Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 528

Wang Hongyi pressed his lips tightly and did not speak. He glanced at somewhere in the audience, and then sighed insignificantly.
Wang Qian’s strength has reached this level. As the real killer of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, how strong are you?
Soon, Wang Gan was helped to step down.
“Brother Wang, are you okay?” The crowd gathered around and asked with concern.
Wang Qian waved his hand, indicating that his problem was not serious.
Immediately, he directly sat down to adjust his breath, and he had to fight the next battle.
At this moment, Chu Yifei walked over with a gloomy expression.
“Brother Chu, the Japanese man swallowed medicine just now, it’s unfair…” Yu Wenqian glanced at Chu Yifei, a little anxious, anyone with a discerning eye can see that Sakai Tengxiu’s strength is actually inferior to Wang’s. If he doesn’t swallow the medicine, he won’t be able to beat Wang Gan.
But after swallowing the medicine, he exploded and severely injured Wang Qian.
“I know.” Chu Yifei nodded with a sullen expression, and said: “I have already told Elder Guan and them, but Elder Guan said that there is no such thing as a gambling rule that is not allowed to swallow medicine.”
“What? In the rules .” Is it not allowed to swallow medicine?!”
“That is to allow medicine to be swallowed?! If medicine is allowed to be swallowed, what is the point of this gambling fight? What is better than swallowing medicine together?!” Yu Wenqian said angrily. Everyone, like the black-clothed youth, relied on swallowing medicine to explode their strength, so this gambling fight was meaningless, because both sides broke out and they were not real strength.
“Wen Qian, don’t get excited.” Chen Feng frowned. “Big Brother Chu didn’t expect this to happen. It has already happened. What we should do now is to brainstorm for strategies, not complain here. .”
Chu Yifei sighed, and said with some guilt: “We, China Marine Merchants, will be very responsible for this matter. When formulating rules, we should consider the shamelessness of these Japanese people.”
“Brother Chu, don’t blame yourself. , People are not sages, no one can blame it .” “Besides, you can’t blame you for not thinking about this matter. Before the gambling fight started, no one would have thought that Japanese people would be so cruel and take their lives to fill this gambling fight Victory.” Chen Feng said solemnly.
Not to mention Chu Yifei, it was him who underestimated the determination of the Japanese to win this gambling battle.
Players like the young men in black, placed in Japan, are definitely a peerless genius at the same level as Zhang Tianyu. To cultivate such a peerless genius, Japan will definitely spend at least two to three billion martial arts resources.
But now, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is saying that if you let him die, let him die.
I have to say that this level of cruelty is beyond everyone’s imagination.
“What should I do now? Can Wang Gan continue to play?” Chu Yifei couldn’t help but glance at Wang Gan. Although he is also a martial artist, his realm is only in the late Ming Jin stage, so he can’t see what Wang Gan is. Suffered multiple injuries.
Can such an injury deal with the next battle?
“Brother Chu, I can still fight.”
At this moment , Wang Gan opened his eyes, his expression still pale, but his tone was firm.
“No, Brother Wang, you can’t play anymore, if they let people swallow medicine again, what would you use to fight them?” Yu Wenqian strongly opposed. Wang Gan is the master of Jianzong’s Zhongxing, a century-old Jianzong This is the first time a genius, this gambling fight can be lost, but Wang Gan absolutely can’t do anything.
“They won’t let people swallow medicine anymore, at least Wang Gan won’t be able to do it this time.” Chen Feng said in a deep voice. Although he didn’t know what medicine the black-clothed youth had just swallowed, he could be sure of the kind of medicine. The value of it is definitely not cheap.
Moreover, at this time, Wang Qian’s feeling is already at the end of the battle. If the person in charge of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce has a little brain, he will weigh the pros and cons and think about the pros and cons, and use a valuable medicine and a human life in exchange for the value of Wang Qian. not worth.
“How do you know they won’t let people swallow medicine anymore?” Yu Wenqian asked.
Chen Feng glanced at Yu Wenqian, and then he told the speculation in his heart.
After Chen Feng finished speaking, everyone looked hesitant. Although they felt that what Chen Feng said was reasonable, he didn’t dare to gamble on such things.
Once the bet was lost, the people from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce really swallowed the pill, and Wang Qian would be in danger of life.
“I believe you.”
At this moment , Wang Qian looked calm and stood up. He glanced at Chen Feng and said.
He believed in Chen Feng.
He felt that Chen Feng’s speculation was correct.
Even if Chen Feng’s speculation is incorrect, he will not escape this battle.
On the other side, the many warriors of the Sensui Chamber of Commerce all turned their eyes to Miyamoto Yuichi.
“President, it seems that Wang Gan is going to play…”
“I know.” Miyamoto glanced at the direction of China Maritime Chamber of Commerce.
“Well, do you want to give Kudo Taka two Yin-Yang Pills…” someone couldn’t help but ask, Kudo Taka is the next player in the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
“Are you treating Yin Yang Pill as Chinese cabbage?” Yuichi Miyamoto glanced at the interrogator displeasedly. The price of a Yin Yang Pill was one billion in Chinese coins!
And the players who are on stage, want to inspire strength far beyond their own level, at least have to swallow two.
Two, two billion!
Even if the Senshui Chamber of Commerce is the largest chamber of commerce in Japan, it would not be able to sustain it by spending money like this.
“But, that Wang Gan’s strength…”
“Trash! That Wang Gan is already injured, can’t you even deal with an injured person?!” Miyamoto said angrily. The tragic death of Sakai Tengxiu has caused him to accumulate anger. He did not expect these idiots. Still thinking about filling in the lives of people, is it true that he is a hoodwink in the Japanese martial arts world?
“Understood, President.” After being rebuked by Miyamoto, many warriors bowed in cold sweat.
Soon, the ten-minute rest period passed.
Today’s sixth and final gambling battle officially began.
Wang Qian continued to take the stage, his original spotless white clothes now had a few more wisps of blood red.
These wisps of blood are both enemies and his own.
But at this moment, his expression is still indifferent.
Opposite Wang Qian, a thin man wearing a tight martial arts suit and an alloy glove stood alone with a solemn expression.
The gambling fight has come to this stage, and there are no more small squats before the half hour.
In the past, it was just a difference, but now every game is a life and death.
A little carelessness will kill you!
“Start!” As the middle-aged referee ordered.
The lean man yelled violently, suddenly stepped on the ground, and then rushed towards Wang Gan like a cannonball.
He doesn’t have any weapons in his hands, his weapons are his pair of iron fists! boom!
The thin man’s iron alloy gloves and Wang Gan’s long sword violently collided with each other, and the terrifying internal energy burst out almost at the same time, as if the two armies were in a confrontation, canceling each other out.
The air explosion sounded again, like a firecracker exploding, endlessly.

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