Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 521

“Shiyuan, what’s wrong with you, is it uncomfortable?” Seeing Wang Shiyuan’s expression ugly, Li Shiping couldn’t help but care.
“It has nothing to do with you.” Wang Shiyuan gave Li Shiping a cold look, but didn’t give Li Shiping a good face.
Seeing this scene, Wang Hongyi and Peng Yanfang couldn’t help but glance at each other. Immediately, they all saw the doubt in each other’s eyes. What happened between Wang Shiyuan and Li Shiping?
In the past few days, they can clearly feel that something is wrong between the two.
Being treated indifferently by Wang Shiyuan, Li Shiping just smiled indifferently, but was not angry.
“Ahem, the gambling fight has started, let’s watch the gambling fight.” At this time, Wang Hongyi cleared his throat and said.
“Yes, watch gambling fights, watch gambling fights.” Peng Yanfang also echoed.
Immediately, the eyes of several people floated to the ring.
On the arena, Saitou Sasuke stood with his hands up and down, looking provocatively at the many warriors of the China Shipping Chamber.
And Zhang Tianyu, who will be on stage today, is in the martial arts team of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
“Brother Zhang, come on!” Many warriors from the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce cheered for Zhang Tianyu. Zhang Tianyu is the second best player among the top ten contestants of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce. Today, if he can win Saito Sasuke, the morale of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce will be enough. There is a big improvement, and the previous two-game losing streak can be wiped out.
Zhang Tianyu looked solemn and did not speak.
I have to say that he felt a great pressure.
At this moment, Chu Yifei walked over: “Tianyu, don’t be nervous when going on stage for a while, just perform normally.”
“After all, you are a closed disciple of the celestial master, and you have all the true biography of the celestial master . If you perform normally, Sato Sasuke is definitely not your opponent.” Chu Yifei was very optimistic about Zhang Tianyu.
At this moment, he must also be optimistic about Zhang Tianyu.
After all, Zhang Tianyu is the second master of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce. If even Zhang Tianyu loses, then the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce’s gambling battle will really hang.
“Brother Chu, don’t worry, I will only win in this battle, never lose!”
Zhang Tianyu took a deep breath, and immediately, he jumped onto the high platform, his eyes full of fighting spirit!
Seeing such a fighting spirit Zhang Tianyu, Saitou Sasuke immediately put away his frivolous expression before turning to a dignified look.
“You are very strong.” Saito Sasuke looked at Zhang Tianyu and gave a rare positive evaluation.
“You are not weak.” Zhang Tianyu glanced at Saito Sasuke.
Saito Sasuke suddenly grinned: “Although you are strong,…I will defeat you, just like defeating the two wastes before.”
“Really? Then see the real chapter under your hand.” Zhang Tianyu faintly Saito Sasuke’s usual method is to irritate the opponent first, then disturb the opponent’s mind, and then hand the opponent.
He had seen this point long ago, so he would never get angry easily.
Seeing that Zhang Tianyu was not as easily irritated as Hu Qixing and He Song, Saito Sasuke was suddenly disappointed.
“Let’s get started.” At this moment, the middle-aged referee said.
As soon as the middle-aged referee’s voice fell, there were two fierce sonic booms on the ring!
Zhang Tianyu and Saito Sasuke moved together!
The speed of the two is so fast that everyone has difficulty seeing the afterimages of the two!
The “Keng” long sword and short dagger touched together, sparking dozens of sparks.
Saito Sasuke takes two steps back uncontrollably.
Zhang Tianyu took advantage of the victory and pursued and injected his body’s energy into the long sword. The long sword leaned towards Saito Sasuke’s throat like a snake.
Saito Sasuke’s complexion changed slightly, and then he moved frantically, avoiding Zhang Tianyu’s long sword dangerously and dangerously.
Zhang Tianyu didn’t get annoyed until he made a sword. With a twist of his wrist, the long sword slashed towards Saito Sasuke’s head.
Saito Sasuke sneered, and the dagger stuck out in his hand, blocking Zhang Tianyu’s long sword.
The two of them launched an offensive on the stage as you came and went, Zhang Tianyu’s long swords opened and closed, and Saito Sasuke’s short dagger was small and flexible.
Two completely different fighting methods, but they give people a beautiful sense of beauty.
In the audience, among the many warriors of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, except for Wang Qian’s calm face, the rest of the warriors all looked surprised.
These two are the real pinnacle masters of the younger generation.
Especially Zhang Tianyu, he is only twenty-five years old this year. In terms of age alone, he is more than three or four years younger than Saito Sasuke.
But now on the stage, Zhang Tianyu still faintly suppressed Saito Sasuke.
With Zhang Tianyu’s swordsmanship, the strength of Longhushan’s strength is constantly being revealed.
Although Saito Sasuke’s two daggers made the dance alive, the strength in his body was obviously not as vast as Zhang Tianyu’s strength.
Zhang Tianyu inherited the Dragon Tiger Mountain, and he began to practice the ultimate martial arts practice Dragon Tiger Jue since he was a child. The energy in his body is not only pure, but also continuous. In a short time, Sasuke Saito can fight him. Divide up and down.
But over time, Zhang Tianyu’s strength was revealed.
In contrast, Saito Sasuke’s energy in his body feels a bit weak.
Three minutes later, the two had already fought hundreds of moves.
At this time, Zhang Tianyu’s complexion was still ruddy and he was not tired at all.
However, Saitou Sasuke’s face gradually paled. He panted heavily, and the speed of his dagger swung much slower.
“Senior Brother Zhang is going to win.” Yu Wenqian judged with some excitement. For Saito Sasuke, she hates it at the moment, so she is very happy to see Zhang Tianyu about to win.
“It’s probably not that simple…” Chen Feng frowned and said softly.
It is not that he is not optimistic about Zhang Tianyu, the strength that Zhang Tianyu showed at this moment is indeed very strong.
However, Sato Sasuke’s demonstrated strength is somewhat wrong.
Compared to yesterday’s domineering, Sasuke Saito today is obviously a little more fearful of action.
Logically speaking, against a vigorous and mellow player like Zhang Tianyu, he should be more domineering than yesterday, striving for a quick fight, but today, he is uncharacteristically indecisive.
Could it be that he didn’t know Zhang Tianyu’s advantage of Longhushan’s strength?
Chen Feng couldn’t help but think of a thought, but within a second, the thought was rejected by Chen Feng.
Saito Sasuke may not know the advantage of Ryuguyama’s strength, but people like Miyamoto Hanzo and Watanabe must know, and if they know, they will definitely tell Sato Sasuke.
So Saito Sasuke absolutely knows.
Now that Saitou Sasuke knows the strength of Longhushan’s strength, there is a problem with his fighting style today…
Chen Feng was thinking that the situation on the stage had changed again.
Zhang Tianyu opened Saito Sasuke’s defense with a sword, and the momentum continued. The long sword cut through Saito Sasuke’s martial arts uniform. Even the skin of Saito Sasuke was cut with a foot-long hole, several strands. Blood splashed.

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