Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 510

After going around for a while, the group came to a single-family villa with European-style decoration. There is a small garden outside the villa, and the main body is about three stories high.
The middle-aged man glanced at Chu Yifei, Chen Feng and the others, and immediately showed a touch of embarrassment on his face. Chu Yifei led a lot of people.
In addition to Chen Feng and Zhang Tianyu who participated in the gambling battle, there were also seven or eight bodyguards from the Chu family.
With so many people, one villa may not fit in.
“This villa is left?” Chu Yifei asked, seeming to see the embarrassment of the middle-aged man.
The middle-aged man nodded and said, “I’m really sorry, President Chu, there is only one villa left. You may be wronged for squeezing.”
“Squeeze? So many people, how can you squeeze?” Chu Yifei returned. Before speaking, Hu Qixing had already opened his mouth, with a deep dissatisfaction in his tone. He is a noble warrior, how could he squeeze a villa with a group of smelly bodyguards?
“Can you come out of another villa?” Chu Yifei frowned. Hu Qixing and others are the arrogances of their respective sects. On weekdays, they live a spoiled life. Let them squeeze a room with others. The villa, they are definitely not willing.
“Mr. Chu, this… I’m afraid I won’t be able to take off. In this gambling fight, there are too many people coming. In addition to the official people of the two countries, there are also many people who watch the excitement in the martial arts circles of the two countries. , The villas inside are already full, and this is the only one left.” The middle-aged man said, there are a total of 20 villas in the villa area, and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce has fully packaged it. I thought that 20 villas would be enough for all The people who came to participate in the gambling fight lived, but unexpectedly, twenty villas were not enough.
“Is there any place to live outside?”
Chu Yifei asked, although Melai Island is only a small island in name, its real area is not small. The area of ​​the tourist area that has been developed is not smaller than the area of ​​some normal county towns in China.
Therefore, in addition to this villa area, there must be other hotels on the island.
“Yes, there are, but…” The middle-aged man gave Chu Yifei a little embarrassed look, and said: “The conditions of the places where they live are not very good, and those places are still far from the villa area, even if they are. It takes about half an hour to drive.”
“Xiao Wu, take them out to live, and you will come back when the gambling fight starts tomorrow.” Chu Yifei glanced at the bodyguard behind him, and said to the headed bodyguard. Now, this problem can only be solved by letting the Chu family’s bodyguards go out.
“Yes, President Chu.”
Xiaowu nodded coldly, he had no opinion on Chu Yifei’s decision.
Seeing that Xiao Wu was about to leave with many bodyguards, Chen Feng moved his mind and said, “Wait, I will be with you.”
“Together?” Chu Yifei was stunned when he heard Chen Feng’s words. He looked surprised: “Xiaofeng, you want to go out to live?”
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded slightly and smiled: “Brother Chu, I have a habit of practicing at night. Living here in the villa may affect Tianyu and the others. So, I want to live with Xiaowu and the others. ”
Have a habit of practicing at night?
Chu Yifei’s expression turned weird. Why does Chen Feng’s answer sound like an excuse?
“Well, you can go out with Xiaowu and the others, but tomorrow morning, you have to come on time.” Chu Yifei wanted to stay, but when the words came to his lips, he changed.
The reason why Chen Feng wanted to do this might be that there were some secrets that needed to be concealed. Living with people like Zhang Tianyu could easily reveal the secrets. Therefore, it is not necessarily a good thing for him to ask to stay at this moment.
“Brother Chu, don’t worry, I will definitely come over tomorrow morning.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. In fact, Chu Yifei had a good guess. His so-called habit of practicing at night is indeed an excuse.
The reason why he wanted to go out was actually because of the words of the middle-aged man,’Wang Haiyang took people out to play.
If he guessed correctly, the Wang Haiyang described by the middle-aged man is actually the leader of the Wang family’s gambling fight.
Chen Feng didn’t know Wang Haiyang, and he had never seen Wang Haiyang, but Chen Feng knew the name Wang Haiyang by heart.
Because Xia Weiguo’s broken leg is related to Wang Haiyang!
According to Wang Hongyi, when he was young, he and Xia Weiguo ran ships in Zhonghai. At that time, the Wang family controlled nearly two-thirds of Zhonghai’s maritime trade.
When Wang Hongyi and Xia Weiguo first came to China Shipping, they were not familiar with China Shipping. They didn’t know that to run a ship in China Shipping, they must first worship the Wangjiashan Gate.
Therefore, they offended the Wang family.
Later, Wang Chongyang led people to the door, but Xia Weiguo refused to admit his mistake…
There is only one end to failing to admit his mistake, and that is a dead end!
Xia Weiguo was not dead.
Because Wang Hongyi interrupted his leg.
Chen Feng didn’t blame Wang Hongyi, because Wang Hongyi made that kind of action to save Xia Weiguo’s life.
But Wang Haiyang…
Chen Feng couldn’t help but blame!
In the final analysis, Xia Weiguo’s leg was broken because of Wang Haiyang.
Therefore, he must ask Wang Haiyang to give Xia Weiguo an explanation.
After Chen Feng left, there were only a few people left in the villa, Chu Yifei and Zhang Tianyu. The remaining people, even if they were one person and one room, still had a house.
After a few people divided the room, Yang Xianming and Hu Qixing unanimously knocked on Zhang Tianyu’s door.
As soon as Hu Qixing entered the door, he sneered and said, “Brother Zhang, did you think that Chen’s head was squeezed by the door? You can’t live with a good villa, so you have to go outside and stay in a small hotel with those stinky bodyguards. Really lose the face of our warrior.”
Zhang Tianyu sat on the sofa, frowning, and did not speak. Judging from the current contact with Chen Feng, Chen Feng is not like the kind of person with a lack of brains. The reason why I went out to live, I am afraid there is some other purpose.
As for what Chen Feng said that evening cultivation would disturb them…
It’s okay to deceive a child, it’s impossible to deceive him!
“Hu Qixing, do you think that Chen is a fool?” At this time, Yang Xianming spoke meaningfully.
Hu Qixing glanced at Yang Xianming: “Isn’t it?”
“If you don’t live in a good villa, you have to go out to stay in a hotel with a bodyguard. Is this something a normal person can do?”
Yang Xianming smiled lightly: “If it really looks like you said. Yes, if he is a fool, don’t you think it is weird for him to appear in the Chu Family?”
“What do you mean?” Hu Qixing was taken aback.
“Means nothing.” Yang Xianming shook his head and said:. “I just think, Chu Yifei can not make a fool come home for Chu participated Dudou, and this fool, who was a casual xiuwu” “to
Chu Yifei’s Knowledge is the common sense to know that the combat power of the martial artist is not the same as the combat power of the realm sect.”
“But Chu Yifei still invited a martial artist, you said, why is this?”

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