Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 522

Saito Sasuke snorted, and took two steps back, clutching the wound.
In the audience, the expressions of many Japanese warriors changed in unison.
“Sasuke!” someone shouted worriedly.
Saito Sasuke waved his hand, and the corner of his mouth raised a smirk: “I’m okay.”
Although he said that it was okay, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Sato Sasuke’s face was a little paler than before, and he even held a dagger Both of his hands trembled slightly.
The end of the crossbow!
This is the common view of most people!
Including Zhang Tianyu on stage.
“I thought you had such a great skill, so it turned out that it was just that!” Zhang Tianyu suddenly sneered. He thought that today’s battle with Saito Sasuke would be a battle between dragons and tigers, but he did not expect that Sato Sasuke’s strength today was It is extremely unbearable.
Such a person is not worthy of being his opponent at all!
“You’re looking for death!” Saito Sasuke’s complexion flushed, as if he was irritated by Zhang Tianyu’s words.
The next moment, he slammed on his feet, and the whole figure rose into the sky, carrying two short daggers in his hands and stabbing Zhang Tianyu with cold light.
Zhang Tianyu had a face full of dissatisfaction. If he was the original one, he would dodge this kind of offensive from Saito Sasuke.
But at this moment, Saito Sasuke is obviously at the end of the battle, so he has no need to escape.
After a disdainful smile, Zhang Tianyu held a sword to meet Saito Sasuke.
“Zhang Tianyu is going to suffer…” At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly spoke.
Hearing what Chen Feng said, everyone looked at Chen Feng for unknown reasons.
What is Chen Feng talking about?
Zhang Tianyu is obviously going to win? Saito Sasuke is already at the end of the battle. His attack is just the last struggle before the defeat. Why does Chen Feng say that Zhang Tianyu is going to suffer?
To suffer, Sato Sasuke suffers too.
Everyone was puzzled, only Wang Gan and Chu Yifei glanced at Chen Feng in surprise.
The reason why Wang Gan was surprised was naturally because he also saw something wrong with Sato Sasuke.
Chu Yifei was surprised because of his trust in Chen Feng’s strength. He felt that Chen Feng would not aimlessly.
“Chen Feng, why do you say that Zhang Tianyu is going to suffer? Zhang Tianyu is not…” Yu Wenqian asked in confusion, but she hadn’t finished asking.
On the stage, something happened suddenly!
Saito Sasuke, who was already shaky, suddenly changed his aura suddenly at the moment he fell from the sky!
It’s like a peerless sword out of its sheath! The exposed edge makes people unable to look directly!
“Take it to death!”
Saito Sasuke smiled terribly, and as he approached Zhang Tianyu, he injected all the energy in his body into the two short daggers.
In an instant, a layer of blue light appeared on the tips of the two short daggers!
Put your energy out!
Zhang Tianyu’s pupils suddenly tightened, and his heart was terrified, and a breath of death emerged from the depths of his soul.
At this moment, he had no time to think about why Saito Sasuke would suddenly resort to such a big move.
At this moment, he has only one thought, that is: save your life!
Zhang Tianyu started to run the energy in his body frantically, and put his long sword across his chest in an attempt to block Saito Sasuke’s big killer move.
The “Keng” short dagger stabbed on the sword.
As if a fireball hit the ice and snow, in less than half a second, Zhang Tianyu’s long sword made of an extraterritorial meteorite melted instantly!
Then shattered!
In the next second, the short dagger pierced Zhang Tianyu’s chest.
But Saito Sasuke’s grinning smile showed signs of freezing, because the sound of flesh and blood being pierced did not come as expected, and his dagger seemed to be blocked by something.
“Ah!” At this moment, Zhang Tianyu suddenly let out a roar.
Taking advantage of the moment Saito Sasuke was stunned, Zhang Tianyu’s two iron fists slammed at Saito Sasuke’s front door.
Saito Sasuke was knocked out.
But Zhang Tianyu was also uncomfortable. He vomited a large mouthful of blood, and he was a little unstable even when standing.
But what was more severe than the physical injury was Zhang Tianyu’s inner fear.
Just a little bit, he was stabbed to death by Saito Sasuke!
If it wasn’t for the last moment, Saito Sasuke’s short dagger stabbed the dragon and tiger’s inner armor, at this moment, he is already a corpse!
“You are wearing inner armor!”
Saito Sasuke, who was blown out by Zhang Tianyu, also vomited a big mouthful of blood, his face was full of unwillingness.
He did not expect that his ultimate move at the bottom of the box would be defeated by the inner armor on Zhang Tianyu’s body.
Without that inner armor, Zhang Tianyu at this moment would be disabled even if he did not die!
“Damn it! Damn you!”
Zhang Tianyu panted heavily, with blood red eyes. At this moment, he looks like a madman, and he is not even a little bit handsome before.
In the audience, many Mingjin warriors looked dumbfounded. From the beginning of this gambling battle, Zhang Tianyu had been fighting against Saito Sasuke. How did Zhang Tianyu almost die in the end? !
“This Saito Sasuke is too shameless! It’s a sinister villain!”
Yuwenqian scolded and said, many bright fighters did not understand what had just happened in the arena, but they, these dark fighters, could see it.
From the beginning, Saito Sasuke was hiding his strength!
He was suppressed by Zhang Tianyu from beginning to end, and that was all pretended!
The purpose is to arouse Zhang Tianyu’s contempt, and make Zhang Tianyu feel that he is nothing more than that.
Then, so that he could use his ultimate move at the last minute.
Put your energy out.
That is the sign of being close to Huajin Warrior!
Although I don’t know what secret technique Saito Sasuke used to display it, if Zhang Tianyu didn’t wear that inner armor, he would definitely become a corpse at this moment, and there would be no time to even give up!
I have to say, Saito Sasuke is too insidious, this is a villain through and through!
For Yu Wenqian’s indignation, Chen Feng can only say naively.
This is a life and death arena, not a playhouse.
Although Saito Sasuke was sinister, his sinisterness almost killed Zhang Tianyu.
In the face of life and death, there is no morality at all.
On the stage, the two did not do anything again, but both panted hard and stared at each other.
Saito Sasuke is very unwilling at this moment. Since yesterday he knew that he was going to face Zhang Tianyu, he has been secretly planning, and finally he came up with a plan to show weakness first and then explode.
I thought that this strategy would be foolproof and would cost the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce a general.
But unexpectedly, Zhang Tianyu was wearing an inner armor that could be called a life-saving artifact.
“Insidious villain! Sorrow to death!”
After another moment, Zhang Tianyu finally stabilized the tumbling energy in his body, and he slashed with his sword.
In any case, he will kill Saito Sasuke today!
“I admit defeat!”
Seeing Zhang Tianyu’s long sword stabbed, Saito Sasuke’s expression changed and he spoke directly.
At this moment, he is more injured than Zhang Tianyu, and if he continues to fight, he will undoubtedly lose.

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