Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 513

“No, Uncle Wang, I have already eaten dinner. Go and eat.” Chen Feng smiled slightly and tactfully refused Wang Hongyi’s invitation. His top priority now is to find Wang Chongyang. As for dinner with Wang Hongyi, in the future There is time, anytime.
Seeing Chen Feng’s refusal, Wang Hongyi didn’t insist anymore. He smiled and said, “Well, we will have dinner together another day.”
“Yes, another day, another day we will have dinner together.”
Li Shiping hurriedly echoed, at this moment. Wang Shiyuan of Wang Shiyuan is already on the verge of an outbreak. She looks at Chen Feng just like killing her father and enemy. If she is allowed to eat with Chen Feng again, then she may do something… After
Wang Hongyi’s family leaves, Chen Feng frowned involuntarily.
He naturally noticed the very bitter look in Wang Shiyuan’s eyes when he looked at him.
It’s just…
Is it necessary for Wang Shiyuan to hate him so much?
Last time at Chu Mansion, I didn’t seem to have done anything to her, right?
After shook his head, Chen Feng didn’t think about it anymore and began to concentrate on looking for Wang Haiyang’s traces on the beach.
But until ten o’clock, Chen Feng did not see Wang Haiyang and his party.
After sighing, Chen Feng gave up the search and turned back to the hotel.
No words for a night.
Early the next morning, Chen Feng got up early, and after some washing, Chen Feng and Xiao Wu and other bodyguards came to the villa area.
The degree of martial law in the villa area today is obviously higher than yesterday by several grades.
Yesterday, only ordinary security guards were in charge of censoring personnel, but today, those security guards have all been replaced by warriors.
These warriors wore the uniforms of the Wumeng. Obviously, they were ordinary officers sent by the Wumeng to maintain order as Shi Pojun said before.
There are five levels of positions within the Wumeng from low to high, with the lowest positions being ordinary officers, and then elite officers.
Behind the elite officers are the elders, hall masters
, and league masters… Among them, the hall masters and the league masters are divided into principal and deputy.
The Wumeng has 36 sub-mengs on the land of China.
Thirty-six divisions, commanding all the warriors in China, this all naturally includes the warriors of the sect and the casual cultivators.
No matter how much autonomy the sectarian martial artists have in their own sects, as long as they are on the land of China, the sectarian martial artists must obey the orders of the Wu League.
At this moment, most of the ordinary officers of the Wu League are maintaining order at the entrance of the villa area.
Their cultivation bases are generally in the middle stage of Ming Jin.
Although it is not high, it is completely sufficient to examine the personnel to and from the villa area.
Because Chen Feng was a player participating in a gambling fight, he was released directly without much scrutiny.
However, Xiaowu and a group of bodyguards were checked one by one, and they were put in after it was confirmed that it was the Chu family.
Soon after Chen Feng entered, a group of people appeared outside the villa area again.
If Chen Feng were here, he would be extremely surprised.
Because the group of people who appeared outside the villa area is indeed Wang Hongyi’s family!
In addition to Wang Hongyi’s family, there is also a dark-skinned middle-aged man wearing the uniform of the Wumeng.
At this moment, the middle-aged man in the uniform of the Wu League is leading the way, and Wang Hongyi’s family is following the middle-aged man.
When approaching the villa area, the middle-aged man looked back at Wang Hongyi’s family and said, “You didn’t bring your mobile phone or camera?”
“No…no.” Peng Yanfang shook her head.
“It’s fine if you don’t bring it.” The middle-aged man nodded, and then he looked at Wang Hongyi again and exhorted: “Hongyi, you have a more stable personality. Go in for a while. You have to stare at Yanfang, Shiyuan and Shiping. , Don’t let them run around.”
“The people who come to participate in today’s gambling fight are all big figures in the martial arts world. In addition to our Chinese warriors, there are also Japanese warriors. Some warriors have strange temperaments. If you run around, , If you collide with someone, they may shoot you to death on the spot.”
“Huh?” Peng Yanfang’s face turned white when she heard the middle-aged man’s words. Just because she collided, she would be shot to death?
“Brother, let’s just forget it, let’s not go in and see.” Peng Yanfang shrank her neck and said.
In fact, the reason why their family came to Melai Island this time was not to travel, but to meet the world.
Because of Peng Zelin’s position in the Wu League, their family knew of the existence of the warriors long ago.
A few days ago, Peng Zelin inadvertently mentioned that there would be a martial arts gambling on Melai Island. At that time, Peng Yanfang came to be interested. She and Peng Zelin proposed to watch the martial arts gambling.
After all, she grew up so big, she had never seen a martial artist make a move.
Facing Peng Yanfang’s request, Peng Zelin naturally had no reason to refuse.
Although Huaxia’s official attitude towards martial artists is secretive, for those who work in the Wu League, the affairs of martial artists are not uncommon. Most of their families are aware of the existence of martial artists.
Therefore, it is not impossible to take Peng Yanfang to watch gambling.
As long as Peng Yanfang does not record the screen, does not take pictures, and does not let the gambling and fighting things go out, the manager of the Wu League will turn a blind eye.
Peng Zelin thought he would bring Peng Yanfang’s family in smoothly, but who would have thought that when he arrived here, Peng Yanfang was frightened by what he said.
“Yanfang, my eldest brother is scaring you by saying this. The warrior can’t just shoot people to death.” Wang Hongyi smiled bitterly. Don’t think that Peng Yanfang is more courageous than anyone else, but as long as her own life is involved, her The courage will become smaller than a mouse.
“Hongyi is right, it is impossible for a warrior to shoot anyone casually. But the premise is that you don’t provoke others.” Peng Zelin said helplessly. His words just scared Peng Yanfang naturally, but he did not expect that Peng Yanfang took it seriously.
“I will never provoke, I will never provoke!” Peng Yanfang hurriedly made a promise.
“Okay, let’s go in.” Peng Zelin shook his head and walked in the forefront immediately.
After coming to the villa and going to the door, several officers in charge of the review bowed slightly: “Brother Peng.”
“Are there any suspicious people?” Peng Zelin glanced at a few people with his hand and asked, he was from the China Sea Division. Elite officer, considering the position alone, he is one level higher than the ordinary officers in charge of review.
“I haven’t found it for the time being.” A general officer in the lead looked at Peng Zelin and said.
“That’s good.” Peng Zelin nodded, and immediately pointed to Peng Yanfang and Wang Hongyi, and said: “They are my sister and brother-in-law, as well as niece and niece and son-in-law. Before coming, I had asked them to put down their mobile phones and Camera, but, just to be on the safe side, you should check it again.”
The general officer at the head glanced at Peng Yanfang and smiled: “No need to check, I can trust Brother Peng, so you can go in directly.

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