Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 531

“Senior Brother Yang, don’t blame yourself, you’ve done a good job.” Yu Wenqian moved her lips to comfort.
At this time, Chen Feng’s cell phone rang.
It is Wang Hongyi.
“Xiaofeng, I will leave Melai Island tomorrow. Do you have time tonight? If you have time, let’s have a meal together.”
“I have time, Uncle Wang, where are you?”
“I’m here Donglutan, Shiyuan and Shiping are also here.”
“Okay, I’ll come over in a while.” After hanging up the phone, Chen Feng glanced at a few people and said, “I have something to do. I have to go out first.
” Where to go?” Hu Qixing frowned.
“What are you going to do at Donglutan? You will also participate in the gambling fight tomorrow. At this time, you should take good care of your health, prepare for the battle, and strive to play a role in the gambling fight tomorrow…”
Hu Qixing said With a reprimanding tone, before he finished speaking, Chen Feng frowned and interrupted him: “Hu Qixing, where I am going, it seems to have nothing to do with you.”
“Chen Feng, what do you mean? What do you mean with me? It’s okay?” Hu Qixing’s face became ugly, “I say this for your own good, can’t you tell me? You are a casual martial artist, and your strength is weaker than us. At this time, what you should do is meditate. Instead of going out to hang out, have you taken this gambling fight seriously?”
Hu Qixing asked sharply, as if standing at the highest point of morality.
Chen Feng sneered: “Hu Qixing, I’m not sure about my business, you bother, you can take care of yourself!”
After speaking, Chen Feng went out without looking back.
Hu Qixing behind him was already pale.
“This rubbish, don’t take gambling seriously!”
” Junior Brother Chen probably saw that victory was hopeless, and then let go.” Someone sighed, although they also felt that Chen Feng was not appropriate to go out at this time, but they His reaction was not as intense as Hu Qixing.
Hu Qixing’s matter is just an episode.
At this time, Chen Feng had arrived at Donglu Beach.
Wang Hongyi and Peng Yanfang stood together, while Wang Shiyuan and Li Shiping were in another position.
Seeing Chen Feng, only Wang Hongyi walked up with a smile on his face: “Xiaofeng, you can count it.”
“Uncle Wang.” Chen Feng smiled slightly, then glanced at Peng Yanfang again, and found that Peng Yanfang was expressionless. Feng also lost the interest in greeting Peng Yanfang. He didn’t have the habit of putting a hot face on a cold buttocks.
“Xiaofeng, let’s go over, I have already ordered the dishes.” Wang Hongyi smiled.
“Well, good.”
Chen Feng nodded, and a few people walked into a restaurant.
Since Wang Hongyi ordered the food in advance, soon after a few people entered the box, a sexy waiter started serving the food.
Lobster, abalone… all kinds of seafood dishes are different.
The color, fragrance and taste are complete.
While serving, Wang Shiyuan looked at the table coldly and said nothing.
Li Shiping would look at Chen Feng from time to time, acting a bit like sitting on pins and needles.
“Xiaofeng, eat.” At this time, Wang Hongyi smiled and picked up his chopsticks.
Chen Feng nodded, not the strangeness between Wang Shiyuan and Li Shiping, but directly started eating.
After running around for a day today, he is also a little hungry.
“Xiaofeng, when do you plan to go back?” Wang Hongyi asked suddenly while he was eating.
Chen Feng put down his chopsticks and said: “If it goes well, I will return the day after tomorrow.”
“The day after tomorrow?”
“If the day after tomorrow, we may not be able to return together. Yanfang and I have booked the cruise tickets for tomorrow.” Wang Hongyi said with some regret. .
Chen Feng smiled and was about to open his mouth. At this moment, Li Shiping on the side picked up his wine glass, looked at Chen Feng, and said with a grin: “Come on, Chen Feng, I will toast you a glass.”
Chen Feng was a little surprised, but Still picked up the wine glass and touched Li Shiping.
After clinking the glasses, Li Shiping raised his neck and drank the red wine in the glass. boom.
Down the glass, Li Shiping’s looking a little red, he looked at Chen Feng, said: “Chen Feng, I did not know before, resulting in between us, and some holidays.” “I hope you see this glass of wine on the part today, can Give me a chance to change again and write off my previous grievances.” Is
Li Shiping admitting his mistakes?
Chen Feng’s expression was a little weird, but he didn’t expect that Li Shiping would make such an appearance.
After shook his head, Chen Feng held up the wine glass: “Let him pass the past, don’t mention it again.” The implication was revealed.
Seeing Chen Feng drank the red wine in his mouth, Li Shiping’s expression suddenly became a little complicated: “Thank you.”
“No.” Chen Feng shook his head. In fact, there is no big grudge between him and Li Shiping, and now he can drink. It’s also good to release your grievances.
After receiving Chen Feng’s forgiveness, Li Shiping obviously let go a lot, no longer sitting on pins and needles like before.
He kept toasting Chen Feng and Wang Hongyi.
This scene fell into Peng Yanfang’s eyes, and Peng Yanfang couldn’t help it.
She didn’t expect that the best son-in-law candidate she once liked was now so humble in front of a hillbilly who she didn’t like.
Peng Yanfang sighed and was about to pour herself a glass of wine, but as soon as she touched the red wine bottle with her hand, she felt a sense of dizziness in her mind.
Peng Yanfang shook her head vigorously, and said, “Hongyi, how do I feel…a little dizzy?”
Wang Hongyi glanced at Peng Yanfang in surprise, and was about to open his mouth. At this moment, Li Shiping was directly facing. He fell face down on the table.
Immediately afterwards, Wang Shiyuan and Peng Yanfang also rolled their eyes and fainted at the table.
Seeing this scene, Wang Hongyi was suddenly shocked: “Yanfang, Shiyuan, what’s wrong with you?!”
“I’m afraid this dish has been drugged.” Chen Feng’s expression was a bit ugly. At this moment, he also felt the deepening of his mind. A touch of dizziness came.
However, after all, he is a martial artist, so he won’t faint immediately.
“The medicine is on?!” Wang Hongyi couldn’t help but pale, “Who did it? Why did you take the medicine?”
Bang! As soon as Wang Hongyi finished speaking, the door was kicked open.
Six men in black with grimace masks entered menacingly.
As soon as the six people entered the door, their eyes locked on Chen Feng.
Chen Feng took a deep breath. At this moment, he wouldn’t ask a few stupid questions about who sent it.
He knew that these people were rushing to kill him.
Because the murderous aura in them has almost turned into substance.
As soon as Chen Feng’s thought of “swish” fell, the six men in black all shot together.
In an instant, various weapons enveloped Chen Feng in all directions, driving Chen Feng to a blind spot.
“Be careful!”
Wang Hongyi reminded loudly behind him.
With a cold snort, Chen Feng lifted the dining table directly and slammed it at the six.
“Wow!” The headed man in black with a sword split the dining table open.

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