Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 536

After sending Zhang Tianyu and others back, Chen Feng returned to his bedroom to practice. During the period, Chu Yifei wanted to find a few doctors to help Chen Feng treat his wounds, but Chen Feng refused.
He is a Jin Wu practitioner, and the energy in the Jin Wu practitioner can completely heal his wounds.
These doctors couldn’t help him at all.
Moreover, he also swallowed Guan Nantian’s Jiedu Pill, the effect of that Jiedu Pill was a hundred times stronger than the doctor.
On the other side, shortly after Chen Feng returned to the villa area.
Miyamoto Yuichi and many high-level members of the Sensui Chamber of Commerce appeared in a living room.
The lights in the living room are a bit dim, so you can’t see the expressions of everyone, but everyone in the living room can obviously feel the depression of the atmosphere in the living room. squeak.
At this time, the door of the meeting room was pushed open.
Miyamoto walked in with a gloomy expression.
After walking to the first place in front of Miyamoto Hanzo, Yuichi Miyamoto bowed his body respectfully: “Father.”
“How is the situation?” Miyamoto Hanzo’s tone was very calm, but anyone could feel it, his tone was calm. Anxiety hidden.
“Dead.” Miyamoto took a careful look at Hanzo Miyamoto.
“Who is dead?”
“The person we sent out is dead.” Miyamoto said bitterly.
“The person we sent to beg is dead?!” Miyamoto Hanzo was furious.
“What’s the matter? The six mid-stage dark powers, even a poisoned mid-day dark power can’t deal with it?!”
“Father, I don’t know what’s going on.
Guan Nantian arrived when I was going to let people investigate.” “I suspect that the six of them were killed when Guan Nantian arrived…” Miyamoto said helplessly. .
Miyamoto Hanzo’s tone stagnated, Guan Nantian, deputy leader of the China Sea Wu League, China’s top martial arts master, and a peerless powerhouse ranked 18th in the gods list.
Although his realm was in the late Shangren period, when converted to Huaxia’s martial arts system, he was in the same realm as Guan Nantian, but in terms of real strength, he was far behind Guan Nantian.
In terms of ranking alone, he is more than 30 places behind Guan Nantian. Guan Nantian ranks 18th in the world and he ranks 56th in the world.
This is the gap.
“How is Chen Feng’s current situation?” After taking a deep breath, Miyamoto Hanzo asked in a deep voice.
“I heard people say that the injury is serious.” The injury is serious?
Miyamoto Hanzo breathed a sigh of relief. It would be good if the injury was serious. If he paid such a high price and didn’t hurt the other party’s hair, then he would be a little overwhelmed.
“Will you find us?” Miyamoto Hanzo asked again.
“No, I’ve broken the tail clean. Even if Wang Hongyi testifies against us, we can say that they slandered.” Miyamoto said together.
“President, this person is a child of the Chen family, and his relationship with the Chen family is unclear. It would be okay if we killed him this time, but if we didn’t kill him, will the Chen family trouble us?”
Someone looked worriedly He glanced at Miyamoto Hanzo and asked. After Matsushima Kaede reported Chen Feng’s information, Miyamoto Hanzo formulated a plan to kill Chen Feng. At that time, Miyamoto Hanzo said that Chen Feng was the biggest killer of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce. To win the gambling battle, Chen Feng must die.
Although they felt that killing Chen Feng, a child of the Chen family, would take a great risk, they had no choice in order to win the gambling battle.
Now that the plan fails, we must consider the consequences of the failure of the plan.
“The Chen family will not trouble you. If they really trouble you, we will not sit back and watch.” At this time, Watanabe Taiichi, who had been silent for a long time, spoke lightly.
Hearing Watanabe Taichi’s words, the stones in everyone’s hearts finally fell.
Shenyin does not sit back and watch…
This shows that Watanabe Taichi represents Shenyin.
With God’s support, even if the Chen family makes trouble for them, they are not afraid.
“Tomorrow’s gambling fight, will this person play?” Miyamoto Hanzo asked. What he cares most about now is the gambling fight. There are four players left in the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, and information about the other three players except Chen Feng. , He has already inquired clearly, those three people will not pose any threat to the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, and Chen Feng alone is a variable.
“It should…no.”
Miyamoto Yuichi hesitated and said.
“Huh, what shouldn’t it be? The answer I want to confirm!” Miyamoto Hanzo said displeased.
“Father…” Miyamoto gave a wry smile, a little helpless. Although Chen Feng was seriously injured, no one can guarantee that Chen Feng will not play tomorrow.
If you want to make sure that Chen Feng won’t play tomorrow, you have to assassinate Chen Feng again.
“Well, no matter whether he can get on or not, let the remaining four people take the Yin Yang Pill tomorrow.” Miyamoto Hanzo waved his hand and interrupted Miyamoto Yuichi.
By now, he has no retreat. If he can’t win the gambling battle, he will be questioned by the elders after returning to Japan.
“Yes, father.”
Yuichi Miyamoto bowed respectfully, letting the remaining four people swallow Yin-Yang Pills… I have to say that the price was too high, four lives, plus eight Yin-Yang Pills, converted into In the case of Chinese currency, it is worth more than 30 billion.
More than 30 billion, if you still can’t win Chen Feng…
Miyamoto shuddered, he didn’t dare to think about the next thing.
In a blink of an eye, the time came to the next day.
Perhaps because today is the last day of the gambling battle, the audience in the audience is obviously much larger than the previous two days.
Everyone’s expressions are very solemn, and today, the result of the gambling battle will be announced.
Once the winner is determined, the sky-high bets placed by the two chambers of commerce will be vested.
Everyone in the field understood that the 200 billion cash in the sky-high bets placed by the two major chambers of commerce was just a cover.
What is really valuable in this bet is the two treasures that should be one.
Those two treasures are the things that affect everyone’s hearts.
A few minutes later, people from the two chambers of commerce showed up.
Although Chen Feng walked among the people of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce in a not-so-noticeable position, many people still turned their attention to him.
Chen Feng’s face was expressionless and calm. Looking at the eyes of these people, he was obviously aware of the assassination incident last night.
At this moment, they will be curious about him, it is normal.
Many people in the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce also stared at Chen Feng. When they saw Chen Feng’s pale, almost white complexion, all of them were unanimously relieved.
His face was pale, which shows that Chen Feng’s injury last night has not recovered.
As long as the injury has not recovered, there will be more fights.
“Everyone, get ready, five minutes later, today’s gambling fight begins.” The middle-aged referee said loudly.
When his words fell, Yu Wenqian stepped out on the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
Today’s gambling battle, she was the first to play.

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