Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 532

Approaching Chen Feng in an instant!
Chen Feng’s complexion changed, judging from the energy escaping from these six people, these six people turned out to be the mid-stage dark energy!
In the middle of the six dark powers, just to kill himself, this hand is big enough.
“Uncle Wang, protect yourself.”
Chen Feng said in a deep voice without looking back. At this moment, he could clearly feel that the toxins in his body began to spread, and the result of the spread of the toxins was slow energy.
Originally, he had the strength of the early stage of Huajin, but at this time, he could show less than half of it.
This kind of strength is very difficult to deal with in the middle of the six dark powers.
Therefore, he could not estimate Wang Hongyi.
“Xiaofeng, don’t care about me, run!” Wang Hongyi shouted. run?
Chen Feng shook his head in his heart. He hadn’t even thought about running. The six people had already blocked the way out, and he had nowhere to run.
Moreover, even if he can run, he cannot run.
Wang Hongyi and Peng Yanfang are still here. If he runs away, they will definitely be killed by this line of black men.
When the thought fell, Chen Feng greeted him with a fist.
The horrible energy erupted in the small box, and the wall was shaken open.
A few people took action so hard that they couldn’t wait to put Chen Feng to death.
The headed man in black stabbed out a long sword.
Chen Feng had no time to dodge, so he could only block with his arms.
There was a “swish”.
Chen Feng’s arm was cut, and wisps of blood sputtered out.
Even worse, the toxins in the body started a second outbreak.
His hands and feet began to become weak.
“I thought you were so tricky, but who knows how vulnerable you are.”
Seeing that he injured Chen Feng so easily, the man in black immediately became a little proud.
“Are you from Huaxia?”
Chen Feng was a little surprised at this time. Originally he thought these people were sent by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, but after the black man opened his mouth, he was a little bit unsure.
From the voice of the man in black, he heard a mellow Chinese accent!
This person must be a native Chinese.
“Does it make sense to say this now? You are already a mortal.”
The man in black sneered at the head, making no secret of his killing intent on Chen Feng.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “I have to let me die and understand.”
“Want to die and understand?”
“Okay, let me tell you, we are from Huaxia!” The man in black said alms.
“Why did you kill me?” Chen Feng asked suddenly.
“Why?” The man in black sneered: “Boy, you have a lot of problems, don’t think I can’t see it, you are delaying time.”
Chen’s face changed slightly, the man in black is smarter than he thought. , Even he can see the delay.
“Since you can see that I’m delaying time, why don’t you do it?” Chen Feng asked in a deep voice.
“Hahaha, why don’t you do it yet?”
“Because we have to delay time.”
“Do you feel that you have no strength at all.”
The grimace man in black laughed, his tone full of triumph.
Chen Feng’s expression changed again. Indeed, the speed of the spread of toxins in his body was happier again.
Originally, he planned to use the delayed time to expel the toxins from the body, but he did not expect that this toxin, like the nemesis of strength, would be melted as soon as it encountered it.
“Okay, let him go on the road.”
The man in black waved his hand, his tone a little dull, as if he had lost his interest in playing Chen Feng.
As soon as he finished speaking, two men in black walked towards Chen Feng with grinning smiles behind him.
In the eyes of these two men in black, Chen Feng at this moment is the lamb to be slaughtered.
It can even be said that Chen Feng is not even as good as the lamb to be slaughtered, because the lamb will rebel before death, but Chen Feng, who has been hit by three times the dose of Ecstasy, cannot even move his fingers at this moment.
The two came to Chen Feng, swung their swords and slashed.
At this moment, Chen Feng sighed suddenly.
This sighing sound entered the ears of the two of them, immediately making them inexplicably alert, and subconsciously speeding up the sword swing.
“Bang!” The response to the two of them was two fierce gun punches.
In the next second, the two of them collapsed in their chests, vomiting blood and flew out, hitting the wall of the box, and the strong impact smashed the wall of the box into two cobweb-like cracks.
“Hiss!” The remaining four men in black all took a breath, and for the first time there was a panic in their eyes.
“You are not poisoned?!” The headed man in black looked at Chen Feng with wide eyes, his eyes full of incredible.
Chen Feng sneered, poison, of course he was hit!
But his realm is in the early stage of turning energies!
It’s not the late Dark Jin that a few people thought!
Although the toxins used by several people are overbearing, it is still a long way to go if you want him to lose the resistance of this powerful martial artist!
As for the previous weak appearance, he naturally pretended to show it to a few people. He wanted to know who sent them.
But what he didn’t expect was that the voices of several people were very strict, and even at the point where they would kill him, none of them had revealed any useful information.
But he didn’t get nothing at all. The two people who were blown away by his two punches before were his gains.
If he hadn’t acted that weak look, the two would never walk in front of him like this and expose his weakness to him.
“Come on together and solve him quickly!” The black-clothed man’s eyes were a little surprised, and now things were completely beyond his control.
If Chen Feng is not resolved, things will inevitably change.
As soon as the black-clothed man’s voice fell, the four gathered up.
Chen Feng took a step forward, his body surged wildly.
His fists blasted like cannonballs and fought with the four.
Under the influence of toxins, Chen Feng’s strength in the early stage of Huajin could not be fully utilized.
At this moment, Chen Feng’s strength can only reach the late stage of Anjin.
In the late stage of the dark power, dealing with the four mid stages of the dark power was still a bit difficult.
However, it is just hard work.
Soon, Chen Feng took the upper point.
The four men in black were beaten by Chen Feng and coughed up blood.
At this time, one of the men in black suddenly rushed towards Wang Hongyi, seeming to want to threaten Chen Feng with Wang Hongyi.
“court death!”
Chen Feng’s face was cold, and he took a step forward, wanting to rescue him.
But the other three people in black surrounded them.
“You…what are you doing?!”
Seeing the man in black rushing over, Wang Hongyi took two steps back in fear.
Immediately, he picked up the wine bottle on the table and threw it at the man in black.
“Bang” the wine bottle shattered, but it did not stop the man in black at all.
He grabbed Wang Hongyi’s collar directly, and then, like a chicken, pinched Wang Hongyi’s neck and lifted Wang Hongyi up.
At the same time, he looked at Chen Feng with a grin: “Stop! If you dare to move again, he will die!”

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