Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 530

“You must go back!” Chu Yifei glanced at Wang Gan, and said solemnly: “You are the strongest genius of Jianzong in a century. You bear the hope of Zhongxing Jianzong. I will never allow you to do anything.”
Wang Gan’s expression changed: “Brother Chu, I can fight again…”
“What? Fighting for life?” Chu Yifei interrupted Wang Gan and said, “Wang Gan, you have done well enough. Now, let’s leave the next gambling fight to others.”
“Brother Chu, the others will not be their opponents…” Wang Qian’s tone was a little helpless, and he had to say that this time the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce The ten warriors who played in the battle, all of them were extremely powerful, and none of them was weak.
On the other hand, the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce has a somewhat uneven level of strength.
From Hu Qixing to Yang Xianming, then to Zhang Tianyu, and finally to him, there are almost several grades.
Chu Yifei sighed: “Wang Gan, I won’t hide it from you anymore. In fact, in addition to you, we have another assassin in this gambling battle.”
“There is another assassin?” Wang Dry eyes lit up.
“Not bad.” Chu Yifei nodded.
“Is that the casual martial artist?” Wang Gan asked.
“You know?” Chu Yifei was a little surprised.
“I guess.” Wang roads, although Chen Feng is one of the most humble in the crowd, but his intuition was telling him, Chen Feng definitely do not want to look so simple on the surface,
“he really is.”
“He His identity is quite special and cannot be known to too many people, so I didn’t tell any of you about it.” Chu Yifei said straightforwardly.
“Brother Chu doesn’t need to explain, I understand.” Wang Gan said sternly, “Brother Chu, what is the strength of that casual martial artist? Compared with me, which one is stronger and weaker?”
At this moment, Wang Gan’s most curious is that of Chen Feng’s. strength.
“Compared with you?” Chu Yifei glanced at Wang Gan and said with a smile: “He and you should be between Bo Zhong.”
“Both Bo Zhong?” Wang Gan was a little unconvinced, although Chen Feng had never revealed his true identity. However, in his opinion, Chen Feng’s strength is weaker than he should be, but Chu Yifei said that Chen Feng is between him.
“Wang Gan, I know you are not convinced, but Chen Feng’s strength is definitely better than you think.”
“A few days ago, a saint disciple of the sword in the middle of the dark Jin assassinated him, and he gave him a second move. ”
Chu Yifei smiled. It is normal for a genius like Wang Gan to be arrogant and arrogant. Only geniuses of the same level as them, Chen Feng, are not qualified.
“One move in a second?!”
Wang Gan couldn’t help being surprised when he heard Chu Yifei’s words.
The saint disciple of the sword in the middle of the dark, and the short youth before him are already a level master.
Such a master, even if he is dealing with it, will be very difficult, but
Chen Feng, even one move can give a second!
If it is really like what Chu Yifei said, then Chen Feng’s strength is compared with him, I am afraid it is not between the first and the second, but crushed!
“Brother Chu, I won’t leave now.” Wang Gan said suddenly.
“You won’t leave?!” Chu Yifei was anxious. The reason he said so much was to make Wang Gan leave without worry, but now Wang Gan listened to him and didn’t leave. Where did this go? problem.
“Well, don’t go anymore, I have to wait until the gambling fight is over before leaving.” Wang Gan said lightly.
“Brother Chu, don’t worry, I won’t take part in the gambling fight tomorrow.” Wang Gan interrupted with a smile as he seemed to know what Chu Yifei was going to say. The reason why he stayed here was naturally to watch Chen Feng take action.
He was curious whether Chen Feng was really as strong as Chu Yifei said.
Chu Yifei sighed. He only tried to persuade Wang Gan to leave, but he forgot that Wang Gan was also a competitive master. A genius like Wang Gan heard that there was someone more talented than himself. People exist, how can they not see Lie Xinxi?
“If you don’t leave, you won’t go.”
“Doctor Liao, take good care of Wang Gan. He must have nothing to do.” Chu Yifei said. Although Wang Gan’s injuries are serious, he is a martial artist after all. It’s going on, so it doesn’t have to be left today.
“President Chu, don’t worry, I will take care of Mr. Wang.” After receiving the assurance from Doctor Liao, Chu Yifei turned around and left.
On the other side, in the temporary meeting room, everyone in the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce had a sad expression on their faces.
“Senior Brother Wang is obviously out of the game, what should I do for tomorrow’s gambling fight?”
“Senior Brother Wang is out of the game, aren’t we still there?” Yu Wenqian gave the person who spoke dissatisfiedly, and Wang Gan lost four straight. People have already won a huge advantage for the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce. Now both China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and Qianshui Chamber of Commerce have only four players left, which means they have the same starting point.
“Junior Sister Yuwen, it’s not that I help others and destroy my morale. The strength of the warriors in the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is generally stronger than us.”
“Of the remaining four of them, there are at least two of them like Tengxiu Sakai. Level of the hidden warriors, these warriors can do one out of four…”
“Do you mean that we directly admit defeat?!” Yu Wenqian said angrily.
The man was said to be blushing: “I… I didn’t mean that, I just told the truth.”
“Okay, stop arguing, there will be four gambling fights tomorrow. Whoever will be the winner is not necessarily the case.” Chen Feng said lightly. For tomorrow’s gambling fight, Yu Wenqian will be the first to play, and he will be the second.
Regardless of whether Yu Wenqian wins or loses, he will try his best to win the gambling fight.
As for the ninth and tenth players behind him…the two should come to travel.
“What you said is easy. What if tomorrow’s gambling match is lost?” Yu Wenqian said with some dissatisfaction. It’s time for Chen Feng to be so calm, without any anxiety, he Didn’t he take this gambling battle seriously?
“With me, I won’t lose in the gambling fight tomorrow.” Chen Feng smiled. He dared to say this, and he naturally had the confidence to say it. Among all the twenty players who participated in this gambling fight, he was the only one. One person broke through to the early stage of Huajin.
Even if there were no such people as Wang Qian and Zhang Tianyu, he alone would be enough to sweep the ten warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
There is a world of difference between the late stage of Anjin and the early stage of Huajin.
Moreover, there are many warriors in the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, and they have not even reached the late stage of Anjin.
“Huh, bragging.” Yu Wenqian curled her lips. She didn’t even believe the punctuation marks of Chen Feng’s words.
In fact, she was ready to lose the gambling fight.
In other words, not only her, everyone else is ready to lose the gambling fight.
After Wang Gan’s defeat, the hearts and minds of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce completely dispersed.
“Blame me for being so useless. If only I could defeat one person in the first place.” Yang Xianming on the side couldn’t help sighing. As a disciple of the gossip sect master, he came to power this time, but he didn’t use it at all. The man chopped off an arm.

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