Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 506

Chen Feng smiled slightly and came to the table.
Seeing that Chu Yifei and Zhang Tianyu were also there, Chen Feng smiled and said hello: “Brother Chu, Brother Zhang, early.”
“Morning.” Chu Yifei responded with a smile.
Zhang Tianyu glanced at Chen Feng and smiled: “How was your rest last night? Junior Brother Chen.”
“Not bad.” Chen Feng replied. The cabin he slept in last night was the top luxury cabin of the cruise ship. , So I didn’t feel the strong turbulence, and I slept peacefully and comfortably all night.
“Well, that’s good.” Zhang Tianyu nodded slightly.
Immediately, he glanced at Chen Feng and said: “The cruise ship will probably arrive on the island tonight, and the gambling will begin tomorrow.”
“During this period, you have to recharge your energy and prepare for tomorrow’s gambling.”
Chen Feng He smiled faintly, and was about to nod. At this moment, Hu Qixing beside Zhang Tianyu smiled and said: “Brother Zhang, it doesn’t matter whether Brother Chen is nurturing or not, the important thing is that you have to nurture.
” Tomorrow’s gambling fight, you and the Jianzong genius are the protagonists, and we and Junior Brother Chen are just the foil for you and the Jianzong genius. Therefore, tomorrow will mainly depend on you and the Jianzong genius. You have to play well, and the gambling will be stable.”
Hu Qixing’s tone was somewhat flattering. His remarks made it clear that he was flattering Zhang Tianyu and also belittle Chen Feng.
Yang Xianming on the side laughed and said nothing. He was not surprised that Hu Qixing would say such a thing.
He knows Hu Qixing very well, he is very weak, but he is very capable of observing words and colors.
Although he was the first disciple of the Xingyimen sect master, Hu Qixing’s strength, among the Xingyimen disciples, could not even rank in the top three.
However, this time Xingyimen was launched by him, representing Xingyimen to participate in the gambling battle.
This is naturally related to Hu Qixing’s ability to slack off horses.
In Xingyimen, Hu Qixing is the one who can please the master of Xingyimen most.
Now, Hu Qixing is obviously ready to flatter Zhang Tianyu again.
Moreover, I have to say that Hu Qixing’s flattery with Zhang Tianyu got the point.
He obviously saw that Zhang Tianyu was interested in Chu celadon, but Chu Celadon’s thoughts were on Chen Feng, a casual martial artist.
As a man, Hu Qixing naturally understood how upset Zhang Tianyu was.
Although Zhang Tianyu was upset, as the chief of Longhushan, Zhang Tianyu had to maintain his demeanor and couldn’t express this kind of unhappiness, and…to be jealous with a casual martial artist, Zhang Tianyu couldn’t do such things.
What Zhang Tianyu couldn’t do, naturally Hu Qixing would do it.
As a flatterer, Hu Qixing has already studied flattering thoroughly, so he knows very well how to flatter Zhang Tianyu to make Zhang Tianyu the most comfortable.
It is essential to tout Zhang Tianyu, but it is also necessary to belittle Chen Feng while touting Zhang Tianyu.
Only by degrading Chen Feng can Chu Celadon see the gap between Chen Feng and Zhang Tianyu.
In this way, Chu Celadon will re-examine his own view of mate selection.
Such flattering can be called three birds with one stone!
“Hahaha.” Zhang Tianyu laughed loudly, his face was red, and he was obviously very popular with Hu Qixing’s flattery.
Although he feels comfortable in his heart, Zhang Tianyu still maintains modesty in his mouth: “Junior Brother Hu, it is impossible to say that. Although tomorrow’s gambling fight will mainly rely on the genius of Jianzong and I, you are not allowed. The power of neglect…”
Zhang Tianyu looked at Chen Feng again and said with a smile:
“Especially Junior Brother Chen, you are the only one among all the warriors who participated in the gambling battle. The face of the free warrior depends on your performance.”
“If you play well, defeat one or two. A Japanese martial artist, the face of a casual martial artist will definitely rise.”
“If you don’t perform well…” Zhang Tianyu paused, and then smiled again: “It doesn’t matter if you perform poorly. It’s much weaker than the Zongmen martial artist. Even if you lose to the Japanese martial artist, others will not say anything about you. Therefore,
Brother Chen, you should not have too much pressure.” “Senior Brother Zhang has been worried about things like pressure. , It rarely appears in my life dictionary.”
“It’s Brother Zhang… I’m afraid that the pressure will be great for the honour dispute between the two martial arts circles. I hope that Brother Zhang will adjust his status tomorrow. You can give full play to your own strength.” Chen Feng smiled lightly.
“Chen Young, thank you for reminding me, however, that Japan and other tiny country of weapons, but also did not let me come up with all the strength of qualifications, deal with them, and that I only Qicheng strength.”
“Qicheng strength, they Enough to prevent them from parrying!” Zhang Tianyu’s tone was a little arrogant, he was the first disciple of Longhushan, the holy land of Taoism.
Even looking at the younger generation of the Chinese martial arts world, he can still be ranked in the top ten.
If it weren’t for Chu celadon this time, he would never have come to represent the Chu family to participate in a gambling fight. Letting him deal with Japanese martial artists would be a sledgehammer.
“Hahaha, Brother Zhang is mighty.” Hu Qixing gave a flattering flattery.
Chen Feng shook his head and stopped talking.
Originally, because of Zhang Xianzun, the celestial master of Longhushan, he still had a slight affection for Zhang Tianyu.
But now… there is no good feeling.
Before the gambling battle started, Zhang Tianyu was so arrogant that he didn’t pay attention to the Japanese warriors at all.
When the time comes to power, he will face the Japanese warriors with this mentality, and it will be a situation of losing more and winning less.
Seeing Chen Feng’s displeasure, Chu Yifei hurriedly reminded: “Tianyu, it’s a good thing to be confident, but you must never underestimate the enemy. For this gambling fight, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce will probably invite you. The disciple of the sword and the people of Shenyin came, their strength is not comparable to that of ordinary Japanese martial artists.”
Hearing the disciple of the sword and the saint of sword, Zhang Tianyu’s pupils shrank subconsciously, but his mouth still said Indifferent: “Brother Chu, the disciple of the saint of swords and the people of Shenyin are great, but we in Longhushan are not vegetarians.”
“I have been going to the mountains to practice martial arts with my master since I was young . , Even if I really meet the disciples of the saint sword, I am not afraid of them.”
“I hope so.” Chu Yifei nodded on the surface, but he sighed insignificantly in his heart. If Shenyin and the disciple of the saint are so easy to deal with , Then the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce will not be so troublesome to invite people from everywhere this time.
Seeing that Chu Yifei still seemed to be a little worried, Hu Qixing smiled again and said:
“Brother Chu, just put your heart in your stomach. Brother Zhang is the first person in the young generation of Longhushan. Among his peers, he can be in martial arts. There are no more than two or three people who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Senior Brother Zhang in terms of cultivation. If Senior Brother Zhang will take action tomorrow, the victory in the gambling battle will definitely belong to your China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.

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