Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 514

“That’s not good…” Peng Zelin’s old behavior is difficult, but his heart is happy. I have to say that these ordinary clerks still give him a lot of face.
According to the procedure, even if Peng Yanfang is his own sister, a body search is required.
But now, these officers obviously intend to buy him face.
“Haha, Brother Peng, everyone is our own, and there is nothing wrong with it.” The head secretary smiled. Family members like Peng Yanfang have been in for several waves before, and none of them have been investigated.
Although there are elements to buy face, but more, they believe that these people who enter can not have problems.
Because when these people have problems, the first responsibility is definitely the people who brought them in, not the censors.
“Well, let’s go in.”
Peng Zelin glanced at Peng Yanfang, and immediately, they followed Peng Zelin into the villa area.
At this time, the villa area is very lively.
As early as July or 8th, the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce invested in the establishment of a temporary arena.
The temporary ring is about two meters high, and the other four sides are all 20 meters high.
In total, the total area is 400 square meters.
The arena used to gamble for warriors is naturally different from ordinary arena.
The base of this temporary ring is made of solid steel.
Of course, not a single piece of steel, but hundreds of neatly cut pieces of steel put together.
But even so, it took a lot of money from the two chambers of commerce to cast this ring.
A rough estimate is that there are 20 million.
With the huge financial resources of the two major chambers of commerce and temporary arenas, the temporary auditorium is naturally indispensable.
Compared with the temporary arena, the construction of the temporary auditorium is obviously simpler.
But this crudeness is only relatively speaking.
After all, there are so many warriors coming today. If the auditorium is built in a simple way, the face of the two chambers of commerce will be more or less unsightly.
At this time, the four warriors from the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce have gathered together.
Chen Feng also saw Wang Haiyang.
This is a man who is in his fifties and rich in gas.
There is a foot-long scar on his left face. Whenever he shows a smile, the scar will start to twist with his smile, giving people a hideous feeling.
“Brother Wang, did you have a good time last night?” Seeing Wang Haiyang, Chu Yifei took the initiative to say hello. Although he and Wang Haiyang’s status can’t be checked much, Wang Haiyang is better than Wang Haiyang. He is taller, so he is justified by reason, he will call Wang Haiyang Big Brother.
“Haha, Brother Chu didn’t play with Wang last night, how does Wang have fun?” Wang Haiyang’s smile was rough, giving people a sense of boldness.
“I’m really sorry, Brother Wang, we were a bit late last night.” Chu Yifei smiled bitterly.
Wang Haiyang waved his hand: “It’s okay, after this gambling fight, we will get together again.” As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Haiyang moved his eyes to Zhang Tianyu behind Chu Yifei: “That’s right, this one Is it the old teacher’s love apprentice Zhang Tianshi?”
“Exactly.” Before Chu Yifei introduced, Zhang Tianyu took the initiative to smile and stand up.
“Tianshi Zhang really shows talents, and there are people who succeed him.” Wang Haiyang did not hesitate to praise.
“Big Brother Wang is too acclaimed.” Zhang Tianyu’s face was not shocked.
“By the way, these two…” Wang Haiyang looked at Yang Xianming and Hu Qixing again.
” Xingyimen , Hu Qixing.” “Baguazong, Yang Xianming.” The two reported their own names, and their attitude towards Wang Haiyang was neither close nor alienated. After all, they were invited by the Chu family. If they were too close to Wang Haiyang, it would be hard to guarantee that Chu Yifei would feel uncomfortable.
Although the attitudes of the two are not salty or indifferent, Wang Haiyang still looks enthusiastic. After complimenting the two, Wang Haiyang smiled and looked at Chen Feng: “This is the one who saved the celadon before. The hero who died, right?”
“Yes.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. This Wang Haiyang gave him the feeling of roughness and detail, seemingly careless, but in fact there is a rose in his heart.
For example, at the moment he saved Chu Celadon’s life, he said it to reveal his identity. In fact, he said it to Zhang Tianyu and others. As for why he said it to Zhang Tianyu. , Chen Feng couldn’t figure it out.
As expected by Chen Feng, after Wang Haiyang finished speaking, the expressions of Zhang Tianyu and Hu Qixing and Yang Xianming all changed. Chen Feng had actually saved Chu Celadon’s life? Why did they not know before?
“Listen to Yifei, you and celadon have formed a good relationship?” Wang Haiyang smiled again.
Once these words were spoken, the expressions of Zhang Tianyu and the three of them changed drastically again.
Especially Zhang Tianyu, his complexion has changed most obviously, and there are even signs of being out of control.
Chen Feng sighed. Now he can understand why Wang Haiyang said these two sentences. The purpose is very simple, that is, to make Zhang Tianyu stand against him.
Wang Haiyang seemed to see that Zhang Tianyu liked Chu celadon. He said that Zhang Tianyu would inevitably be hostile to his rumored boyfriend of Chu celadon.
“Haha, Brother Wang, you are joking here again. Didn’t I say a few days ago that the relationship between celadon and Chen Feng is just acting? You don’t know, the people from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce are watching us closely. If we invite a warrior who has nothing to do with us to participate in the gambling fight
, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce will definitely use this to make a fuss.” Seeing that Wang Haiyang is targeting Chen Feng, Chu Yifei smiled and stood up to relieve the siege:
“So, I also released the news that Celadon had a good relationship with him in order to allow Chen Feng to participate in the gambling battle smoothly.”
“Haha, it turns out that the marriage between Celadon girl and Brother Chen is a fake marriage, so I think too much. ”
Wang Haiyang laughed haha ​​first, and immediately, his conversation suddenly changed: “However, fake marriages can also become real marriages. If Brother Chen is interested in the celadon girl, this gambling fight is a good one. “Hold the chance to return a beautiful woman.”
“Big Brother Wang said that, but we will deal with the matter between me and Celadon, so Brother Wang won’t bother.” Chen Feng said calmly, and now, he It can be 100% sure that Wang Haiyang is hostile to him, and the hostility is not shallow.
Otherwise, he would not rub sand in Zhang Tianyu’s eyes again and again.
“Haha, handle it by yourself, handle it by yourself, you young people all have their own ideas, those of us who are older, really shouldn’t mix up.” Wang Haiyang laughed.
“Brother Wang, Jianzong and Wudang…”
Chu Yifei was talking, and a dozen young men and women walked across from Chen Feng.

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