Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 539

Who can resist such Chen Feng?
“You ask me how do I know?!” Miyamoto was very upset at the moment. It happened too suddenly. In his vision, even if the short young man lost to Chen Feng, he would not lose so quickly. At least, he You can also swallow the Yin-Yang Pill and consume most of Chen Feng’s physical strength, but who could have imagined that he was defeated by Chen Feng without even holding a punch.
“What should I do next?” asked Liushen Wuzhu, a warrior of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, Chen Feng’s strength has surpassed Miyamoto Hanzo’s rating, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he is SSS.
“What else can I do? I can only swallow the Yin Yang Pill on stage!”
Miyamoto took a vicious look. Now, they can only fight to the death. The original plan was to not swallow the Yin Yang Pill. Swallowing yin and yang pills, but Chen Feng broke their cognition with a punch.
If you don’t swallow it, you will never have a chance to swallow it!
Hearing Miyamoto Yuichi’s words, the faces of the remaining three warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce were all pale, and they swallowed the Yin Yang Pill when they came to power, which was equivalent to announcing their death sentence.
“Miyamoto, the strength of your Japanese people doesn’t seem to be very good.”
Guan Nantian smiled on the face of the VIP seat for the first time, and Chen Feng punched the short young man to death, not only taking away all the previous decline of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce. Swept away, it also made a lot of face for the Chinese warriors.
“Guan Nantian, don’t talk coldly, the gambling is not over yet!” At this moment, Miyamoto Hanzo’s face was extremely ugly, and he did not expect that today’s gambling would be such a result.
Also, the punch that Chen Feng hit just now doesn’t look like an ordinary dark Jin can hit in the late stage…
“It’s not over yet?” Guan Nantian’s mouth raised a bit of playfulness : “Let’s wait and see. .”
After defeating the short youth with a punch, Chen Feng did not step down. He stayed on the stage and entered a state of cross-legged meditation.
This scene was seen by everyone.
Anyone can tell that Chen Feng is seizing the time to adjust his energy.
“What’s the matter? Did his punch just consume too much energy?”
“It’s very possible! I think the energy in his body was emptied by his punch just now.”
“So, he has already Did you do it outside ?” “Even if you do it outside, it’s probably not far away. After all, he was injured last night. The extremely powerful punch just now may have affected his injury.”
Several players from the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce discussed uncertainly. Up.
“Brother Zhang, did Chen Feng use any secret techniques to stimulate potential?” Hu Qixing glanced at Chen Feng on the stage a little unwillingly. Japan’s Yin-Yang Pill, an elixir that stimulates potential, naturally has the potential to stimulate China. Secret technique, in his opinion, Chen Feng’s punch just now was probably inspired by secret technique. If not, he would not defeat the short youth. He would not even be able to beat the ring, so he would fight every second in the ring. Sit up and meditate.
“How do I know.” Zhang Tianyu shook his head a little irritably. At this moment, his mood is very complicated. On the one hand, he hopes Chen Feng will win, because this gambling fight concerns the face of the Chinese martial arts world. If Chen Feng can win, then The face of the Chinese martial arts world is bound to rise.
But on the other hand, he didn’t want Chen Feng to win, because Chen Feng won, it will bring out that he is a waste.
As the first disciple of Longhushan, in this gambling battle, he has not played as much as a casual martial artist. If this matter is to be spread, Longhushan’s face will probably be lost.
Three minutes later, the next gambling battle began.
The warrior on the stage of Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is a young man with a sword.
Knife Saint Disciple!
With just a glance, Chen Feng could see the origin of this young man.
It is definitely the disciple of the saint of swordsman, and it is the one ranked relatively high under the saint of swordsman.
Because the sword intent on this young man’s body has almost turned into substance.
This is an opponent who is not much weaker than himself! In the audience, Wang Qian also gave an evaluation from the bottom of his heart. He is also a genius, and he is extremely sensitive to the aura of the strong, and he can see the true level of most warriors at a glance.
Such a person should be able to force Chen Feng’s true strength out? Wang Gan was thinking about it, but the young man with the sword gritted his teeth and made a move that surprised the audience.
He took out two Yin Yang pills from his pocket, and then swallowed them directly!
At this moment, the audience was shocked!
No one thought that the young man with the sword would be so decisive that he would swallow the Yin Yang Pill without fighting Chen Feng. Isn’t this a bet on his own life? !
The two Yin-Yang pills melted in the mouth, and a vigorous energy burst into the body of the young man with the sword back.
In less than a second, this energy swept the audience.
In the audience, the complexion of many warriors changed in unison. After swallowing the Yin-Yang Pill, the strength of this sword-backed young man was at least as high as the peak of dark energy!
The young man with the knife back roared, his eyes red and he slaughtered towards Chen Feng.
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes and punched casually.
This punch didn’t carry much energy, but it gave the youth an unprecedented sense of life and death crisis.
The youth’s forehead violently blue veins, cut out with a knife.
There was a constant piercing air burst in the air.
A seven-to-eight-meter long sword Qi Changhong instantly fell from the sky and slashed towards Chen Feng.
Many people in the audience couldn’t help but take a breath. They are indeed the disciple of the saint. The young man has completely surpassed the level of An Jin.
Even the vicious elder warrior could not cut such an amazing knife.
What should Chen Feng use to resist such a terrifying knife position?
Soon, Chen Feng gave the answer.
That’s the hand!
Block it with your hand!
Chen Feng held up his palms, and two huge palm prints made of phantoms rose up into the sky, abruptly holding the seven-meter-long sword Qi Changhong in his hand.
The unthinkable scene before him shocked countless people’s eyes.
If it weren’t for the ages of Chen Feng and the young man, everyone would never believe that such surging energy was actually made by two young men.
Countless vigor intertwined in the void, and the harsh sonic boom continued to be heard.
The youth’s complexion was flushed, but Chen Feng looked indifferent.
“Ah!” As if his patience reached the limit, the young man roared again. He urged the energy in his body regardless of the price, and even the Qiqiao began to bleed. boom!
The knife rainbow rose up, from the original seven meters to ten meters!
After becoming ten meters, the young man slammed his arms, and the ten-meter-long sword rainbow was severely cut down towards Chen Feng.
“Bang” there was a loud and deafening noise on the ring.
After the knife rainbow was cut down, it burst open instantly, arousing countless dust.
The entire arena was filled with dust, so that everyone could not take lightly, what happened in the dust.
Soon, thirty seconds have passed, but the dust on the ring still shows no sign of dissipating.

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