Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 519

“This is the first move!”
Saito Sasuke grinned, and in the next second, he squeezed, and He Song’s long sword was abruptly broken!
He Song looked shocked and hurriedly backed away.
But Sato Sasuke followed closely like a tarsus insect.
Two daggers pierced He Song’s front door.
One hand is a killer move!
He Song, who had lost his weapon, could only resist with his palm.
The “Puff Puff” short dagger pierced He Song’s palm, blood burst out, and a heart-piercing pain spread throughout He Song’s body.
“Ah!” He Song let out a scream in his throat.
Saito Sasuke’s grinning smile was even worse: “This is the second move!” After saying that, two short daggers were suddenly pulled out of He Song’s palm, bringing out a scarlet blood!
“Stop!” In the audience, He Song’s master, Daoist Qingyan, let out an anger, trying to stop Saito Sasuke.
I thought Saito Sasuke would stop here, but who knows, he didn’t even look at Dao Master Qingyan, he just raised his hand and stabbed!
This time the goal is more direct, throat!
His two short daggers pierced He Song’s throat!
“Nie barrier!”
Seeing this scene, Daoist Qingyan suddenly began to split his list. He wanted to stop it, but at this moment, he was nearly a hundred meters away from the ring!
In the end, Saito Sasuke’s two short daggers stabbed down as they wished.
But to everyone’s surprise, the two daggers did not pierce He Song’s throat, but wiped the skin of He Song’s neck and pierced into the steel on the ring.
Everyone was stunned, did Sato Sasuke keep his hands?
Look at his look, it doesn’t look like it.
At this moment, Saito Sasuke is also confused, why? Why is it like this?
He can be 100% sure, he definitely didn’t keep his hands.
The dagger he used just now was directed at He Song’s throat.
But why, the position where the dagger finally pierced will shift?
Saito Sasuke is puzzled.
At the next moment, he saw a brutal look in his eyes, ready to raise his hand and stab again.
But at this time, He Song had already reacted.
“I admit defeat!”
Without any hesitation, He Song directly shouted out.
Saito Sasuke’s dagger froze in midair.
“Count you acquainted!”
Saito Sasuke snorted coldly. Although he was unwilling, since He Song had already given up, he couldn’t really kill He Song in front of so many people.
“Niezha!” At this time, Dao Master Qingyan came on stage angrily.
Although Daochang Qingyan’s cultivation was in the early stage of the transformation, Sato Sasuke was not afraid.
“What? Are you asking me to trouble?” Saito Sasuke’s mouth raised a touch of disdain. At this moment, he was anxious for Dao Qingyan to shoot him.
“At a young age, killing your heart is so serious. Don’t you fear being condemned?!”
Although the anger in your heart has been accumulated to the extreme, Daoist Qingyan has not lost his reason. He is very clear that Saito Sasuke is Want to irritate him, let him shoot him in public.
If he really made a move, it would be a violation of the rules of gambling and fighting, and the three kinks in Japan would never sit back and watch.
They are very likely to kill themselves on the spot!
This is a naked conspiracy!
“Scourge?” Saito Sasuke snorted disdainfully, and said: “That’s something of your Chinese people, we Japanese people, never believe in Gods, we only believe in our own strength.”
“You…” “Come down,” Qingyan!” Dao Master Qingyan wanted to say a few more words. At this moment, Guan Nantian, who had been silent for a long time, spoke, with a strong majesty in his tone.
“Yes, Uncle Guan.”
Daochang Qingyan took a deep breath, and immediately took He Song off the stage without saying a word.
“The second game, He Song, lose! Saito Sasuke, win!” The middle-aged referee relentlessly announced the result again.
“Today’s gambling fight ends here. Tomorrow at nine o’clock in the morning, the third gambling fight will begin.” After
He Song was taken off the stage, the faces of everyone in the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce were ugly.
He Song also lost.
And not only did he lose, he almost died!
If it wasn’t the last moment, Saito Sasuke’s dagger had suddenly moved away, and He Song would have been a corpse at this moment.
“This Saito Sasuke is too hateful, it’s just a gambling fight, why does he want to kill?” Yuwenqian’s small face turned pale, and she has to say that Sato Sasuke’s decisive killing scared her.
She thought that this gambling battle was no different from traveling in mountains and water.
Everyone can fight with their fists and feet at most, click until you reach the point, and you can tell the winner.
Unexpectedly, the warriors of the Thousands of Water Chamber of Commerce directly aimed at killing people!
Chen Feng sighed, Yu Wenqian was still too young, and she had never experienced the sinister heart.
In this gambling fight, nominally it only needs to distinguish the winner or loser, but in fact, it involves many interests.
Not to mention the shocking bets that the two sides pressed before the gambling battle, the relationship between the Chinese martial arts world and the Japanese martial arts world and the water and fire is doomed, and this gambling fight will see blood from the beginning!
Killing is indispensable with the usual brutal style of the Japanese martial arts world.
Just now, if it hadn’t been for him to play a strong force at a critical moment, which caused Saito Sasuke’s dagger to shift, then He Song would definitely become a corpse now.
“Go back first.”
Chu Yifei sighed, and today’s gambling battle lasted less than five minutes from the beginning to the end.
The terrible result completely disrupted the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
Saito Sasuke will certainly continue to play tomorrow. Although Zhang Tianyu’s strength is strong, he is not 100% sure that he can defeat Saito Sasuke.
Taking ten thousand steps back, even if he defeated Sato Sasuke, his state might not be enough for him to deal with the next opponent.
Everyone returned to the villa area with great thoughts.
Daoist Qingyan came to Guan Nantian and said respectfully: “Thank you, Master Guan, for just taking action and saving the life of the kid.”
“Thank me for what I do?” Guan Nantian glanced at Daoist Qingyan in surprise.
Dao Qingyan was taken aback.
As if he knew what Dao Master Qingyan was thinking, Guan Nantian shook his head: “I did not save the life of your disciple .” “There is someone else who saved your disciple.”
“Other people? !” Qingyan Dao’s heart couldn’t help being surprised, what does this mean?
In addition to Nantian in the arena, who else has the ability to hit Saito Sasuke’s short dagger across a hundred meters?
“The old man just wanted to make a move, but Miyamoto and the others were watching. If the old man made a move, they would definitely stop him. Therefore, the old man never thought of making a move.”
“However, your fate is good. We are in this game. , There is also a Huajin hidden, it is the Huajin who saved your disciple’s life.” Guan Nantian explained.
He did have the strength to save He Song, but he had never thought of doing that.
After all, he is the highest person in charge of this gambling fight. If he really does that, he will take the lead in breaking the rules.
Therefore, even if He Song died in front of him, he would not take action.

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