Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 520

“Hua Jin?” Dao Master Qingyan was stunned. There were only a dozen people in Hua Jin who came to Melai Island this time. The dozen people belonged to the Chinese martial arts world. He knew them all. Sitting with him, they are nearly 100 meters away from the ring, and they have no chance to save He Song…
“Does Master Guan know who Huajin is?” Dao Master Qingyan couldn’t help asking, the other party They rescued He Song, and their Wudang faction owed each other a favor.
They must pay this favor.
“I don’t know, there were too many people in the court at the time, I didn’t see it clearly.” Guan Nantian shook his head. Although his cultivation base was the peak of transformation, but with so many people in the court, it was impossible for him to watch everyone He only knew that the person who shot at that time was very close to the ring.
“Okay.” Dao Master Qingyan was a little helpless, he was the first time he saw this kind of good deeds without a name.
On the other side, as soon as Saito Sasuke returned to the Senshui Chamber of Commerce, someone couldn’t help but speak: “Sasuke, why didn’t you kill the Chinese man just now?”
Saito Sasuke glanced at the man and said with a gloomy expression: “Do you think I don’t want to kill?”
The man was stunned: “What do you mean?”
“Someone blocked me secretly.” Saito Sasuke said solemnly. When he was on stage, he didn’t understand why the dagger shifted, but After stepping down, he figured it out.
Someone blasted a burst of energy at the moment he shot, and the energy offset his dagger by a few points.
At this moment, Watanabe Taiichi and two other Japanese elders walked over.
Seeing these three people, Saito Sasuke and other young warriors immediately bowed down respectfully: “Teacher!”
“Thanks for your hard work, Sasuke.” The old man Huajin in the center glanced at Saito Sasuke with satisfaction. Today’s Saito Sasuke has lost the face of a Chinese warrior. He not only defeated the Chinese warrior cleanly, but also used it. That kind of almost humiliating way.
“The teacher is serious. It is Sasuke’s honor to be able to work for the teacher.” Saito Sasuke’s eyes are extremely enthusiastic. The old man in front of him is Miyamoto Hanzo. He is the deputy leader of the Japanese town government organization, as early as five years ago. , Miyamoto Hanzo’s cultivation has reached the pinnacle of Ninja.
He is the Shinobu who has the most hope to break through to Shinnin in Japan in recent years!
“Tomorrow your opponent Zhang Tianyu, this person’s ancestor is Longhushan, an ancient Taoist school in China, and his strength is much stronger than the two today. You must not underestimate this person.” Miyamoto Hanzo said solemnly. Saito, Sasuke Saito won two games in a row today, and his mentality will inevitably undergo a subtle change. If he and Zhang Tianyu play against Zhang Tianyu tomorrow, she might encounter Waterloo.
“Teacher, rest assured, the students will never underestimate the person, the students will definitely go all out.” Saito Sasuke hastily promised that the name of Dragon Tiger Mountain, he has long heard of it, that is one of the few in China No matter how conceited he is, he will never despise the descendants of Longhushan.
“By the way, teacher, when the student was killing the Huaxia, someone blocked the student. Was the person blocking the student from the Huaxia official…” Saito Sasuke raised his own question. Among the crowd, Miyamoto Hanzo The cultivation base is the highest, so if someone uses Yaozi, only Miyamoto Hanzo can see it.
“It’s not them.” Miyamoto Hanzo shook his head with a gloomy expression, and said: “There is someone else who is blocking you.”
“There is someone else ?” Saito Sasuke was stunned. It was not the elder in charge. Who?
“Not bad.” Miyamoto Hanzo nodded, and then said solemnly: “Huaxia people are too despicable, and they are very likely to hide their chemical power martial artist in the ranks of ordinary warriors.”
Saito Sasuke’s thoughts moved: “Teacher, what do you mean is that the Chinese people guessed that we would attack their players, so they let the Huajin warriors hide in the ranks of ordinary warriors, so that we can save those players when we kill them. ? ” ” this is very likely. “Miyamoto Hanzo Road, Saito said Sasuke, with his conjecture is exactly the same, when he could determine, the shot is not the southern sky tube a few people, because few people who canal south There is no vigor fluctuation.
It’s not about Nan Tian’s few people, it can only be that some of the ordinary warriors who are closer to the ring have shot.
“Then tomorrow I will fight against Zhang Tianyu…” Saito Sasuke couldn’t help being a little worried. If tomorrow’s critical moment of the fight between him and Zhang Tianyu, the hidden strength will give him another strength, he may have a great chance. Will lose to Zhang Tianyu, after all, a master’s tricks, the slightest impact will tilt the scale of victory.
“Don’t worry, I will let Watanabe stare at them tomorrow. If their chemical fighters dare to make a move, then I will pass the matter to the IWUF and let the IWUF arbitrate for us.” Miyamoto Hanzo Shen said, although the officials responsible for this gambling battle are officials from China and Japan, the International Wushu Federation has been observing this gambling battle in secret.
If the Chinese fighters cheat secretly again and again, they can apply to the IWUF and directly judge the result of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce as a failure.
The International Wushu Federation, but the highest organization of all martial arts circles in the world, their orders, even the Chinese Wushu League, must be followed.
Saito Sasuke was relieved after receiving the guarantee from Miyamoto Hanzo.
In a blink of an eye, the time came to the next day.
Compared with yesterday, the mood of everyone in the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce today is significantly lower.
Even Yu Wenqian, who has always been active, speaks a lot less today.
Among the crowd, only Wang Gan was still expressionless.
The gambling fight started at nine o’clock, but Chen Feng and his party had already arrived in the ring at eight o’clock.
When Chen Feng and others arrived near the ring, the temporary auditorium 100 meters from the ring was already full of warriors.
Peng Yanfang and Li Shiping were impressively in line, they were sitting relatively backward, and they were still in the corners of the back row, which were difficult to detect.
This is obviously Peng Zelin’s arrangement.
“Shiping, has my aunt been dazzled recently? Why do you look at everyone like that trash?” At this moment, Peng Yanfang suddenly rubbed her eyes and glanced at the audience with some uncertainty. She felt that she had seen Chen Feng again. .
“Auntie, you must be dazzled. Only warriors can enter this place. It is impossible for that waste to appear in this place.” Li Shiping firmly said that if Chen Feng appeared anywhere on Melai Island, he would not Light, but here alone, he didn’t believe that he was killed.
“Yes.” Peng Yanfang murmured, thinking that she must have read it wrong.
At this time, Wang Hongyi and Wang Shiyuan’s father and daughter came over.
Wang Shiyuan’s face is still a bit ugly. She has been suffering from insomnia these few days. Whenever she thinks of the scene of herself being pressed by Chen Feng, she can’t sleep with nausea.

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