Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 526

Among the crowd, only Chen Feng smiled openly.
At this moment, he didn’t know what to say.
The reason why Yamazaki died like this was not because he was too weak, nor was it because Wang Gan was too strong.
But because he was perfectly restrained!
Yamazaki is a martial artist, and his defense is extremely strong.
If he encounters ordinary warriors such as Zhang Tianyu and others, Yamazaki will never lose so easily, and even he still has the hope of winning.
But he ran into Wang Gan.
Who is Wang Gan?
The first genius of Jianzong!
He specializes in kendo, and he has already become superb.
Swordsmanship has been famous since ancient times for its attacking power.
And Wang Gan is a leader in swordsmanship, so the power of his sword can be called the extreme.
Although Yamazaki is a martial artist with strong defenses, his body is not monolithic. He also has weaknesses. This weakness lies in the middle of his brows.
Wang Qian used the most powerful sword to attack Yamazaki’s weakness. How can Yamazaki not lose his life?
Soon, the mountain-like body of Yamazaki was carried down by several Japanese warriors.
The faces of many warriors in the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce were extremely ugly at this time.
Both the disciple of the sword and Yamazaki were defeated, and Wang Gan was too strong.
The strong one was unexpected.
At this time, Miyamoto Yuichi brought Liu Xuan and a few warriors over.
Seeing Miyamoto Yuichi, many Qianshui Chamber of Commerce warriors bowed down respectfully: “President!”
Miyamoto nodded slightly, and immediately glanced at Yamazaki’s body, his face suddenly became gloomy: “What’s the matter?”
“Chairman, that Wang Gan of China, is too strong, and the disciple of the sword and Yamazaki can’t take him… …” Someone bit the bullet and said, the original plan of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce was to rely on the saint disciple of the sword to consume Wang Gan’s physical strength, and Yamazaki would play again after the consumption was almost the same.
With Yamazaki’s strength, even if he cannot defeat Wang Gan, he can take advantage of his body refining to eliminate Wang Gan’s energy and physical strength. At that time, Wang Gan will become a fish on the chopping board, Yamazaki After that, any warrior of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce can easily take care of Wang Gan. As long as Wang Gan is defeated, there will be no suspense in this gambling battle, and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce must win.
Unexpectedly, neither the Sword Saint Disciple nor Yamazaki caused any substantial harm to Wang Qian.
“Who will play next?”
Miyamoto said in a deep voice.
“It’s Tengxiu Sakai.”
“Give him two Yin Yang pills.” Miyamoto took it together.
Yin Yang Pill?
The complexions of many warriors all changed, yin and yang pills, will they be taken out so early?
“Master, what is the Yin Yang Pill?”
Seeing the fearful faces of many warriors, Liu Xuan couldn’t help asking, but didn’t want to. Miyamoto gave her a cold look: “Don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask!”
“Yes, Master. “Liu Xuan’s expression changed and she hurriedly obeyed her orders. She thought that she would be comfortable with Yuichi Miyamoto in the past few days, and she would have a higher status in front of Yuichi Miyamoto, but now it seems that she still looks at herself high.
A few minutes later, today’s fifth game of gambling began.
On the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, it is still Wang Qian coming to power.
On the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, a thin young man came onto the stage. This young man wore a black martial arts uniform and looked unremarkable. He belonged to the kind that was thrown into the crowd and could not be recognized at a glance.
Following the referee’s order.
The aura of the black-clothed youth instantly changed.
From the unremarkable before, it climbed to the extreme in an instant!
With the urging of the exercises, the black-clothed youth began to mobilize the energy in his body frantically towards his feet.
His feet swayed like a teleportation, and his whole person was like a mad dragon running away, rushing towards Wang Gan!
At this moment, Wang Qian had an unprecedented sense of war.
Wang Qian, blessed by his fighting spirit, is as sharp as a sword out of its sheath!
The shadow of the sword arrives before the figure arrives!
Wang Qian’s long sword and the long sword of the black-clothed youth instantly intertwined.
Keng! Keng!
Keng! The sound of three collisions of gold and stone came out, and the eardrum of the person who shook was stunned.
Wang Qian got close instantly, the energy in his body surged wildly, his long sword swung out, and the air was chopped and hunted!
The black-clothed youth’s complexion changed, stepping into a dragon shape, and evaded Wang Gan’s sword dangerously and dangerously.
Wang Qian’s expression became serious, this young man in black is very strong!
His perception of life and death is very keen!
He can perceive and react to his own ultimate move in advance.
Such an opponent is difficult to entangle.
Just thinking about it, the black-clothed youth suddenly punched.
This punch, with a dragon-shaped energy, even the air showed signs of being torn apart.
Wang Qian snorted coldly and faced with his sword calmly.
However, the young man in black took advantage of the situation and kicked Wang Gan with a vigorous step.
Wang Gan lifted his leg and blocked it. boom! boom! boom!
In an instant, the two had already fought dozens of moves, and the stage was full of their energy.
“Senior Brother Wang met an opponent.” In the audience, the people of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce looked very solemn. This black-clothed youth seemed ordinary, but the strength he exerted made people have to look at him.
“Who is this person? Why don’t we have any information about him.” Yuwenqian said anxiously. Logically speaking, the China Shipping Chamber should have some understanding of the ten warriors who played in the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, but, The China Shipping Chamber of Commerce only has information on two or three warriors.
Except for those two or three warriors, the other seven or eight warriors didn’t know anything.
“He has very rich combat experience, and he should be from the Shenyin Battle Hall.” At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly spoke.
With his eyesight, he can naturally see the origin of the young man in black.
The realm of this black-clothed youth is actually not high, just reaching the middle stage of dark power.
But his combat experience is particularly rich.
This kind of experience is generally only available to combatants who are on the verge of life and death all year round.
And this time, among the ten martial artists of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, quite a few people from the hidden spirits came in.
Inside Shenyin, performing tasks outside all the year round, and the only people walking on the edge of life and death are Zhantang.
Therefore, the black-clothed young man in front of him is likely to be from the Shenyin Battle Hall.
“Shenyin Battle Hall?”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, everyone looked at Chen Feng in surprise. They only knew that Shenyin was an organization in Japan, but they were the same as Shenyin’s internal organization and division of labor. I don’t know.
But Chen Feng spoke out of the Shenyin Battle Hall…
Who is Chen Feng?
Can a casual martial artist know so much?
Seeing everyone looking at him, Chen Feng didn’t explain. His identity as a martial artist would not last long. Sooner or later, he was going to be on stage. Once he came on stage, everything was exposed.
When everyone was curious about Chen Feng’s identity, something happened again on the stage.
After being repelled by Wang Gan with a sword, the young man in black suddenly took out two black pills from his pocket and swallowed them.
The next moment, his eyes suddenly became blood red.

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