Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 507

“Haha, Junior Brother Hu, don’t speak too much. Among the ten martial artists who came to power this time, besides me, there is also the genius of Jianzong and Jianzong. You shouldn’t underestimate it.” Zhang Tianyu laughed haha.
“The genius of Jianzong is not to be underestimated, but I think Senior Brother Zhang is not much inferior to that genius.” Hu Qixing smiled. Zhang Tianyu’s real strength is not comparable to the genius of Jianzong. Zhang Tianyu’s face, of course, he can’t say such things. It is the right way to flatter Zhang Tianyu.
“Brother Hu is too acclaimed. Although your brother and I are proud, I am still slightly inferior to that genius.” Zhang Tianyu’s expression changed. No matter how conceited he is, he should have something in his heart. He still has the number of things, the genius of Jianzong, but the only existence among the younger generation of the Chinese martial arts world, compared with that, Zhang Tianyu, he is really nothing.
Without paying attention to Zhang Tianyu, Chen Feng walked aside, filled a bowl of porridge, served a plate of desserts, and started to eat breakfast.
After eating breakfast, Chen Feng returned to the cabin.
After a moment of tranquility, Chen Feng began to practice.
He broke through to Huajin, and it has been half a year.
In the past six months, almost every day and night, he will nourish and consolidate the energy in the body.
Expenses and benefits are often directly proportional. After six months of continuous nourishment and consolidation, the energy in Chen Feng’s body is much purer than when he first entered Huajin six months ago.
Now, he can precisely control the Qi in the body and release the Qi outside.
The release of strength is the real sign of the martial artist!
The power of any Jinwu warrior who hits a burst of strength at will is no less than the power of a bullet shot by a pistol.
It can be said that the Huajin Warrior has officially left the category of human beings.
Crackling! After a morning of cultivating, Chen Feng opened his eyes and stood up, his muscles and bones humming, like thunder, constantly making noise.
Whoosh! Immediately, Chen Feng jumped off the bed, like a ghost.
Snapped! At the next moment, Chen Feng closed the pores, twisted his body, turned the Qi generated by the force into strength, concentrated on the fist, and smashed it out like a cannon hammer.
This punch was silent, seemingly slow, but actually it was almost a few times!
Following the blast of Chen Feng’s right fist, an invisible force burst out from the top of Chen Feng’s fist.
Snapped! The energy penetrated the glass of the room without any suspense, and hit the iron rod outside the cabin!
After a crisp sound, on the iron rod outside the cabin, there appeared a dent in it, about half a finger deep, a very obvious fist mark!
Not moving like a mountain, moving like a thunder!
This is the power of Huajin Warrior’s energy!
In the evening, the cruise ship finally arrived at Melai Island.
At the same time, there was a knock on Chen Feng’s door, accompanied by this knock on the door, it was Chu Celadon’s crisp voice: “Brother Chen, here.”
“Are you there?”
Chen Feng whispered softly. With a sound, he opened his eyes immediately.
After getting off the bed and opening the door for Chu Celadon, she found that Chu Celadon was standing outside the door.
After seeing Chen Feng, Chu’s celadon eyes suddenly became crescent-shaped. She smiled and said, “Brother Chen, in five minutes, the cruise ship will arrive ashore. We have to prepare to leave.”
“Okay, I’ll go. Clean up.”
Chen Feng smiled faintly. Originally, he estimated that the cruise ship would arrive late at night, but he didn’t want to. The evening arrived, four or five hours earlier than he estimated in the world.
Chu Celadon nodded lightly: “Well, Brother Chen, go and clean up, and call me when you are done.” After returning to the cabin, Chen Feng put Cheng You into the sword whistle, and then wrapped the sword whistle with a black cloth. stand up.
On this trip, he didn’t bring many things. Apart from Chengyou, he only had a mobile phone, so there was nothing to pack.
In less than two minutes, Chen Feng reappeared outside the door: “Let’s go.”
“Okay.” Chu Celadon nodded. Immediately, her eyes fell on Chen Feng’s back and she saw the black cloth. After the wrapped Chengyou, Chu Celadon couldn’t help asking: “Brother Chu, what is this on your back? A sword?”
“Yes, it’s a sword.” Chen Feng smiled.
Chu Celadon’s eyes lit up: “Brother Chen, you know how to use swords?”
“A little bit.” Chen Feng couldn’t help touching his nose. In fact, among the eighteen weapons, the weapon he was best at was the sword.
Back then, Xiao Guozhong taught him the most swordsmanship.
However, in the past few years in Cangzhou, he has not had the opportunity to use the sword.
This gambling battle, it would allow him to pick up swordsmanship again. know a little?
Hearing this answer, Chu Celadon’s mouth could not help but raised a sneer. If someone else said that he knew a little, then he would really only suggest a little bit, but Chen Feng said that he would have a little bit. Yes, there must be more than one point.
“Brother Chen, can I worship you as a teacher?” Chu celadon’s eyes rolled around and suddenly said.
“Huh?” Chen Feng was surprised and couldn’t help but glanced at Chu Celadon, and said: “Why do you suddenly worship me as a teacher?”
“I think your swordsmanship is very powerful.” Chu Celadon said solemnly.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “You haven’t seen me use a sword…”
“I’ll see it soon.” Chu Celadon smiled and interrupted Chen Feng.
“Then wait until you see that I have used the sword.” Chen Feng said helplessly. He didn’t understand why Chu Celadon suddenly had this idea. If she wanted to learn swords, some of the Chu family could teach her, even if Chu I don’t have one at home, and there is also at Jianzong. The Chu family can hire an old sword master for Chu Celadon so that Chu Celadon can learn the most systematic swordsmanship.
“No.” Chu Celadon shook his head, with a sly tongue raised at the corner of his mouth: “I want to worship you as a teacher now .” “Now…” Chen Feng was a little bit troubled. With his strength, it is natural to be the master of Chu celadon. It was more than enough, but as Xiao Guozhong’s closed disciple, he had to ask Xiao Guozhong’s opinion if he wanted to accept a disciple.
“Brother Chen, don’t you want to accept me as an apprentice?” Seeing Chen Feng frown, Chu Celadon suddenly showed a pitiful expression.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “It’s not that I don’t want to, but I have to ask my master’s opinion when accepting disciples.”
“I have also asked your master…” Chu Celadon stuck her tongue out, she just thought about how to worship Chen Feng. Being a teacher, but ignoring Chen Feng’s element of teaching, there is a clear difference between apprenticeship in the martial arts world and apprenticeship in the secular world.
Apprenticeships in the secular world are not so particular about them. They may call out a master, and even if they have a status, they will be worshipped.
But in the martial arts world, apprenticeship is a very grand event.
To worship three times and nine knocks, but also to swear to the ancestor…
In short, because of the inheritance of martial arts, the martial arts world’s apprenticeship has many cumbersome divorces.

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