Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 518

As soon as the Wu League secretary’s voice fell, a young man with long hair walked out of the team of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
The young man has triangular eyes and looks a bit cold, but the aura exuding from his body cannot be underestimated.
Saito Sasuke!
Seed player of Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
“Come on, Qixing.” Zhang Tianyu glanced at Hu Qixing solemnly.
Hu Qixing gritted his teeth and immediately jumped into the ring.
“At the Xingyimen …” After taking the stage, Hu Qixing hugged his fists and prepared to report his name, but he didn’t want to. Saito Sasuke directly interrupted coldly: “Don’t report it, I’m not interested in knowing the name of Amao Agou.”
“You…” Hu Qixing looked angry. He didn’t expect that Saito Sasuke would dare to look down on him so much.
Seeing that Hu Qixing was irritated so easily, the referee suddenly felt helpless. He glanced at the two and said, “Let’s start.” As soon as the voice fell, Saito Sasuke moved, and his feet moved extremely fast!
Everyone can only see a flash of afterimage.
In the next moment, this afterimage came to Hu Qixing.
Hu Qixing’s pupils suddenly tightened, subconsciously trying to cross his arms across his chest.
But the movement of the crossarm was not completed yet, Saito Sasuke’s cannon punch came over!
“Bang!” Saito Sasuke’s cannon punch hit Hu Qixing’s chest.
A huge force struck, Hu Qixing felt as if he had been hit by a moving truck, and he started flying backwards uncontrollably.
“boom” Hu Qixing hit the edge of the ring heavily, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.
Saito Sasuke did not let Hu Qixing mean. After a grin, his steps flashed, and in the next second, he came to Hu Qixing again.
Looking at Hu Qixing condescendingly, he smashed his fist!
Hu Qixing’s face was full of fear. Seeing that his fist was about to be smashed, he blurted out without thinking, “I admit defeat!”
Saito Sasuke’s iron fist stopped three feet in front of Hu Qixing’s nose.
A sneer was raised at the corner of his mouth, but if Hu Qixing just said the word confession just half a second later, his punch would smash Hu Qixing’s face.
“Huh, a waste!” Saito Sasuke snorted coldly, then withdrew his fist.
Hu Qixing’s face was paler than a piece of paper, and his legs trembled uncontrollably.
Almost, almost, he died!
“Saito Sasuke, win! Hu Qixing, lose!” The referee’s ruthless verdict sounded.
In the audience, the faces of everyone in the China Shipping Chamber were extremely ugly.
Although it had long been expected that Hu Qixing would lose, he did not expect that Hu Qixing would lose so badly. one move!
He didn’t even hold up a single move by Saito Sasuke, and was defeated by Saito Sasuke!
What is even more embarrassing is that he also conceded to Saitou Sasuke.
“Really waste!”
Yu Wenqian couldn’t help but cursed.
Chen Feng shook his head and said nothing.
He had expected the end of Hu Qixing a long time ago.
From the moment Sato Sasuke was irritated, Hu Qixing fell in love.
Moreover, Saito Sasuke’s punch could have directly knocked Hu Qixing off the ring, but he kept one hand and only knocked Hu Qixing to the edge of the ring.
His purpose was obvious, it was to kill Hu Qixing.
Because according to the rules of gambling and fighting, as long as people are not blasted out of the ring, they are not lost.
If he was faster then, he could kill Hu Qixing before Hu Qixing said two words to admit defeat!
If he is really allowed to succeed, the military spirit of the China Shipping Chamber will inevitably be greatly affected.
And he himself would only be blamed by the elders and others at most.
Because he did not violate the rules of gambling and fighting, the rules of gambling and fighting just said that as much as possible not to cause death, but did not say that no life should be caused!
In the ring, both sides must fight each other with all their strength. At that time, with no eyes and no control over the sword, how can it be really undead?
“Sorry, Brother Chu, I lost.” After Hu Qixing stepped down, his face was extremely ashamed.
“It’s okay, you can heal your injuries.” Chu Yifei sighed. Although Hu Qixing’s performance was very useless, he couldn’t say anything at this moment.
Having said that, it will only chill the hearts of other people.
In the arena, the middle-aged referee looked at Saito Sasuke: “You can choose to stay on the stage, or you can choose to fight the next opponent directly.”
“I want to fight the next opponent.” Saito Sasuke’s mouth raised. There was a jealous smile. Because of Hu Qixing’s fiasco, the morale of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce was in a downturn at this time, but his morale was still very strong.
He must seize this opportunity.
“Okay.” The middle-aged referee nodded slightly, and immediately looked at He Song off the stage: “He Song, come on stage.”
“Yes.” He Song’s expression at the moment is extremely solemn, and it has to be said that Saitou Sasuke has put a lot of pressure on him. Although his strength is stronger than Hu Qixing, his strength is limited.
Originally, he thought that Hu Qixing could support dozens of strokes in Saito Sasuke’s assistant, which would consume Saito Sasuke’s stamina and energy, but he did not expect that Hu Qixing could not sustain a single stroke and was defeated by Saito Sasuke .
In this way, what he had to face was Sasuke Saito in his heyday.
With Hu Qixing’s lessons learned, after He Song came to power, he did not sign up again.
His whole body muscles are tense, and he seems to be guarding against Saito Sasuke at any time.
Saito Sasuke looked at He Song for a few times, and suddenly said: “You are better than the trash just now.”
Hearing this, He Song’s brows loosened subconsciously, but soon, Saitou Sasuke spoke suddenly: “But also The strength is limited. To defeat you, I can only use three tricks at most.”
He Song’s expression turned cold, but he was not dazzled by anger like Hu Qixing, he still remained rational.
After taking a deep breath, He Song looked at the middle-aged referee: “Referee, can you start?”
The middle-aged referee nodded: ”
Alright, let’s start.” The voice fell, and He Song took the initiative to attack!
He can’t make the same mistake as Hu Qixing again!
Saito Sasuke’s speed is very fast, so he must not let Saito Sasuke take the first shot, once Saito Sasuke takes the first shot, then Saito Sasuke will take the lead!
He Song’s ideas are very good, and his speed is also very fast.
But this time, Sato Sasuke changed his fighting style!
Maintaining the status quo!
Seeing He Song’s sword hit the front door, Sato Sasuke was calm from beginning to end.
“Keng” Finally, when Kasong’s long sword was about to stab the face gate, Saito Sasuke made a shot!
Two daggers came out of his sleeve!
The two short daggers are like a wandering dragon, strangling He Song’s long sword, and He Song’s long sword can no longer move!
The long sword was strangled by Saito Sasuke’s short dagger, and Ka Song’s expression suddenly changed.
He subconsciously wanted to withdraw the long sword from the two short daggers, but Saitou Sasuke’s two short daggers were like iron hoops, and the long sword was tightly bound, and he couldn’t move the slightest!

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