Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 525

Finally, the short young man came three feet in front of Wang Qian.
In an instant, his figure split into three!
Re-implement the old technique!
The three lifelike figures all held swords and slashed towards Wang Gan.
In the audience, the hearts of everyone in the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce suddenly came to their throats.
Can Wang Gan crack the short youth’s shadow killing?
Just thinking about it, Wang Gan moved.
His long sword pierced straight towards the leftmost one of the three shadows.
As for the other two shadows, Wang Gan ignored them! But let the two shadows cut at them with sabers in their hands!
Seeing this scene, the hearts of everyone in the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce in the audience were mentioned in their throats. If Wang Gan made a wrong judgment, then the two knives were cut off, and Wang Gan might not die or be disabled.
Will Wang Qian make a mistake? of course not!
When his sword hit the leftmost shadow, the face of the leftmost shadow showed a anthropomorphic expression of horror.
In the next second, the long sword enters the shadow body!
The black shadow dissipated, and the short young man’s figure was revealed, but his clothes were torn by Wang Gan, and a large amount of blood leaked out.
“How do you know that I am really hiding here?!” The short young man’s face was full of anger and incomprehension, and Wang Gan actually accurately judged his true body in less than a second.
What the hell does this happen?
Wang Qian ignored the short youth’s question, he was still cold, and slashed with his sword.
The short, furious young man bit his teeth, once again splitting into three dark shadows, and cut them off towards Wang Gan.
But this time, Wang Gan ignored the three shadows.
Wang Qian’s sword slashed directly into the void somewhere behind.
Seeing Wang Gan’s actions, everyone in the audience was stunned. Was Wang Gan stupid? What is cutting the air for?
Just thinking about it, there was a wave of fluctuations in the air.
The figure of the short young man emerged from the void, and his body directly met Wang Gan’s long sword.
“Puff” sounded.
Wang Gan’s sword pierced into the chest cavity of the short young man and entered without body.
“This…” Many warriors in the audience were stunned. They have to say that the scene before them has exceeded their imagination. From their perspective, Wang Gan is like a fool, regardless of the three things in front of him. The figure holding a knife that is extremely threatening to him, but swings the sword into the air.
But what is even more incredible is that the short young man just walked out of the air, and was facing Wang Gan’s sword, as if he had taken the initiative to make Wang dry.
“I give up!” the short young man shouted in horror.
Wang Gan found out his true body for the first time, and it can be said to be a guess. Then this time, when Wang Gan found his true body from the void, it was obviously not a guess.
Wang Qian must know the weakness of Shadow Kill!
After the short youth conceded defeat, Wang Gan drew his sword from the short youth and stepped down without saying a word.
“Brother Wang is mighty!”
“Brother Wang is too powerful!” In the audience, many warriors of the China Shipping Chamber were very excited. Wang Qian could be regarded as finding a place for the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
The short young man was stronger than the previous Saito Sasuke, but in Wang Gan’s hands, he couldn’t even hold up two moves.
In the face of the compliments from the crowd, Wang Gan still looked at Chen Feng and calmly said: “I owe you a favor.”
“You are polite.” Chen Feng smiled faintly, although Wang Qian was cold tempered. Some, but the character is good, at least know the knowledge of the grace.
Wang Gan shook his head and said nothing.
Although without Chen Feng’s reminder, he could win that battle just now, but the price of winning may be a bit high, which is not conducive to his subsequent battles.
Soon, the ten-minute rest period passed.
Wang Qian in Yiqiu Baiyi continued on stage.
On the other hand, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce stepped out of a giant who was nearly two meters tall and weighed nearly four hundred jin!
The giant walked toward the ring step by step, and the ground he stepped on buzzed with each step, indicating his weight and strength.
“Yamazaki, tear him apart!” The people of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce shouted with excitement, obviously having great confidence in this giant man.
Chen Feng’s eyes also showed interest, this giant like a brown bear turned out to be a rare martial artist.
The martial artist, as the name suggests, specializes in physical fitness.
Most body refiners have thick skins and strong defenses.
Even after some body-refining martial artists reach the realm, their skin can block bullets.
The man in front of him who was named as Yamazaki was obviously a powerhouse who refined his body.
Soon, Yamazaki stood on the stage, his weapon was a powerful two-board iron axe.
Wang Qian didn’t have any expressions, his eyes were still profound, like the desert sky in winter, otherwise there was a trace of dust.
“Cha” Yamazaki suddenly roared.
The voice instantly changed all the noise, shaking the sky, like a beast roaring.
“Om!” The entire ring resonated instantly, making a vibrating sound, and many low-level warriors under the stage felt that their foreheads were a little buzzing.
There is no doubt that Yamazaki wanted to disturb Wang Gan’s mind with this roar.
But Wang Qian was unmoved from beginning to end.
“Kill” Yamazaki roared again, his face twisted and his eyes blood red.
The murderous aura formed by the accumulation of countless blood was overwhelmingly pressed towards Wang Qian.
Taking advantage of this emptiness, Yamazaki grabbed two iron axes and rushed towards Wang Gan. He was like a mad god and devil, with his axe like a mountain.
His pure volume of deterrence gives people a sense of desperate shock.
“Huh!” The black light flashed.
Yamazaki’s figure grew stronger, while Tarzan lowered, but that’s it.
The double axe he raised cut through the dust, cut through the light, and slashed towards Wang Gan’s body.
When these two axes fell, countless axe lights and killing intent, tilted out like a volcanic eruption.
These two axes seem to be able to break this endless earth!
Many people believe that if these two axes are cut on the ground, they will be able to cut the ground into two cracks!
This is Yamazaki!
A double axe can drive mountains, a double axe can break the ground, a double axe can also break the void!
The faces of the many Qianshui Chamber of Commerce martial artists in the audience turned red with excitement. In their opinion, Yamazaki’s axe would surely split China’s so-called Jianzong genius in half!
“Chiff!” At this moment , Wang Gan moved.
He pierced out with a sword light.
Yamazaki froze for an instant, the cruelty on his face still remained, but his complexion was like dead gray.
Between his eyebrows, there was a sword pierced with silver light. It was neither deep nor shallow, but deadly!
“Boom!” As if
Mount Tai collapsed, Yamazaki’s huge body fell straight to the ground, splashing dust.
The audience fell silent for an instant, and the needle drop could be heard.
The many warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce are all dull.
Yamazaki, who was placed infinitely high by them, was so defeated…no, dead? ! one move!
Only one trick!
Everyone in the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce was also a little dumbfounded. They couldn’t imagine that Yamazaki, who was so terrifying, was killed by Wang Gan so easily.
This is probably the first warrior to die since the gambling fight, right?

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