Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 515

The dresses of these dozen young men and women are somewhat similar to those of Zhang Tianyu. They wear either long robes or long skirts.
In addition to long robes and skirts, they also carried various weapons, including long swords and Tang knives.
But what surprised Chen Feng was that among the dozen young men and women, there was a young woman who Chen Feng had just met not long ago.
She is Yu Wenbo’s sister, Yu Wenqian.
“Why is this guy here?” When
Chen Feng saw Yu Wenqian, Yu Wenqian also saw Chen Feng. Compared with Chen Feng’s calmness, Yu Wenqian was obviously surprised a lot. She didn’t expect that Chen Feng would also appear. At the gambling contest between the two countries.
“Haha, say Cao Cao Cao Cao is here!” Wang Haiyang also noticed Yu Wenqian and others.
“Yifei, these are the geniuses of Jianzong and Wudang…” Wang Haiyang laughed and introduced Chu Yifei one by one.
Only six of the dozen young men and women participated in this gambling fight. Except for these six, the others were sent out by their respective sects to learn the fighting experience. After all, this gambling competition will have Chinese and The top geniuses of the younger generation of Japan and China played.
Watching the scenes of these genius fights is much more useful than working behind closed doors.
To Chen Feng’s surprise, Yu Wenqian was also one of the six contestants.
She and another young man with high temperament participated in the gambling fight on behalf of Jianzong.
This cold-tempered young man was named Wang Qian, who was the Jianzong genius that Zhang Tianyu had been talking about before, and he was also the biggest killer of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce in this gambling fight.
Wang Qian’s appearance is not outstanding, it can even be said to be a little ordinary, but the lonely and Lingran aura in him faintly crushed a dozen other young men and women.
It feels like a peerless sword out of its sheath!
After Wang Haiyang introduced Wang Gan and others, Chu Yifei also introduced the identities of Chen Feng and Zhang Tianyu.
Wang Gan was expressionless from beginning to end, even when he introduced Zhang Tianyu, his brows were not frowned, and he didn’t even look at Zhang Tianyu.
But a dozen other people, after hearing Zhang Tianyu’s name, smiled on their faces and said hello to Zhang Tianyu.
However, the three of Chen Feng and Hu Qixing and Yang Xianming did not have this treatment. When Chu Yifei introduced the three, the other dozens simply nodded.
Chen Feng didn’t feel much about this either.
It’s normal for these people not to put him in their eyes now, after all, his current identity is just a’discrete martial artist’.
Several people were talking. At this moment, an officer in the uniform of the Wu League came over.
“Mr. Wang, Mr. Chu, the draw is about to start.” The draw?
Wang Haiyang and Chu Yifei looked at each other, and immediately, Wang Haiyang nodded and said, “Okay, let’s pass by Ma Shan.”
“Most of them , let’s go together. The gambling draw requires all of us to be present.” Wang Haiyang said again. .
A few minutes later, a group of people walked to the ring.
As soon as he arrived, Chen Feng discovered six extremely powerful auras.
Turn your energy!
The six ways are energizing!
Chen Feng couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes. Judging from the clothes of these six people, it is obvious that these six people are the official personnel of China and Japan, as well as the high level of the Chamber of Commerce.
There are three Huajins on Huaxia, and three Huajins on the Japanese side!
Among the three Huajins on Huaxia’s side, a tall, non-arrogant old man caught Chen Feng’s attention.
This tall old man wore a special black martial arts robe, and his body faintly exuded the terrifying aura of Gaia’s audience.
The late stage of chemistry!
Chen Feng quickly gave a judgment.
The martial art realm of this tall old man is at least the late stage of Huajin!
On Huaxia’s side, in addition to this tall old man, there are two old people. Although these two old men are also powerful martial artists, compared with this tall old man, the cultivation base of these two old people is obviously worse.
As for the identities of these two old people, Chen Feng can only roughly judge from their clothes.
One of the sword-bearing old men is suspected to be the protector of Jianzong.
Another elderly man with a slightly luxurious dress seems to be a powerful fighter from the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
Chen Feng’s gaze did not stay on the three of them for long. Chen Feng focused on the three powerful warriors on the Japanese side.
Among the three warriors, two are old people about the same age as the tall old man, and one is a middle-aged man younger than Wang Haiyang.
All three of them carried long swords and wore martial arts uniforms unique to Japan.
What caught Chen Feng’s special attention was the middle-aged Jinwu fighter. Chen Feng had seen photos of this middle-aged Jinwu fighter before.
Taichi Watanabe!
This middle-aged warrior is Taichi Watanabe!
According to rumors, Watanabe Taichi was the closed disciple of the Great Chief Shenyin, and he was also the person in charge of the gambling battle of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
Half a month ago, Chen Feng learned of Watanabe Taiichi’s name from Shi Pojun.
The reason is that Shi Pojun judged that Taichi Watanabe came to China this time to behead Chen Feng in return for the bloodbath of Xiao Guozhong’s enemies at the gate of the hidden mountain.
However, Shi Pojun’s judgment obviously had a problem. Watanabe Taiichi had not stepped out of the hotel for more than ten days in China, and even the act of inquiring about Chen Feng’s news was not done by Watanabe Taichi.
What is the purpose of Taichi Watanabe coming to China this time?
Is it just to be responsible for this gambling fight?
While Chen Feng frowned and thought about it, Wang Haiyang walked to the tall old man in the black Wu League uniform, and said respectfully: “Elder Guan, everyone is here.”
“When it’s there, draw lots.”
Elder Guan in the black uniform said lightly. Nodded.
Immediately, an officer in the uniform of the Wumeng came up with a tray.
Chen Feng glanced at the tray and found that there were twenty balls on the tray, ten of which were black and ten white.
“Elder Guan.” After putting the tray in front of the tall old man, the Wu League officer bowed his head respectfully.
The tall old man didn’t reach out to pick up the tray for the first time, but moved his gaze to the three powerful Japanese fighters a few meters away: “Miyamoto, come and check it.”
“No, let’s start.” Three One of the famous Japanese fighters in the middle spoke lightly.
The twenty signings were sealed by him and Guan Nantian personally half an hour ago. There is still his energy on the signing. The energy has not been moved by anyone, which means that the signing has not been moved. Overhanded.
“Okay.” Guan Nantian nodded, and then glanced at the Wu League officer holding the tray, and said: “Tell them the rules.”
“Yes, Elder Guan.” The Wu League officer nodded respectfully. Immediately, he turned around, looked at everyone in the court, and said, “The drawing is about to begin.”
“Before the drawing starts, I will tell everyone about the rules of the drawing.”
“As you can see, there are a total of twenty lotteries here, ten black and ten white.”
“Each black lottery is engraved with a number, which is any one from 1 to 10. The same goes for white.”

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