Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 516

“After a while, the warriors of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce will come on stage together. The players from the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce draw white lots, and the players from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce draw black lots.”
“After all players have drawn the ball, they must split the ball on the spot. , And report the numbers you have drawn.”
“If you draw black 1, you will be matched with the one drawn to white 1.”
“If you draw black 2, you will be matched with the white 2. and so on. black white 10 10. ” ”
Further, both players of beat sequence, also be determined by the number of sign, a black and white lead to beat 1, if a lost black, white wins, then a black end. ” ” this At the time, White 1 can choose to stay in the ring and fight Black 2, or he can choose to go down and let Black 2 and White 2 fight against each other.” “So back and forth, the warrior standing on the stage is the gambling fight. The winner.”
“This is the rule, do you understand?” the Wumeng officer asked.
However, no one answered.
In fact, before coming to the ring, Chen Feng and others knew the rules of drawing lots.
The reason why the Wumeng officer wanted to say it again was actually for the spectators in the venue.
After all, in this gambling fight, in addition to the warriors of the two major chambers of commerce, there are also many celebrities from the Chinese and Japanese martial arts circles who have come here. These people have no knowledge of the rules of gambling fights, and the military alliance must let them Know.
“Now that everyone understands, please come to the stage to draw lots.” The
Wu League officer glanced at everyone and said.
As soon as his voice fell, the warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce set off together.
Compared with the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, the discipline of the many warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is obviously much stricter.
At the same time, their age is generally older, most of them are close to 30 years old, three or four years older than the age of many warriors on the China Shipping Chamber.
“Let’s go.”
Zhang Tianyu glanced at the people behind him, and immediately got up first.
After arriving on stage, everyone selected in an orderly manner.
In less than a minute, twenty picks were drawn.
Chen Feng also had a metallic white ball in his hand.
After opening, there is only one number: eight.
Eight, this is the number that Chen Feng drew, which means that Chen Feng will be the eighth player on stage.
Chen Feng glanced at the other warriors of the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce and found that the other warriors had no expressions on their faces, except for Hu Qixing.
Hu Qixing’s face was a bit ugly, he got number one.
This means that he will be the first to take the stage.
“Well, everyone hand in the lottery you got.” The Wu League officer glanced at everyone.
Immediately, the warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce began to sign the ball.
At this time, Hu Qixing walked to Zhang Tianyu with eyebrows, and said in a low voice: “Brother Zhang, what number did you get?”
“Number three.” Zhang Tianyu glanced at Hu Qixing lightly: “What’s wrong?”
“Brother Zhang, I got number one.” Hu Qixing replied with a somewhat ugly expression.
“Number One?” Zhang Tianyu frowned. Number One, but the starting position, but Hu Qixing’s strength is the weakest of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce. If he comes to power, there is a high probability that he will be the starting position of Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. beat.
If Hu Qixing loses, then the morale of the China Shipping Chamber will be greatly affected.
“Brother Zhang, can you…” Hu Qixing couldn’t help but glanced at Zhang Tianyu, and was about to propose to change positions with Zhang Tianyu. At this time, the Wu League officer came with a Japanese martial artist. Obviously the supervisor of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
“Thank you two brothers, hand in the sign.” The Wu League officer smiled and glanced at Zhang Tianyu and Hu Qixing.
“Okay.” Zhang Tianyu nodded blankly, before placing the ball on the tray.
The Wumeng officer said: “Brother Zhang is the number three, and I will be the third in the race in a while. Please also ask Senior Brother Zhang to write it down.” After that, he turned his gaze to Hu Qixing.
Although he was unwilling, Hu Qixing didn’t dare to do anything in front of so many people.
He also obediently put the ball on the tray.
Seeing Hu Qixing’s lottery number, the Wumeng officer’s eyes flashed a strange color: “Brother Hu turned out to be the first lottery…”
“Who is the first lottery of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce?” Hu Qixing asked in a low voice, he I want to know who his opponent is on stage in a while.
“It’s Saito Sasuke…” The Wu League officer glanced at Hu Qixing sympathetically.
Saito Sasuke is a seed player of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, and his position within the Chamber of Commerce is no different from that of Zhang Tianyu in the China Shipping Chamber.
Hearing the name Saito Sasuke, Hu Qixing’s face was obviously white, why this one? !
“Brother Hu, be mentally prepared.” The Wumeng officer sighed. He was also not optimistic about Hu Qixing. Saito Sasuke’s strength was not much worse than Zhang Tianyu.
How much is Hu Qixing’s chance of winning against Zhang Tianyu, then how much is his chance of winning against Saito Sasuke.
As for the number change… he can only say that Hu Qixing is too naive.
Japan has three major forces in the arena, and they have been staring here. If they see Hu Qixing changing numbers, then Hu Qixing and Zhang Tianyu will probably be disqualified from gambling at the same time.
After receiving the signing, the warriors from the two chambers of commerce stepped down.
The officer of the Wumeng League who received the lottery before came to the stage again and said:
“Everyone’s lottery numbers and order of on stage, I will post them later.”
“In addition, the gambling battle will start at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Please be there on time by then. ”
Two points?
As soon as the Wu League officer finished speaking, the audience began to discuss:
“Two o’clock? There are ten games in total. Is it possible to finish playing at two o’clock today?” “Who said that the fight should be finished today? Three days, two games today, four games tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”
“Why do you have to divide it into three days? Can’t you finish it in one day?”
“One day? Do you think gambling is a child’s play? How can one day be played? It’s over.”
Ignoring everyone’s discussion, Chen Feng directly followed everyone from the China Shipping Chamber and returned to the villa area.
In the villa hall.
The ten warriors who participated in this gambling battle were all in place.
Except for Hu Qixing’s face which was a bit ugly, the others were calm.
A few minutes later, Chu Yifei and Wang Haiyang walked in.
“Everyone’s lottery numbers and the order of staging have come out.” Chu Yifei smiled and took out a piece of red paper with the names of the people and the corresponding lottery numbers written on it.
“Today’s gambling battle, Qi Xing is the first to take the stage, and he is going to fight Sasuke Saito.” After putting the red paper in front of everyone, Chu Yifei shifted his gaze to Hu Qixing.
“Brother Chu, can I change my lottery with Senior Brother Zhang? I am not Sato Sasuke’s opponent, but Senior Brother Zhang… If he comes on stage, he will be able to win Sato Sasuke surely.” See everyone watching. For himself, Hu Qixing forced a smile on his face, and immediately spoke with a sullen expression.
Up to now, he can’t take care of any face. He is indeed not Sato Sasuke’s opponent. There is a high probability that he can’t even survive ten tricks in Saito’s assistant.

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