Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 538

“Blast directly?!”
Many people’s complexions changed, obviously thinking of the tragic situation of Sakai Tengxiu before.
“Are these Japanese people crazy? In order to win the gambling fight, they don’t even want their own lives?”
“Do you think they would like to do this?”
“Okay, don’t say it.” Chu Yifei interrupted the discussion. .
He turned his gaze to Chen Feng: “Xiaofeng, I have already told you the weakness of Yin Yang Pill. After you take the stage for a while, you have to be mentally prepared.”
“Brother Chu, don’t worry, I will not swallow Yin Yang Pill for them. Chen Feng smiled faintly. Although he suffered some injuries last night, he could only show his strength by seven to eight points, but as far as he was concerned, dealing with a few Japanese martial artists was still a matter of hand.
“Please come on stage for both players.” As soon as Chen Feng finished speaking, the middle-aged referee’s vigorous voice sounded in the ring. On the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, the short young man had already entered the ring.
The eighth game of gambling began.
After Chen Feng stepped onto the ring, Hu Qixing raised his mouth in disdain, and said to Zhang Tianyu beside him: “I think Big Brother Chu simply thinks too much. Because of Chen Feng’s strength, he simply doesn’t deserve to let his opponent take the Yin Yang Pill. ”
Generally speaking, the reason why the Japanese warriors swallowed the Yin-Yang Pill was because they had been forced to swallow it.
After all, swallowing is tantamount to death.
Therefore, until the last moment, they will never swallow yin and yang pills.
Does Chen Feng have the strength to push his opponent to the last minute? absolutely not.
Zhang Tianyu frowned and didn’t say a word. He always felt that what Chu Yifei said just now had no meaning, and Chen Feng might not be as simple as it seemed.
On the other side, after Chen Feng came to power.
Liu Xuan, who was in the audience of Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, saw Chen Feng at a glance.
After seeing Chen Feng, Liu Xuan’s face suddenly showed a look of shock.
She couldn’t think of killing her, Chen Feng turned out to be a warrior!
Liu Xuan suddenly felt a little afraid when he thought that he had dared to frame a warrior before.
“Do you know him?”
Seeing Liu Xuan staring at Chen Feng, Miyamoto couldn’t help but frown.
“No… I don’t know.” Liu Xuan hurriedly shook her head. At this moment, she naturally couldn’t say that she knew Chen Feng. If Miyamoto Yuichi knew that she had seduced Chen Feng before, then she might be kicked one by one. open. do not know?
A hint of suspicion crossed Miyamoto’s face, why he didn’t know why he was so nervous?
On stage.
Chen Feng stood with his hands in his hands, his face was calm and calm.
On the other hand, the short youth standing opposite Chen Feng had an extremely solemn expression.
Before the start of this gambling battle, Miyamoto Hanzo had rated all ten players from the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce.
Among them, opponents like Hu Qixing are rated C, which is the lowest level.
Zhang Tianyu is Grade A.
And Wang Qian is an S-level, the only S-level expert in China Shipping Chamber!
As for Chen Feng…
The rating given by Miyamoto Hanzo is unknown.
The unknown does not mean that Chen Feng is weaker than Wang Qian, but that Miyamoto Hanzo does not know at which level Chen Feng’s strength is. However, after what happened last night, Miyamoto Hanzo was confirmed, and Chen Feng’s rating was the least. S too!
Compared to Wang Gan, Chen Feng is definitely only strong but not weak!
“Go ahead, two.” The middle-aged referee glanced at Chen Feng and the short youth.
As soon as his voice fell, the short young man moved first.
The two short daggers in his hand burst out toward the throat like a letter, with cold light, and a killer move!
“It’s so strong.”
Zhang Tianyu spoke with a solemn face, even if he was tens of meters away, he could feel the terrifying energy contained in the two short daggers of this short young man.
“Why doesn’t this guy move a bit? Isn’t it scary?” Hu Qixing said a little gloating, the short young man’s dagger was three meters in front of Chen Feng, but Chen Feng still looked like a fool. Standing in place, don’t even know how to hide.
Wang Qian also frowned. At a distance of three meters, he should hide.
Chen Feng does not hide, is he confident that he does not need to hide? Still don’t know how to hide?
Wang Qian was thinking, and Chen Feng moved.
Facing the two short daggers of the short youth with killing intent, Chen Feng only punched.
With a punch, there is no obstacle!
An unrivaled strong energy gushed from Chen Feng’s boxing front, and the pressure of the sky collapsed and swept toward the short youth.
In an instant, the short young man lost the ability to breathe, and he couldn’t even make movements. He could only watch Chen Feng’s fist hit him.
Chen Feng hit the short young man’s chest with this punch.
With a click.
The short young man’s sternum shattered and then flew out uncontrollably.
After flying a full seven or eight meters away, the short young man flew off the ring.
After hitting the ground heavily, the short young man spit out a large mouthful of black blood, his eyes widened, and his chest sunken. Obviously, he only had breath in but no breath.
There was a dead silence in the audience.
This scene is extremely slow, but in fact, it took less than three seconds from the short youth swinging a double dagger to Chen Feng’s punching.
Three seconds, one punch, the short youth loses!
What kind of terrifying power is this? !
“Zhang… Brother Zhang, I… Am I dazzled?” At this moment, Hu Qixing’s tongue began to curl, and his speech was a little stuttered.
He couldn’t believe the scene he had just seen.
A San Xiu martial artist defeated a master of the same level as Zhang Tianyu with a single punch?
Zhang Tianyu did not speak. At this moment, his throat was dry and he couldn’t speak even if he wanted to.
He thought about Chen Summit winning, but he never thought that Chen Summit won so easily!
One punch, just one punch!
The short youth lost!
Doesn’t this mean that if Chen Feng wants to defeat him, it is just a punch?
“This guy doesn’t know how to swallow yin and yang pills, right?” Yu Wenqian also opened her mouth wide. She knew how strong the short young man was. She had been crushed and beaten before and ended up here with Chen Feng. The short youth was defeated in one move.
This is incredible!
Not only the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce but also the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce was a sensation.
Liu Xuan covered her mouth tightly, her beautiful eyes were full of disbelief. For these two days, she had been serving Yuichi Miyamoto in the villa area of ​​the Senshui Chamber of Commerce, so she knew more or less about gambling. .
Precisely because she knew about gambling and fighting, she knew what this scene meant.
That short young man, but an A-level master from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, arrived at Chen Feng, but he was beaten to death by Chen Feng!
It’s like a paper!
Liu Xuan felt that her calf was a little weak, and at this moment she was already thinking whether she should run away in advance, after all, she offended such a terrifying existence of Chen Feng.
“President, what is going on?! Didn’t it mean that he was injured?!”
Many warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce were in panic. They could accept failure, but they could not accept it, such a failure!
With one punch, Chen Feng solved an A-level master with just one punch!

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