if you don’t find it.
“Well, then I’ll go back and rest first.” Chu Celadon nodded obediently, then turned around. Halfway through the road, she suddenly turned her head and smiled sweetly: “Brother Chen, you should rest earlier.”
Chen Feng was dumb. After a while, he smiled and nodded, and said: “Okay.”
Watching Chu Celadon leave, Liu Xuan finally breathed a sigh of relief, but there was a touch of resentment in her eyes towards Chen Feng.
If Chen Feng didn’t reject her at first, she would not be so embarrassed.
Blame Chen Feng!
Liu Xuan glanced at Chen Feng bitterly, and then completely remembered Chen Feng’s appearance before turning to leave.
Chen Feng didn’t care about Liu Xuan’s hateful eyes.
After another glance at the crowd on the deck, Chen Feng turned to the top floor after confirming that there was no familiar back figure.
At this moment, in a cabin on the third floor of the cruise ship, two dark figures are sitting cross-legged.
The light in the cabin was very dim, so I couldn’t see the specific appearance of the two dark figures, and could only see vaguely. These were two middle-aged men.
After a long silence, the middle-aged man on the left suddenly spoke with a hoarse voice: “Are you sure it is him?”
” Yes , Watanabe Kamisa has been sent to Yanjing for verification. He is indeed the illegitimate son of the Chen family. The disciple of Lord Sabre also died in his hands.” The middle-aged man on the right said in a deep voice. “What state is he now?” the hoarse man asked.
“It’s probably the late stage of Anjin.”
“The late stage of Anjin?!” The hoarse man took a breath.
“Yes.” The middle-aged man on the right nodded and said, “This time he will represent the Chu family in the gambling fight.”
“What did Watanabe Kamisa say?” The hoarse man sighed.
“Look for a chance and kill him!”
“Kill him? How to kill? Even the Sword Saint Disciple is not his opponent…” the hoarse man frowned.
“There are many ways to kill, and you don’t have to use force.”
“You mean…”
“I think, you have a chance to get close to him.” The middle-aged man glanced at the hoarse man and said: “This bet Fighting is very important to Watanabe Kamesa. Watanabe Kamesa does not want any accidents in the result of the gambling battle. You better not let him down.” The hoarse man took a deep breath: “Kill him, I can take it all over. And retreat?”
“As long as you kill him, Watanabe Kamisa will find a way to get you out of the war alliance safely.” The middle-aged man said.
“Where is my family? Can Shang Zuo guarantee their safety?”
“Yes, after everything is done, Shang Zuo can let them move to Japan.”
“Okay! I will kill him!”
There was nothing for a night.
Early the next morning, Chen Feng got up early. After some washing, Chen Feng left the cabin and went to the restaurant.
This is a restaurant only open to customers of luxury cabins on the top floor, so the area of ​​the restaurant is not large, only more than 50 square meters.
When Chen Feng entered the restaurant, he found that Chu Yifei and Zhang Tianyu had found a table and sat down.
Chu celadon was also aside.
Today’s Chu celadon wears a white sportswear, a pair of pink sneakers on his feet, and a simple double ponytail on his head. The whole person gives a clean and youthful feeling.
“Brother Chen, here.”
Seeing Chen Feng coming in, Chu Celadon couldn’t help beckoning, a smile appeared on Qiao’s face.

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