Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 529

At the same time, the strong wind blasted towards the surroundings centered on the place where the two met, like a storm, and the concrete scum and mud on the ground shattered.
Immediately, the slender man, who was directly shocked by the terrifying counter-shock force, retreated three steps, sinking vigorously at each step, and the ground under his feet was all cracked, leaving three pairs of deep footprints.
Under Chen Hui, the thin man’s right hand seemed to be electrocuted, shaking constantly, the tiger’s mouth cracked and blood stained.
In addition, the qi and blood in his body were also completely disordered, and his internal organs were shaken to arouse pain and suffered internal injuries.
On the other hand, Wang Qian still had his feet nailed to the ground like nails, still motionless.
Seeing this scene, many warriors of the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce in the audience could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Although Wang Qian was injured, his strength was still there.
As everyone was thinking, the thin man moved again.
This time, he moved faster than before!
It’s even so close that the audience can’t capture his shadow! boom! boom! boom!
The thin man’s iron fist was like a violent storm, constantly slamming on Wang Gan, and the strength in his body was even more combined with the strength of the fist, leaning towards Wang Gan without money.
In the beginning, Wang Qian could still use his sword to resist.
But gradually, Wang Gan became struggling.
After all, he suffered an internal injury. When he first took the stage, he used his strength to force the internal injury down, but as the pressure brought by the thin man gradually increased, he had to allocate a part of his energy to deal with the thin man.
Once the strength was separated, the previous internal injuries were out of control.
After “Puff” was slammed back by the thin man again, Wang Gan suddenly vomited a large mouthful of blood, and his expression turned pale.
“Brother Wang!”
Yu Wenqian couldn’t help exclaiming from the audience.
This exclamation came into the ears of the thin man, which immediately made the thin man more excited.
He saw the dawn of hope!
Although Wang Qian’s strength is stronger than him, Wang Qian suffered a very serious internal injury. As long as he takes the injury for the injury, he can drag Wang Gan to death sooner or later!
“Huh!” The thin man took a deep breath, then appeared in front of Wang Qian again as if he was moving instantaneously, and blasted Wang Qian’s face with a punch.
Strike while it’s hot!
Taking advantage of Wang Qian’s qi and blood disorder now, his energy is out of control, he directly killed Wang Qian!
Huh! Faced with a punch from the thin man, Wang Gan didn’t dare to face it anymore, but flashed back and hurriedly avoided.
However, the lean man came with him like a dog skin plaster.
As Wang Gan moved, the thin man fisted together.
Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!
For a time, the air burst sounded endlessly.
Wang Qian was soon forced to the edge of the ring, unable to retreat.
At this moment, he suddenly raised his head, and a decision flashed in his eyes.
Immediately, the whole body began to agitate.
Immediately afterwards, an indescribable majesty covered the audience.
This majesty immediately changed the face of the thin man. He wanted to speed up the offensive and knock Wang Qian down in one fell swoop.
But at this time, Wang Qian has already completed his momentum!
With a violent shout, Wang Qian’s long sword burst out suddenly, like a rainbow under the moon, and shot at the thin man’s face.
The lean man was terrified and hurried back.
However, Feijian has turned across the sky, and now it is too late to retreat!
“Puff” the long sword penetrated the thin man’s face, and the hilt finally stopped three feet in front of the thin man’s eyes.
With a thud, the thin man fell to the ground in a daze.
The wide-open eyes were filled with incredible writing.
He can’t stand his eyes!
Obviously, the whole audience pressed Wang Gan to fight, why in the end, he was stabbed to death by Wang Gan?
“Brother Wang won!” The response to the thin man was the excitement of everyone from the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, but the thin man at this time had no chance to listen.
“Trash! What a trash! I can’t beat even a wounded person!” Miyamoto was furious. He didn’t expect that Takakura Kudo would die like this. It was clear that Wang Ming was lingering, but he was finally killed by Wang Gan.
“Chairman, although Taka Kudo is dead, he is not useless at all. He forced us out of Wang Gan’s trump card.” Someone hurriedly calmed down.
“The hole card? What hole card?” Miyamoto asked with a gloomy expression.
“Broken Mountains and Rivers!”
“Wang Chien tricks that just using Jianzong town were occult, broken mountains and rivers, we will have him off the course record down mountains and rivers, the people behind us again met him, he could make for.”
Look Wang Gan’s appearance just now, he obviously can use Broken Mountain River to solve Kudo Taka at the beginning of the gambling.
But he did not.
He did this for only one reason, and that was to keep the broken mountains and rivers to deal with the people behind.
But unexpectedly, Taka Kudo forced him to the point where he had to.
“We won, Brother Wang, we won!” As soon as Wang Gan stepped down, many warriors from the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce surrounded them with emotion.
But Wang Gan didn’t say a word. The next second, he suddenly spit out a large mouthful of blood, and then fell back uncontrollably.
“Brother Wang!”
Everyone was shocked and hurried to help.
Chen Feng stepped out before everyone else, came to Wang Qian, and stabilized Wang Gan’s figure.
“Brother Wang, what’s the matter with you?” Yu Wenqian’s anxious eyes were red, but Wang Gan closed his eyes tightly and said nothing.
“Take him back first.” Chen Feng glanced at everyone and said in a deep voice.
In order to prevent accidents in this gambling battle, the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce brought a professional accompanying medical team long before the departure.
So soon after returning to the villa area, Wang Qian’s condition was diagnosed.
“Doctor Liao, how is Wang Gan with him?” Chu Yifei asked.
“Mr. Wang’s current condition is a bit serious. The trauma he suffered is the second, not serious. The more serious one is his internal organs.”
“His internal organs have been damaged to varying degrees. If these injuries are not dealt with anymore, they may endanger his life.” Dr. Liao said calmly. The body structure of the martial artist and the ordinary person is still the same, the difference is only the physical and the martial artist. The internal organs will be stronger than ordinary people.
“Then let him take care of it immediately.” Chu Yifei made a decisive decision. Wang Qian was the central master of Jianzong, and he could never do anything.
“Mr. Chu, Mr. Wang’s injury has to be rushed back to China to be treated. There is no professional medical equipment here.” Dr. Liao said helplessly. They are Western medicine, not Chinese medicine. Western medicine treats diseases and is extremely dependent on medical equipment. Without some professional medical equipment, their level cannot be fully utilized.
“Okay, I will contact the helicopter now and let the helicopter take you back to China…”
“Brother Chu, I won’t go back.” At this time, Wang Gan opened his eyes, his voice was weak, but his tone was extremely firm.

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