Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 512

Seeing Wang Hongyi’s determination, Peng Yanfang only felt that her heart was dripping blood. She would pay others five million for breaking a bracelet. Who would believe this?
“The lady said before that Mr. Miyamoto’s emperor green bracelet has an identification document. I wonder if Mr. Miyamoto can show it to Wang.” Wang Hongyi looked at Yuichi Miyamoto again, although he had already made it for Miyamoto. Yuichi’s decision to lose money, but the prerequisite for losing money is that Miyamoto’s bracelet is genuine emerald emperor green.
If Yuichi Miyamoto’s bracelet is not genuine leather imperial green, but is just a fake, then he will not be taken advantage of.
“Yes.” Miyamoto nodded, and immediately took out the mobile phone, identification documents, he would naturally not carry with him at any time.
However, organizations that issue authentication documents have dedicated websites that can provide online authentication documents at any time.
This kind of identification document is more detailed than the original identification document. In addition to the identification information of the item itself, it also has the identity information of the owner of the item.
Wang Hongyi is also a person who has seen the world. He can see that the identification document issued by Miyamoto Yuichi is the identification document of the real authority. In other words, Miyamoto Yuichi’s bracelet is indeed the emerald emperor green.
“What do you think of Mr. Wang?” Miyamoto said lightly. He was very satisfied with Wang Hongyi’s attitude. If Wang Hongyi was as savage as Peng Yanfang, then he must use some unconventional methods.
“No problem, Mr. Miyamoto’s bracelet is undoubtedly a genuine imperial green.” Wang Hongyi nodded. In fact, from the beginning, he had never thought of being unreasonable or shameless.
Because, this Miyamoto Yuichi’s identity is obviously not simple. He can afford to wear more than five million bracelets. Moreover, after the bracelet is broken, he still has a calm expression. Obviously, he doesn’t put the bracelet in his eyes. .
The power of such a person must not be too small.
If you want to rely on such a person, you have to see if you are qualified.
“Mr. Wang is an upright person, unlike Mrs. Ling.” Miyamoto smiled and glanced at Peng Yanfang.
Peng Yanfang was suffocated, but did not dare to say anything.
Wang Hongyi smiled faintly: “Wang Mou said what he said, since Mr. Miyamoto’s bracelet is emerald green, and that 5 million, Wang Mou will pay Mr. Miyamoto, but now Wang Mou does not carry that much money, Miyamoto Mr. Ben, can I give Wang three days to get him together?”
“Yes.” Miyamoto nodded.
Seeing Miyamoto’s promise, Liu Xuan was anxious: “Mr. Miyamoto, this… isn’t it right? They have agreed now, but what if they ran away? They are going to run, we can’t even find them. Until…”
“Mr. Wang can’t run, he’s not like that.” Miyamoto waved his hand and prevented Liu Xuan from continuing. Although the time he had been in contact with Wang Hongyi was short, he could see. When he came out, Wang Hongyi was an honest and trustworthy person. Such a person usually talks with his own words, and they can’t do things that run away.
Wang Hongyi glanced at Liu Xuan lightly, and said, “This lady, although five million is more than five million, Wang is still not going to run for five million. So please rest assured that this young lady, Mr. Miyamoto’s five hundred Wan, Wang will give him a lot of points.”
“Hmph, it sounds better than singing.” Liu Xuan muttered. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether Wang Hongyi runs or not. The reason why she Remind Miyamoto Yuichi that I just want to make a good impression on Miyamoto Yuichi. After all, Miyamoto Yuichi is the big money on the list after all. If she can please Miyamoto Yuichi, then she can at least one or two years. No need to go into the sea.
Without paying attention to Liu Xuan, Wang Hongyi looked at Yuichi Miyamoto directly: “Mr. Miyamoto, can it be convenient for Wang to leave a contact information? Three days later, Wang collected five million so that he could find Mr. Miyamoto. ”
Yuichi Miyamoto smiled faintly, and then gave his contact information.
The turmoil of the bracelet has a thrilling past.
Liu Xuan embraced Miyamoto Yuichi’s arm affectionately, and left with Miyamoto Yuichi.
And Peng Yanfang looked at the direction Liu Xuan and Miyamoto were leaving, and cursed with ferocity: “This sorrowful vixen, who should be a running dog for the Japanese, really loses the face of our ancestors!”
“Yanfang, don’t Nonsense, maybe that lady is just an interpreter requested by Mr. Miyamoto…” Wang Hongyi said helplessly.
“Translation? That Japanese Chinese speaks fluent Chinese than we are. He would need to ask for an interpreter? I think that Sao Tizi wanted to use this to climb onto the Japanese bed…” Peng Yanfang sneered.
“Chen Feng?!”
At this moment, a surprised voice sounded.
Li Shiping’s eyes widened, as if seeing a ghost in broad daylight, his eyes were full of incredible.
He was just about to turn around and go back, but when he turned around, he realized that Chen Feng was behind him!
“Long time no see, Manager Li.”
Chen Feng smiled faintly. He had been standing behind Li Shiping just now, watching the development of the situation, and planned to stand up and help, but Wang Hongyi did not expect to solve the problem easily.
“You…when did you show up?”
Li Shiping swallowed. Chen Feng’s sudden appearance shocked him. The thing he feared most in the past two days was to meet Chen Feng, but he didn’t expect what he was afraid of. What…
“I came over when you were fighting.” Chen Feng frowned and glanced at Li Shiping, wondering if he was thinking too much. He always felt that the current Li Shiping looked at him very strange, fearful, and guilty. …
“Xiaofeng! Why are you here?” Compared to Li Shiping, Wang Hongyi’s expression was much more normal, with surprises and surprises on his face.
“Uncle Wang, I went to travel with my friends, how about you?”
“I’m also traveling. Shiyuan is in a bad mood recently, so I just wanted to take Shiyuan out to relax. Just because you Aunt Peng and Shiping are fine, I let them come together.” Wang Hongyi smiled.
“That’s quite a coincidence.” Chen Feng smiled. When he boarded the cruise ship, he saw Li Shiping’s back. At that time, he thought he was wrong. After all, the fact that Li Shiping and he were on the same cruise ship was true. That’s incredible.
But I didn’t expect that there is even more incredible.
“It’s a coincidence, haha.” Wang Hongyi laughed and said, “I was thinking about inviting you to have a meal at home a few days ago, but Shiping said that you are very busy in the company recently, so I gave up this idea. Unexpectedly, we met here again today.”
“By the way, Xiaofeng, did you have dinner? If you didn’t have dinner, we happened to have dinner together. I heard people say that the seafood on this island is very unique. “Wang Hongyi smiled.

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