Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 537

Seeing Yu Wenqian’s eager expression and the fighting spirit in her beautiful eyes, Chen Feng couldn’t help but frown. Yu Wenqian’s strength is actually not strong. Today, she is the first to come on stage. Will kill.
After thinking of this, Chen Feng couldn’t help but say: “After taking the stage for a while, if it’s not the opponent’s opponent, just surrender…”
“What do you mean?! Do you despise me?!” Chen Feng was not finished yet. Yu Wenqian interrupted her angrily.
Looking at the indignant Yu Wenqian, Chen Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head: “I didn’t mean that, you think too much, I’m afraid you get hurt…”
Afraid of me getting hurt?
Yu Wenqian blushed, what does this guy mean by this, does he like himself?
Seeing Yu Wenqian’s red face, Chen Feng became even more speechless. There is no doubt that Yu Wenqian really thinks too much about it.
“Take care of yourself, this girl doesn’t need you to worry about it.” After a little bit, Yu Wenqian raised her neck proudly and went on stage.
The No. 7 contestant of Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is a short youth.
After seeing Yu Wenqian, the short young man licked his lips subconsciously, revealing an obscene color in his eyes.
“What to look at?!”
“Believe it or not, this girl dug out your eyes!”
Seeing the short young man looking at herself obscenely, Yu Wenqian suddenly became a little angry.
After a scream, Yu Wenqian started directly.
She danced in her long skirt, and the long sword in her hand also drew a graceful mark, cutting it towards the short youth.
The expression of the short young man was dreadful at first, and then he gave a grin, his feet slammed on the ground, and the whole person shot at Yu Wenqian like an arrow from a string.
In less than a second, the short youth appeared in front of Yu Wenqian.
After appearing in front of Yu Wenqian, the short young man slammed his fists towards the two stalwarts on Yu Wenqian’s chest.
Yu Wenqian’s complexion changed, as if she felt the fist style of a short young man, she hurried back, while backing, clenching her silver teeth and cursing: “Shameless!”
The short young man sneered, unmoved, and continued the previous offensive.
The strong wind raged on the stage, and the short young man’s iron fist seemed to be a series of gusts of wind and rain, forcing Yu Wenqian to back again.
In less than a minute, a thin layer of fragrant sweat came out on Yu Wenqian’s forehead.
“Trash, are you just this capable?”
At this moment , the short young man sneered and provoked.
These words immediately ignited all the anger in Yu Wenqian’s chest.
“I killed you!”
Yuwenqian bit her silver teeth, screaming and swinging her sword at the short youth.
This action of her immediately exposed her flaws.
The short young man sneered. He was really a big brainless idiot, so easily irritated by himself.
Taking advantage of Yu Wenqian’s opportunity to reveal his flaws, the short young man shot out with a punch.
Yu Wenqian flew out without any suspense, and slammed under the ring.
“Sister Yuwen!”
Several warriors from the China Shipping Chamber hurriedly gathered around.
Wang Qian sat on the chair, frowned, did not speak, Yu Wenqian’s defeat was expected.
Next, it’s Chen Feng’s.
If Chen Feng also loses, then the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce can announce the end of this gambling battle.
Because of the strength of the remaining No. 9 and No. 10 players, even Yu Wenqian is inferior.
Soon, the middle-aged referee on the stage announced the result.
Yuwenqian loses, the short youth wins.
There is no doubt that the short young man will continue to stay in the ring against the No. 8 player of the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce, that is, Chen Feng.
Many warriors of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce were a little depressed, and Yu Wenqian’s defeat meant that the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce had no hope in this gambling battle.
The remaining three people are worse than the other, and there is also a martial artist like Chen Feng.
With this kind of strength, what should you use to fight the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce?
“Junior Brother Chen, do your best, and let your fate.” Zhang Tianyu sighed. He was not optimistic about Chen Feng. Although he and Hu Qixing had previously speculated that Chen Feng might not be easy, he suffered such a serious injury last night.
His only hope now is that after Chen Feng comes to power, he will not lose too badly, and at any rate give the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce some face.
“Senior Brother Zhang, what you said is wrong, what is meant by doing everything, obeying the destiny? Junior Brother Chen is very strong, if he comes on stage for a while and the small universe bursts out, what should I do if the opponent is thrown into the water?”
At this moment , Hu Qixing opened his mouth with yin and yang weird, and anyone with a discerning eye could hear it. His words were mocking Chen Feng.
Chen Feng smiled faintly and ignored Hu Qixing.
At this moment, Chu Yifei walked over.
“Xiaofeng, I just asked someone to inquire about it. The pill that the black-clothed youth swallowed on the court yesterday was called Yin Yang Pill. The Yin Yang Pill was refined by the Japanese Yin Yang School to stimulate the potential of the martial artist. The martial artist swallowed it. After going down, he can make his own strength soar two or three times in a short period of time, and he can completely reach the level of leapfrog fighting.” Chu Yifei’s complexion was a bit solemn, and he just inquired about the effect of Yin Yang Pill.
After learning about the effects of Yin Yang Pill, he rushed over here as soon as possible, in order to tell Chen Feng the news.
“Two or three times?!”
Zhang Tianyu couldn’t help taking a breath. He never thought that Japan would have refined such a terrifying pill, so that its strength would soar two or three times in a short time. The efficacy of the medicine is simply against the heavens.
If a warrior in the middle stage of the dark power swallows the Yin Yang pill, then in a short time, this warrior in the middle stage of the dark power can cross the realm and fight in the late stage of the dark power!
No wonder Wang Qian was hurt so badly yesterday, that Sakai Tengxiu’s original strength was close to the late stage of Anjin. After swallowing the Yin Yang Pill, his strength was definitely the level of the peak of Anjin.
The warrior at the peak of dark energy is absolutely invincible in this gambling battle.
Had it not been for Wang Gan’s evildoer, Sakai Tengxiu would never have died so miserably.
“Yes, two or three times.” Chu Yifei nodded solemnly.
“That’s more than anything. If everyone in the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce swallows Yin and Yang pills, we will simply give in to the next gambling fight.” Lin Xuan, the ninth player behind Chen Feng, looked angry at the moment. Even if it was a peerless genius like Wang Gan, he almost died when confronted with Tengxiu Sakai who swallowed Yin-Yang Pill. In the mid-stage of their ordinary dark energy, if they confronted the martial artist of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce who swallowed Yin-Yang Pill, they might even admit defeat. There is no chance.
Chu Yifei frowned and glanced at Lin Xuan, and said, “Don’t say such frustrating words, the number of Yin Yang Pills is extremely rare, and it is impossible for a Japanese warrior to have one.”
“Besides, the Yin-Yang Pill is not invincible. It only has a five-minute effect. After five minutes, if the warrior who has swallowed the Yin-Yang Pill continues to fight, then he will explode like that Sakai Tengxiu. “

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