Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 534

“They know whether they know it or not, I said nothing, and Zhanmeng said it.”
Chen Feng shook his head. Peng Yanfang probably did not know about it. In order to remove his suspicion, Wang Hongyi deliberately gave Peng Yanfang and Wang Shiyuan. Also poisoned.
If he was killed by those six personalities in the box, then Wang Hongyi would also be poisoned. In the end, even if the elders came to investigate, Wang Hongyi would not be found on his head. At most, he would just doubt it.
A few minutes ago, Huang Laosan notified Chu Yifei.
So soon after Huang Laosan arrived at the scene, Chu Yifei and everyone from Wumeng rushed over.
Among the Wumeng people, the leader is naturally Guan Nantian.
At this time, Guan Nantian’s expression was a bit ugly. He thought that there would be nothing wrong with the gambling fight, but who knew that on the last day of the gambling fight, someone dared to assassinate the players participating in the gambling fight.
“Chen Feng, how are you doing?”
As soon as he arrived at the scene, Chu Yifei came to Chen Feng with a worried expression on his face.
“I’m fine, Brother Chu.” Chen Feng shook his head. It was Wang Hongyi’s dagger that caused the most damage to him. However, although the damage caused by the dagger was great, it did not endanger his life.
“Did the grandsons of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce do it?” After taking a look at the battle remains in the restaurant, Chu Yifei’s voice suddenly fell cold.
“It’s them.” Chen Feng nodded gently.
Chu Yifei’s face was angrily: “These shameless people! I’ll go to them to settle the accounts!”
“Brother Chu, you will find them, they won’t admit it.”
Chen Feng stopped Chu Yifei with a wry smile, “They Before doing anything, I had completely destroyed all the evidence pointing to them. If I guessed correctly, the six assassins who assassinated me were all Chinese.”
As Chen Feng was talking, someone tremblingly brought six corpses with grimace masks to Guan Nantian: “Elder Guan, they are all here.”
Guan Nantian snorted coldly, and slammed six vigorously together, bringing the six masks together. Qi shattered.
As expected by Chen Feng, the six faces under the mask are all typical Chinese faces.
Seeing these six faces, Guan Nantian’s expression became colder and colder: “Check their identities!”
“Yes, Elder Guan.”
A Wu League officer replied respectfully. Soon, someone took out their mobile phone and ordered the six people. I took a photo of his face and posted it to the official website of the Wumeng League, where they began to compare them one by one.
As the supreme supervisory agency of the Chinese martial arts community, the Wumeng had its own surveillance network more than ten years ago. All warriors who have shown their faces in the Chinese martial arts have been recorded by the Wumeng.
The six people in front of them are naturally no exception.
When the officer checked the identities of the six people, many people turned their eyes to Chen Feng, and their eyes were more or less strange.
Judging from the battle fluctuations at the scene, the realm of these six assassins was at least the early stage of Anjin.
In the early six dark days, Chen Feng was assassinated and Chen Feng survived.
How did he do that?
“Elder Guan, I found it out.” The
Wu League officer was very efficient. In less than three minutes, all the information about the six corpses on the ground was found.
Guan Nantian said solemnly.
“These six people were named Zhou Yi and Duan Hong… They were originally disciples of the three martial sects in Sichuan and Shu. Later they were expelled from the mountain gate for violating the rules of the three sects.”
“Three years ago, these six people came together and supported a company in the secular world. In order to expand the scale of the company, the six people used coercive and lure methods to embezzle the assets of many competitors, and even several competitors were These six people broke their families and died.” “This incident attracted the attention of the Wumeng.”
“Two years ago, Elder Li of the Nanyang Wumeng sent a few officers to arrest these six people, but somebody leaked them out in advance for some reason. After receiving the news, in the end, these six people fled Huaxia by boat overnight…”
“How did they appear here?!” Guan Nantian asked with a cold face.
“This… hasn’t been found out yet.” The Wu League officer glanced at Guan Nan Tian with some embarrassment. Although the Wu League is extremely powerful, its power is limited to China.
Outside of China, it will not be under the control of the Wumeng.
“Elder Guan, this was done by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.” At this moment, Chu Yifei said in a deep voice.
Guan Nantian glanced at Chu Yifei: “Is there evidence?”
“This person is the evidence. He was sent by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.” Chu Yifei pointed at Wang Hongyi.
Guan Nantian turned his gaze to Wang Hongyi.
Faced with the terrifying gaze of the martial arts master in Guan Nantian’s later period, Wang Hongyi was not afraid.
“I do not know what one thousand water Chamber of Commerce, I’m just a broker, someone gave me a large sum of money, so I gave him poison, after completing drug case, there will be a special shot of the killer responsible for the follow-up matters.”
“As for the six I don’t know a killer.” Wang Hongyi glanced at the six corpses on the ground and said coldly.
Seeing Wang Hongyi made it clear that he could not tell the truth, Guan Nantian frowned.
After a while, he said coldly: “Take him down and interrogate him severely.”
“Yes, Elder Guan.”
Several Wu League officers respectfully responded, and immediately, Wang Hongyi was taken away by a few people with a calm expression.
Chu Yifei opened his mouth. He wanted to say something, but when the words came to his lips, he swallowed back abruptly.
Regardless of Nantian’s old gaze, he could see that this incident had something to do with the Qianshui Merchant, but there was no evidence that everything was in vain.
As for pushing Wang Hongyi out, saying that Wang Hongyi was sent by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce… Qianshui
Chamber of Commerce would not recognize it at all. Maybe they would take a bite back, saying that this matter was directed and performed by the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce in order to give Qian The Water Chamber of Commerce spills dirty water.
“Today’s matter is the old man’s dereliction of duty.” After a moment of silence, Guan Nantian said in a deep voice. His words were naturally addressed to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng hurriedly bowed and said, “Elder Guan is serious. Today’s matter is mainly due to my carelessness, and it has nothing to do with Elder Guan.”
Guan Nantian waved his hand: “Old man is not the kind of person who shuns dodges. It’s the old man’s responsibility, and the old man will recognize it.”
“Before the gambling between the two chambers of commerce, the General League had already guessed that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce had done something. Therefore, they condemned the old man to come over and sit on the scene to protect you “But the old man did not expect that the people from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce would dare to do something under the old man’s eyelids!” At this point, Guan Nantian couldn’t help but snorted, and the air in the audience showed signs of condensation.
“This matter, the old man will give you an explanation sooner or later.”
“This is a detoxification pill. This pill can detoxify all the poisons in the world. No matter what poison the assassins use, this pill can be solved. You can swallow this pill. Next.” Guan Nantian said, a white pill suddenly appeared in his hand.
Behind him, many Wu League officers looked envious, and Guan Nantian actually gave Chen Feng the magical medicine of detoxification pill.

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