Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 533

“Let go of him!”
Chen Feng’s face was extremely cold, he was negligent, in fact, he should have expected that the man in black would hit Wang Hongyi’s attention.
“Let go?” The grimace man in black sneered: “Let him go, will we still have a way to survive?”
“As long as you let him go, I will definitely let you go, I will never break my word!”
Chen Feng said coldly. These people in black are very smart. They didn’t threaten Wang Hongyi’s life to give up resistance, because they knew they would never be like that.
However, if they take Wang Hongyi’s life and replace them, it will be feasible.
“Hmph, it’s better than singing, who knows what you will do after I let him go.” The man in black snorted coldly, he didn’t trust Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was too cunning. Either he hid his strength, or he was not poisoned at all from the beginning.
Either way, it will endanger their lives.
“Then what do you want to do?”
“Let’s take him away. You keep 20 meters away from us. When we get a suitable seat, we will let him go.” The man in black looked at Chen Feng and said, 20 meters, yes A relatively safe distance, this distance, Chen Feng wants to cross, at least two or three seconds.
Two or three seconds were enough for them to react and kill Wang Hongyi.
Chen Feng nodded and agreed. At this moment, Wang Hongyi was in their hands, and he had to agree.
“Stand don’t move!”
Several people glanced at Chen Feng vigilantly, and then began to walk outside the door.
During this period, the headed man in black kept staring at Chen Feng, with his hand resting on Wang Hongyi’s neck. As long as Chen Feng made a little movement, he would break Wang Hongyi’s neck.
After leaving the box, several people came to the lobby of the restaurant.
At this time, the hall was empty.
All the waiters fell to the ground, recklessly.
Chen Feng did not rush forward, he has always kept a distance of 20 meters from several people.
Finally, several people walked out of the restaurant.
However, Wang Hongyi in his hand did not mean to let go.
“Now can you let go of Uncle Wang?” Chen Feng said with a gloomy expression while standing in the dining room. He maintained the distance of twenty meters.
Now is the best time for a few people to let go of Wang Hongyi.
” It’s okay .” The man in black sneered at the head, “You are still acquainted!” “This person, here you are, you are ready!” After the words fell, Wang Hongyi was thrown into the air.
Chen Feng’s face became cold, and he immediately jumped up and caught Wang Hongyi from mid-air.
” Uncle Wang, you’re all right…” After landing steadily, Chen Feng was about to ask Wang Hongyi if there was anything wrong. At this time, an inexplicable sense of crisis appeared in Chen Feng’s heart.
The next second, a dagger pierced into Chen Feng’s body.
“Uncle Wang, you…”
Chen Feng’s face was unbelievable. At this moment, Wang Hongyi in front of him made him extremely strange.
“I’m sorry, Xiaofeng.”
Wang Hongyi’s expression was a little complicated, and the dagger that pierced Chen Feng’s body was stabbed a little deeper.
“I should have thought of it long ago.” Chen Feng sighed. In fact, when the few men in black took Wang Hongyi out, he should have thought that Wang Hongyi had a problem.
Wang Hongyi moved the food and wine on the table.
But Wang Hongyi did not faint.
Wang Shiyuan, Li Shiping, and Peng Yanfang all fainted.
This is unreasonable.
“Xiaofeng, do you know? Actually I didn’t want to shoot, but you are really too strong.”
“Even if you are poisoned, all six of them can’t help you.”
Wang Hongyi looked at Chen Feng with extremely complicated expressions. .
The poison was given by him.
But in the original plan, he didn’t have this item.
He felt that the mid-stage six dark powers were enough to solve Chen Feng.
But Chen Feng’s true strength surpassed his imagination.
It’s not the late stage of dark power.
Rather, in the early stage of Huajin!
He had to shoot.
“Is it
Qianshui Chamber of Commerce?” Chen Feng raised his head and asked. At this moment, he just wanted to know whether Wang Hongyi was sent by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
“You are very smart.”
Wang Hongyi glanced at Chen Feng. His words were equivalent to an admission in disguise.
“Five years ago, the ghost in the war alliance was also you?”
Chen Feng’s expression was complicated. There was a ghost in the war alliance. Five years ago, the ghost helped the warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce sneak into the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce. The president conducts an assassination.
Later, the assassin was resolved by the Zhanmeng, but the inner ghost and the Zhanmeng have never been found out.
Before coming to Melai Island this time, Shi Pojun reminded him that the ghost in the war alliance five years ago might also come to Melai Island and asked him to be careful, but he was still careless.
“Do you also know about the war alliance ?” Wang Hongyi was a little surprised. He nodded and said: “Yes, I am the ghost in the war alliance you said.”
“Why betrayed?”
Chen Feng asked weakly. Dao, at this moment, he can already clearly feel that the blood loss in the body is accelerating.
Wang Hongyi’s dagger was poisoned.
This poisonous toxin is a bit stronger than what was just in the food.
Wang Hongyi glanced at Chen Feng, then shook his head: “There is no why.”
“If you insist on saying an answer, it is that the Japanese gave me wealth and status so that I don’t have to suffer anymore. The threat of the Wang family …” Chen Feng nodded slightly. Wang Hongyi’s trading company has risen quickly. In less than five years, he has gone from penniless to today’s billionaire.
Now it seems that the rise of his trading company is inseparable from the help of the Japanese.
“Come out, Huang Lao San.”
Chen Feng sighed. Since Wang Hongyi has betrayed, it is useless to say more.
” Laosan Huang?! Did you bring someone?” Wang Hongyi couldn’t help being surprised when he heard Chen Feng’s words.
As soon as his voice fell, a palm print made from the faint energy of strength fell from the sky.
Seeing this palm print transformed from qi, Wang Hongyi’s pupils immediately tightened: “Master of Martial Arts?!”
“Bang” without any chance of reaction, Wang Hongyi was directly slapped flying with a palm.
“Little boy, if I come a few minutes later, you will lose your life.”
Huang Lao San smiled and walked out of the darkness.
“Have the four resolved?” Chen Feng glanced at Huang Lao San, and asked with a wry smile.
“It’s resolved.”
Huang Laosan nodded, and then glanced at Wang Hongyi: “What should he do?”
“First hand him to Brother Chu, and then let the Zhanmeng take him back.”
Chen Feng looked somewhat emotional . It is complicated. He has always regarded Wang Hongyi as his elder, but who knows, Wang Hongyi is a traitor.
Seeing Huang Laosan appeared, Wang Hongyi’s heart was already cold. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to be accompanied by a martial arts master.
After taking a deep breath, Wang Hongyi looked at Chen Feng and said in a deep voice:
“Xiaofeng, I did the poisoning. It has nothing to do with Yanfang and Shiyuan. They don’t know, please let them go.”

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