Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 511

“You mean, that surname Chen is weird?” Hu Qixing gave Yang Xianming a weird look.
“Not sure, but I don’t think he is easy.” Yang Xianming shook his head.
“Brother Zhang, what do you think?” Hu Qixingfu turned his gaze to Zhang Tianyu again.
But seeing Zhang Tianyu frowned: “It doesn’t make much sense to discuss these now. Tomorrow gambling will begin. Whether the surname Chen is a mule or a horse, I won’t know if he walks on stage.”
Seeing Zhang Tianyu seems to have mentioned Chen Feng. Things were a bit unpleasant, Hu Qixing hurriedly agreed: “Senior Brother Zhang said, we don’t need to care whether the surname Chen is weird or not, we just need to do our own thing.”
Melai Island at night, The lights are bright.
There are groups of tourists everywhere on the beaches of the coastline.
Find a good hotel with Xiaowu and others, and Chen Feng went to the beach alone.
At this moment, on Melai Island, there are only tourists on this beach.
Therefore, Wang Chongyang and his party are most likely to appear here.
The sand on the beach is very soft, you can even hear a crisp sound when you step on it.
The oncoming salty damp sea breeze can also relax people’s mind and body.
Chen Feng hasn’t been so comfortable for a long time. Since leaving Chen’s house, he has endured humiliation and hardly has any chance to relax.
This trip to Melai Island gave him a chance to take a break.
Unfortunately, this cozy comfort did not last long.
After a few more steps, two groups appeared in front of Chen Feng.
There are several familiar faces of Chen Feng.
Wang Hongyi, Li Shiping, Wang Shiyuan, Peng Yanfang, and… Liu Xuan, whom I saw on the cruise ship before.
Chen Feng didn’t understand how Wang Hongyi’s family collided with Liu Xuan, but at this moment, their family was confronting Liu Xuan with red ears.
Holding a broken emerald bracelet in half, Peng Yanfang shouted at Liu Xuan: “Just this broken bracelet is worth five million? Are you crazy about money?!”
“Why not worth it? “Yeah?” Liu Xuan sneered at Peng Yanfang with her arms around her chest, and said: “Hillbilly, Mr. Miyamoto’s bracelet is a rare jade emperor green. Moreover, I said five million, just my prediction. The lowest estimated price, if Mr. Miyamoto’s emerald emperor green bracelet is taken to an auction house for auction, it is possible to auction for 8 million!”
“So, I asked you to pay Mr. Miyamoto 5 million, which is already I’ve given you face, don’t know what it is! ”
Mr. Miyamoto? Why does the name look a bit like a Japanese?
Chen Feng frowned. He glanced at Liu Xuan, and immediately found that beside Liu Xuan, a middle-aged man in a kimono was standing.
The middle-aged man’s skin was fair and elegant, and he looked a bit like a Japanese.
There is a high probability that this middle-aged man is Mr. Miyamoto that Liu Xuan said.
But why did Peng Yanfang break this Mr. Miyamoto’s bracelet?
“You said that his bracelet is imperial green, so his bracelet is imperial green? Then I also said that my bracelet is also imperial green!”
Peng Yanfang took her bracelet off her wrist, arrogantly in Liu Xuan shook in front of her.
Liu Xuan sneered: “I knew you would say that.”
“If you don’t believe that Mr. Miyamoto’s bracelet is emerald emperor green, you can look at the identification document of Mr. Miyamoto’s bracelet. Besides, there are so many people watching here. There must be people who know how to do it. These savvy people came out to see if Mr. Miyamoto’s bracelet was emerald emperor green?!”
Liu Xuan sneered again and again, full of confidence.
Seeing her like this, Chen Feng couldn’t help but shook his head. If nothing else, this so-called Mr. Miyamoto’s bracelet is really the legendary emerald emperor green…
“The variety of this bracelet seems to be the emerald emperor green. , Its color is very uniform, and there is a blue tone in the green…”
Soon, a well-dressed passerby stood up for identification, but before he could finish his words, he was roughly interrupted by Peng Yanfang: “Shut up. Did the old lady let you talk?! Are you with this slut?!”
“I am not…” The well-dressed passerby blushed and denied.
“It’s not a group, then what do you say for her?!” Peng Yanfang sneered, “I think you are in a group! You all want to lie to my old lady’s money!”
“Hillboy, you are so determined to make trouble. ??!” Liu Xuan’s face turned cold, this well-dressed passerby was not arranged by her at all, and she did not need to arrange.
Because Miyamoto Yuichi’s bracelet is indeed emerald emperor green.
“Bitch, who do you mean? Don’t you believe that my old lady tore your mouth?!” Peng Yanfang was fierce and wanted to move forward.
At this moment, Yuichi Miyamoto, who had been silent, waved his hand suddenly.
Immediately, two young men in samurai uniforms walked out and coldly stood in front of Peng Yanfang.
After seeing the cold expressions of the two young men in samurai uniforms, Peng Yanfang became visibly furious: “What are you doing?! Do you want to hit someone?!”
“I warn you, I’m from Huaxia, if you dare to beat me, Huaxia will definitely make you unable to eat!”
“Madam, can Huaxia people make mistakes, can they not take responsibility?” Miyamoto Yuichi He spoke lightly, his words were very clear, if he were not wearing a kimono, I am afraid that someone would say that he is a Chinese.
“Huaxia people have made mistakes, so naturally they have to take responsibility.” At this moment, Wang Hongyi stood up and said in a deep voice.
He looked at Yuichi Miyamoto and said, “Mr. Miyamoto, first of all, I apologize for my wife’s breaking your bracelet.”
“Also, if Mr. Miyamoto’s bracelet is really emerald emperor green, no matter how much it is, I will compensate Mr. Miyamoto according to the price, and Mr. Miyamoto don’t worry about it.”
“Compensation according to the price?!” Hearing this, Peng Yanfang’s face changed drastically, and she hurriedly pulled Wang Hongyi aside and said in a low voice: ” Hony, you are crazy. If the Japanese bracelet is really the emperor emerald green, then we will have to pay him five million!”
“Five million! This money is enough for us to buy a house in Zhonghai! ”
Yanfang, did you break the bracelet?” Wang Hongyi frowned and glanced at Peng Yanfang.
“I crashed it, but I didn’t mean it…” Peng Yanfang bit her scalp and said.
“Whether you did it on purpose or not, it’s a fact that people’s bracelets have been smashed now. In other words, it is our fault first, so we must pay for the money.” Wang Hongyi said in a deep voice.

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