Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 523

Admit defeat? !
Zhang Tianyu’s long sword abruptly stopped three feet in front of Saito Sasuke.
He desperately wanted to vomit blood, this sinister villain unexpectedly gave up at this moment? !
“I admit defeat.” Saito Sasuke snorted coldly.
“However, I didn’t admit defeat because I was inferior to you.” “I gave in because of your inner armour.”
“If there is no inner armour, you Zhang Tianyu, nothing!”
Saito Sasuke sneered. , Step down directly.
But Zhang Tianyu’s face was flushed at this moment.
Indeed, as Saito Sasuke said, today he wins by the inner armour. Without the inner armour, he would not even be able to keep his life.
“The third level of the gambling battle, Zhang Tianyu, win! Saito Sasuke, lose!” The referee reluctantly announced the result. Zhang Tianyu was ashamed of this gambling battle. His strength should be stronger than Saito Sasuke. Yes, but scheming, he was too far behind Saito Sasuke.
Saito Sasuke only showed a slight weakness, and he became conceited.
If he is not conceited, maybe he will not fall into this situation.
“Zhang Tianyu, are you going to be challenged, or are you going to stay and wait for the next challenger?”
” Go to challenge .” Zhang Tianyu said a little humiliatingly. At this moment, he is already in a state of serious injury, and he continues to stay on stage. It’s just a shame.
“Okay, everyone rest for ten minutes.”
“Ten minutes later, the next gambling fight will begin. Please be prepared for the players from China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.”
The middle-aged referee said in a deep voice.
The hearts of everyone in the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce are a bit heavy.
So far, three gambling games have been held.
In the three games, there were three people from the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, while only one from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
The situation is very unfavorable for the China Shipping Chamber.
After Zhang Tianyu stepped down, he went to the corner alone to adjust his breath, seeming a little shameless to face everyone.
“Wulong, it’s your end.”
Chu Yifei shifted his gaze to a bald young man.
Chen Feng glanced at Wulong and found that Wulong was the Buddhist disciple whom Yu Wenqian had mentioned before.
Master Miao Kong, Wulong’s master, is now sitting in the VIP table.
“Brother Chu, who am I going to play against?” Wu Long said in a deep voice, his dark skin and firm face, if not for his bald head, he would be more like a soldier.
“Sakurai Fu.” Chu Yifei glanced at the direction of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, and said, “He is a ninja cultivated by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. He is good at fighting with hidden weapons. You must be careful of his hidden weapons when you come on stage. If you can block his hidden weapon offensive, you can easily win this gambling fight.”
“Okay, I’ll be careful.”
Wu Long nodded solemnly. He is still number one in the hidden weapon fighting method. Contact, but in any case, he will win this gambling battle.
Because the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce can no longer afford to lose!
“Chen Feng, how did you know that Zhang Tianyu was going to suffer?”
Just when Chu Yifei and Wu Long were discussing countermeasures, Yuwenqian couldn’t help but speak . Just before Zhang Tianyu and Saito Sasuke had yet to decide the outcome, Chen Feng said Zhang Tianyu would suffer.
At that time, she still felt that Chen Feng was talking nonsense, but within a second, she was beaten in the face.
Therefore, she was very curious, how did Chen Feng know that Zhang Tianyu was going to suffer? Could it be that he had the ability to predict what was going on?
“I can see it.” Chen Feng said casually. He didn’t have the time to explain the doorway to Yu Wenqian. Even if he explained it, Yu Wenqian could not understand it.
“How did you tell?” Yu Wenqian asked curiously.
“Use your eyes.”
Chen Feng said lightly.
“You…” Yu Wenqian glared at Chen Feng a little bit, and said, “Don’t say it.”
This guy must be a fool, and Yu Wenqian slandered again in the bottom of her heart.
Soon, the ten-minute rest period passed.
Wulong and Sakurai took the stage at the same time.
With the referee’s order, the two began to move on the stage at the same time.
Wulong strode under his feet and rushed to Sakurai like a bull.
But Sakurai stepped back calmly, and kept moving away from Wulong.
While pulling away, Sakurai continued to throw the hidden weapon in his hand towards Wulong.
Wulong’s figure moved, hiding most of the hidden weapons, and the one who couldn’t avoid it was the iron pestle in his hand.
Compared to Zhang Tianyu and Saito Sasuke, the battle between Wulong and Sakurai is not gorgeous, and it can even be said to be a bit boring.
Sakurai is good at hidden weapons, and his close combat ability is extremely weak.
But Wulong is good at close combat. He wants to fight close to Sakurai, but in terms of speed, he is worse than Sakurai.
This led to a situation where he couldn’t catch up with Sakurai.
The two of you chased me on stage like this, and no one could touch anyone.
“Chen Feng, aren’t you very capable? Are you talking about who will win Wulong or Sakurai?” Yu Wenqian couldn’t help but said.
“Neither of them will win.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Neither of them will win? What do you mean?” Yu Wenqian was shocked.
“A tie.” Chen Feng glanced at Yu Wenqian like an idiot.
This look immediately made Yu Wenqian feel that she had been greatly insulted. She was a little unconvinced and said: “You bullshit!”
“I’m not bullshit, you’ll know it in a while.” Chen Feng smiled, he said. So to say so, naturally has his basis.
This basis comes from the fighting style of Wulong and Sakurai.
The two people are in the same realm, and the amount of energy in the body is also close to the same. If Wulong can meet Sakurai Fu, then Wulong will undoubtedly win.
But the point is that Sakurai will not give Wulong a chance to meet him.
Similarly, Osaka Sakurai’s hidden weapon could not cause substantial damage to Wulong. In this way, the strength of the two reached a perfectly evenly matched state, and no one could do anything.
Fighting like this, when the energy and physical strength in the body are exhausted, the two will inevitably usher in a tie.
As expected by Chen Feng, Wulong and Sakurai did not meet anyone in the next fifteen minutes.
However, fifteen consecutive minutes of chasing has completely exhausted their energy and physical strength.
Both of them were pale, and even their calves were a little weak.
“Do you want to continue the comparison?” the middle-aged referee asked helplessly. If the two continue to compare, I am afraid that they will not be able to compare themselves with each other.
“No, it’s a tie.”
At this moment, Watanabe Taiichi spoke calmly while sitting in the VIP seat.
“It’s a tie.” An old man beside Elder Guan echoed.
The draw is already the best situation for China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
After two consecutive big shots spoke, Wulong and Sakurai could only step down obediently although they were unwilling.
“It was hit by you again!”
Yu Wenqian gave Chen Feng an incredible look, and it turned out to be a draw!

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