Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 517

Originally, he was thinking that in this gambling battle, he could find a chance to pick up a leak and defeat one or two Japanese warriors. In the future, he returned to the Xingyi Sect, and he had the capital to brag, but he did not expect to encounter it at the beginning. Saito Sasuke, the seed player of the Sensui Chamber of Commerce in this gambling.
Chu Yifei shook his head: “Qixing, the lottery number has been handed in, it can’t be changed at all…”
“But don’t put too much pressure on you, come on stage for a while, as long as you can give full play to your strength, will Fuji Sasuke’s energy and stamina are partly consumed, and you have already won this gambling battle .” Chu Yifei’s words were very tact. Hu Qixing is not Sasuke Sasuke’s opponent. This is a recognized matter, so Hu Qixing is the biggest one. The effect is to consume Saito Sasuke’s physical strength.
It is best to spend the energy cost. After Saitou Sasuke defeated Hu Qixing, he immediately stepped down and let the No. 2 warrior of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce come to power.
Of course, this is only the ideal situation.
The worst result is that Saitou Sasuke effortlessly defeated Hu Qixing, and then continued to face the No. 2 warrior of the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce.
The No. 2 warrior of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce is a disciple of the Wudang Sect. This person is slightly stronger than Hu Qixing, but his strength is limited.
If Saito Sasuke defeats Hu Qixing effortlessly, then Wudang’s Sato Sasuke, who is in his heyday, will probably be defeated.
As a result, the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce will be in a very unfavorable situation.
“Okay, I will try my best this afternoon.” Hu Qixing gritted his teeth, Chu Yifei had already said so obvious, that afternoon’s gambling fight, he had to fight to the death, even if it was defeated, he would lose. Prettier.
Because the gambling process changes at any time and is full of uncertainties, everyone did not discuss it for long.
After having a general response strategy, everyone returned to their rooms one after another.
Chu Yifei vacated his villa and gave it to Chen Feng.
So Chen Feng didn’t need to go outside anymore.
“Stop!” Just as Chen Feng was about to return to the room, Yu Wenqian came over.
“We meet again.” Yu Wenqian still wears the same outfit a few days ago, a long aqua blue dress, and a long sword, quite like an ancient heroine.
“Is there something?” Seeing Yuwenqian staring at herself with a little interesting, Chen Feng raised her eyebrows subconsciously.
“Something, of course something!”
“You hit my brother’s account, I haven’t settled it with you yet?” Yu Wenqian said with a proud face.
Chen Feng smiled faintly: “How do you want to count?”
“I…” Yu Wenqian waved a fan fist first, but seeing that Chen Feng could not be threatened, she put the fan fist down again and said generously: “Forget it. Because you are now a teammate of this girl, this girl will let you go for the time being.”
“Thank you, Miss Yuwen.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Thanks, I don’t need to, you just need to play the game the day after tomorrow.” Yu Wenqian had an indifferent expression, halfway through her words, she suddenly changed: “It’s not necessarily, maybe you don’t have to wait until the day after tomorrow, my brother tomorrow. One person can sweep the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.”
“I hope so.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. The senior in Yu Wenqian’s mouth was naturally the Jianzong genius, Wang Qian.
Wang Qian’s lottery number is six, which means that he will be the finale in tomorrow’s gambling fight.
If he is strong, he can indeed sweep the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce on his own.
However, this possibility is not very high. Chen Feng glanced at the ten warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce before. There were several auras in them, and they were not weaker than Wang Qian.
These auras are obviously the cards of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, they are either born in Shenyin, or the disciples of the saint of swords.
Although Wang Qian is very talented, his age is not superior to these people.
Time soon came to the afternoon.
When Chen Feng and others came to the ring, the audience under the ring was already crowded.
At the front, there are two rows of exclusive seats for VIPs.
Sitting in the first row are naturally the six powerful martial artists including Elder Guan that Chen Feng met this morning.
These six people are now regarded as official personnel of China and Japan.
Their cultivation base is there, and with them, absolutely no one dares to take action in this gambling battle.
Behind the six, there is a row of positions.
Most of those sitting in this row are elderly people. These elderly people are dressed in ancient styles, including Taoist priests in Taoist robes, monks in robes, and several Japanese elderly people in kimonos.
Without exception, these old people are all energizing!
Even though it was only the early stage of the rejuvenation, but looking at the outside world, these old people are also big people on the side.
“That’s Master Miao Kong from Shaoshishan, and his apprentice is in our team.” At this moment, Yu Wenqian came out again and pointed to an old man sitting in the VIP table to introduce to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, Master Miao Kong’s apprentice, he had the impression that he was a bald young man. The bald young man’s lottery number was four. He would be the second player from the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce tomorrow.
“That’s the Qingyan Daoist of Wudang Mountain. His apprentice He Song is number two. Whether he can beat Saitou Sasuke in the afternoon is all up to him.” Yu Wenqian pointed to an old man wearing a Taoist gown.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but glanced at the old man in the robe, and found that the old man in the robe looked a little gloomy, and his mood looked very heavy.
Obviously, he knew what He Song had about Lei Saito Sasuke, and he was not optimistic about He Song.
Seeing that everyone was here, the Wu League officer who announced the lottery rules in the morning walked to Guan Nantian’s side: “Elder Guan, everyone is here.”
“Let’s start when they are all .” Guan Nantian said lightly.
“Yes.” The Wu League officer screamed, and immediately stepped onto the ring.
“Brothers and brothers, the gambling fight is about to officially begin.”
“Before starting, the junior brothers should tell you about the rules of gambling fights.”
“The first rule is that you can’t kill you this time. Gambling, although there is a gambling word in name, in fact, this gambling is only a friendly exchange activity between the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, all brothers, try to master the scale and it is best not to cause death. ”
It’s better not to kill people?
The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised a bit of playfulness. This Wu League officer’s words are very interesting. It is best not to cause trouble to the people. In other words, under necessary conditions, people can still be killed.
“The second rule is that if one party feels that he is invincible, he can surrender on the spot. After surrendering, the other party can’t make another move. If the other party does not listen to persuasion, is aggressive and insists on making a move, then the elders and Miyamoto elders People will punish severely depending on the situation…”
“Okay, just these two rules.”
“If you have no objections, the gambling can begin.”

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