Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 527

Immediately afterwards, the pores on his whole body began to relax, and then wisps of blood-red infuriating air permeated his body.
” Take it to death !” The black-clothed youth’s expression suddenly became savage, after a roar.
He ejected towards Wang Gan, and the long sword in his hand was cut off against Wang Gan!
The whole process is extremely fast!
Compared with before swallowing the medicine, at least two grades faster!
Wang Qian’s complexion changed slightly, and he quickly raised his sword to block.
“Keng!” The two iron swords collided, erasing a large spark.
Wang Qian took three steps uncontrollably, and then his face suddenly paled.
The sword of the young man in black actually injured him!
“What’s going on?!”
“What did he swallow?!” In the audience, Yu Wenqian’s expressions changed greatly. Since the black-clothed youth swallowed the pill, his strength was two or three times stronger than before. More than that.
Even Wang Gan was repelled by him with a sword.
Chen Feng frowned and said nothing. The black-clothed youth swallowed the medicine too fast, so he did not see exactly what the black-clothed youth swallowed.
However, judging from the red face of the black-clothed youth and the sudden rise in strength, the pill he swallowed was obviously something that stimulated potential.
This kind of pill, Chen Feng had heard people say before.
It can stimulate the potential of a person in a short time, and the strength of the person instantly soars two or three times.
However, the consequences of swallowing the pill are extremely serious, ranging from broken tendons to severe death!
It can be said that this pill is a kind of poison in disguise!
Generally speaking, this pill is only used when people are in a life-and-death crisis.
But right now, in order to deal with Wang Qian, the black-clothed youth directly swallowed two…
“Keng!” Wang Qian was repelled again. This time, a ray of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, which was obviously internal injury. .
Although the black-clothed youth had the upper hand at this time, the faces of many Qianshui Chamber of Commerce martial artists in the audience did not show much joy.
They knew very well what Sakai Tengxiu had just swallowed.
Yin Yang Pill!
A secret pill of Japan.
This kind of secret pill is extremely small and extremely difficult to refine.
Only fifty pieces can be refined in a year in Japan.
In order to ensure that this gambling fight was taken down without fail, before leaving, Miyamoto specially spent 10 billion to purchase ten Yin Yang Pills.
In order to meet an unmatched opponent at this moment, relying on Yin Yang Pill to win.
The effect of Yin Yang Pill is terrifying.
Sakai Tengxiu was originally only the cultivation base of the middle stage of Anjin, but after swallowing the Yin-Yang Pill, Sakai’s strength has now reached the latter stage of the Anjin!
Such strength can naturally suppress Wang Qian.
“A few minutes?”
At this moment, Miyamoto Yuichi suddenly asked.
“President, what’s a few minutes?”
“Sakai swallowed the Yin-Yang Pill, how many minutes?” Miyamoto Yuichi asked coldly. Although the effect of the Yin-Yang Pill is strong, it is not weak.
In addition to the weak points of breaking tendons and veins and killing, Yin Yang Pill also has a weak point, that is, it can only last for five minutes.
If the person who swallows the Yin-Yang Pill cannot resolve the battle after five minutes, the Yin-Yang Pill will become a deadly poison. It will react violently with the energy in the swallower’s body, and then explode directly.
“President, Sakai has swallowed the Yin Yang Pill for three and a half minutes.”
“Three and a half minutes?!” Yuichi Miyamoto’s pupils shrank, three and a half minutes, I’m afraid it is still far from the end of the battle!
Although Wang Qian was injured, he still had the ability to fight.
In this state, Sakai Tengxiu couldn’t take it.
“Remind Sakai to settle the battle quickly!” Miyamoto looked a little gloomy. Sakai Tosho was a person he had borrowed from the Shinyin Battle Hall. Although he borrowed someone, he told Shinyin that he could not guarantee that Sakai Tosho would meet. Go back alive.
But if Sakai Tengxiu died here, his trouble would not be small.
Moreover, the price of a Yin Yang Pill is one billion!
Tengxiu Sakai just swallowed two, two billion!
If he can’t take Wang Gan, then the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce martial artist who will appear later will have to swallow two more.
This price is too great!
In fact, there is no need to remind Miyamoto Yuichi.
On the stage, Tengxiu Sakai had long been anxious, he knew better than anyone, the five-minute time limit of Yin Yang Pill.
But Wang Qian was like Xiaoqiang who could only kill him. No matter how strong he exerts pressure, Wang Qian will not lose.
At this moment, he already felt the loss of the efficacy of Yin Yang Pill, and the veins in his body were more painful as if burned by flames.
If he can no longer solve Wang Gan, he will explode and die if he does not need Wang Gan to take action after five minutes.
Sakai is in a hurry!
Wang Qian was calm down at this time.
He found something wrong, or weakness, of Sakai Tengxiu.
The breath of Sakai Tengxiu was obviously weakening.
Moreover, the strength in his body also showed signs of getting out of control.
This is the sequelae of swallowing those two pills. drag!
At this moment, as long as you drag it down, you can win!
Wang Qian firmed up his ideas, and immediately, he began to use drag-word tactics.
He no longer had a head-to-head fight with Teng Sakai, but started to walk around the ring.
Seeing this scene, Chen Feng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Before, he was worried that a lonely genius like Wang Qian would disdain to fight with people, but choose a head-to-head way to win the battle. Now it seems that his worry is unnecessary.
Although Wang Qian is lonely and tall, he is not the kind of genius who doesn’t know how to work.
Time passed by every minute.
Soon, only 30 seconds were left until the effect of Yin Yang Pill disappeared.
But Tengxiu Sakai was already on the verge of losing control.
He was already desperate.
“Let’s die together!”
Sakai Tengxiu looked miserable, and immediately, he rushed towards Wang Gan with a grinning smile.
“Brother Wang, be careful…” In the audience, many warriors from the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce reminded them together, but after they finished speaking, they heard a’bang’.
Takeshi Sakai directly exploded!
It burst into a cloud of blood!
An invisible energy spread out, sweeping the audience like a tornado!
Wang Gan, who was the first to bear the brunt, was directly lifted more than ten meters away by this strong wind.
He could not stop his body until he reached the edge of the ring.
However, a big mouthful of blood was spit out in his mouth, and his face was as pale as gold paper immediately.
Sakai Tengxiu’s self-destruct, so that the audience is quiet.
I thought that Yamazaki had died badly enough.
However, Yamazaki was nothing compared to the Sakai Tengxiu in front of him.
Yamazaki still has at least one whole body, but Sakai Tosuke has nothing left.
“Hong… Hongyi, these warriors, this… is also terrible.” In the audience, Peng Yanfang was trembling with fright, even speaking a little uncomfortable.
Li Shiping and Wang Shiyuan also had pale faces, and it was the first time they saw this kind of battle.
Musha! There are such terrible people in this world!
With just a gesture, the power to destroy the world can burst out.

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