Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 509

Peng Yanfang nodded and said in agreement: “I think what Shi Ping said is reasonable. The trash is now hugging the thigh of the shameless vixie from the Chu family, and he is just so proud. If we go to look for him, he thought we were going to cheat him. of. ” ” a waste door-law, what qualifications we curry favor?! “Wang Shi Yuan teeth, Meimou there have been spewing out of anger, she never had stuck on experience, obviously tarnish her people Right in front of her, she couldn’t even get revenge.
“Oh, my daughter, that’s not what I said. The dog thing turned out to be a trash door-to-door son-in-law, but now, the dog thing is the little white face raised by Miss Chu family.”
“And Miss Chu family is obviously very precious to that dog thing, even She bought 30,000 VIP tickets for the dog.” Peng Yanfang said with some jealousy. She couldn’t understand why Chu Celadon fell in love with Chen Feng, who was so useless, and she had also been a waste of son-in-law.
According to Chu Celadon’s own conditions, she couldn’t find what kind of man she wanted, but in the end she found a divorced door-to-door son-in-law, which was really squeezed by the door.
“Okay, I won’t look for him for the time being.” Wang Shiyuan took a deep breath and suppressed the hatred in her heart. It is indeed not a sensible act to look for Chen Feng now.
She has no evidence to prove that Chen Fengqiang raped her that night.
As for Li Shiping’s confession, Chu celadon may not believe it. Even if Chu Celadon believed it, in order to save her face, she would still say that Li Shiping had spread rumors.
Moreover, Chen Feng would not wait to die. If she went directly up and said, maybe Chen Feng would bite her back and buckle her and Li Shiping a hat of framing her.
This matter can only be discussed in the long term.
Seeing that Wang Shiyuan had given up the idea of ​​looking for Chen Feng, Li Shiping was relieved immediately, “Auntie, let’s go down.”
“Yeah.” Peng Yanfang nodded, and then said again: “Where is your uncle?”
“Uncle is going to buy water.”
“Your uncle will come here in a while, don’t tell him that the waste is also on the island.” Peng Yanfang said. In a word, with Wang Hongyi’s character, if he knew that Chen Feng was on the island, he would definitely contact Chen Feng.
“Don’t worry, Auntie, I won’t tell my uncle.” Li Shiping patted his chest and assured him that the thing he fears most now is that Wang Shiyuan’s family meets Chen Feng, so even if Peng Yanfang doesn’t tell him, he will not take the initiative to tell it. .
On the other side, Chen Feng and his entourage have already entered the area of ​​Melai Island.
“Brother Chu, how about the other martial artists? Why didn’t they take the cruise with us?” Hu Qixing couldn’t help asking on the way, this time the gambling battle, the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, the four members invited a total of ten martial artists. In addition to the four from the Chu family, the other three also invited two.
But those six warriors have not seen them until now.
“The warriors from several other families arrived at noon today. They came by Wang’s helicopter.” Chu Yifei said.
“Where are they now?” Hu Qixing asked.
“Inside, there is a villa area inside.” Chu Yifei pointed his finger forward and said, “This villa area was specially contracted by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce from Melai Island. All the warriors of the two chambers of commerce, as well as China And Japanese officials live in this villa area.”
“The Japanese officials have come?” Chen Feng asked subconsciously.
“Well, the Japanese officials have also come. It is said that the person who came is a vice president of the Japanese Wushu Association.” Chu Yifei nodded.
The role of the Japanese Martial Arts Association in Japan is generally the same as that of the China Wushu League in China. Both organizations are responsible for monitoring domestic martial artists.
In this gambling fight, the Japanese Wushu Association sent a vice-chairman over, which can be regarded as an indirect demonstration of the importance the Japanese government attaches to this gambling fight.
“Let’s go in first, now it is estimated that only a few of us are left.” Chu Yifei glanced at the time and said.
A few minutes later, the group entered the villa area that Chu Yifei said.
Outside the villa area, there is a very conspicuous blue warning sign: Ordinary tourists are not allowed to enter!
In addition to the warning signs, there are several security guards wearing professional uniforms standing outside the villa area. Naturally, these security guards are not used to protect the warriors in the villa area.
They are used to guard against ordinary people.
In today’s world, although every country has its own martial arts inheritance, most ordinary people don’t understand these martial arts inheritance very well.
For these ordinary people, the word warrior is still too far away.
If you tell them there are warriors in this world, they will just roll their eyes at you and say you have read too many novels.
This situation has something to do with people’s general perceptions, and it also has something to do with the confidential work of various countries’ officials.
Regarding the matter of warriors, all the officials of various countries have chosen to keep secret.
The reason for this is naturally to maintain social stability.
If you let ordinary people know that martial artists not only exist in martial arts novels, but in reality, even by your side, no one can predict the consequences.
Therefore, it is rare for all countries to reach a united front in the matter of warriors.
Never let most ordinary people know about the existence of warriors!
The role of these security guards is to prevent ordinary people, especially now is the tourist season, almost everywhere on Melai Island is tourist, if a tourist accidentally bumps into this place, sees a gambling fight, and will gambling. The pictures were taken and posted online…
No one can afford the consequences.
After a rigorous inspection, Chen Feng and his party finally entered the villa area.
At this moment, a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes walked over.
Before and after Chu Yifei’s body, the middle-aged man first glanced at Chen Feng and several people intentionally or unconsciously, then moved his gaze to Chu Yifei, and said with a smile: “Chu Yifei, you can count it.”
Chu Yifei slightly. Nodded: “Wang Haiyang and the others?”
“Mr. Wang, he took the Jianzong men out to play.” The middle-aged man took a careful look at Chu Yifei and said.
“Out to play?” Chu Yifei frowned, and the gambling fight would begin tomorrow. What did Wang Haiyang mean to take Jianzong’s people out to play at this time?
“Mr. Chu, it is not Mr. Wang who wants to go out to play, but there is a lady from Jianzong who wants to go out to play. Mr. Wang couldn’t refuse, so she took them there.” She seemed afraid that Chu Yifei would have opinions on Wang Haiyang. The young man took the initiative to explain.
“Okay, let’s go in first.” Chu Yifei said in a deep voice, whether it was Wang Haiyang who took the people out, or the people of Jianzong who wanted to go out, in short, everyone has already gone out, and it doesn’t make sense to talk about them at this time. .
“Chu, come with me.” The middle-aged man bowed slightly, and immediately walked ahead to lead the way.

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