Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 540

“How is the situation? Did you lose or win?”
Someone swallowed and asked, the battle has progressed to this point, completely beyond everyone’s imagination.
The saintly disciple’s sword rainbow, if it were changed to an ordinary martial artist, even in the late stage of Anjin, he would be hacked to death.
But for Chen Feng, everyone really has no bottom.
After another half a minute, the dust on the stage finally dissipated a lot, and the scene on the stage was finally revealed.
After seeing the scene on the stage clearly, everyone immediately took a breath.
There is a very conspicuous crack on the stage!
This crack is more than three meters long and half a person tall!
This crack was obviously cut out by the saint disciple!
Where is Chen Feng?
The arena made of concrete has been chopped up like this. Chen Feng should…
Chen Feng is fine!
Chen Feng still stood in the middle of the ring with his hands in his hands, maintaining the previous posture.
If he insisted on saying anything different from before, it would be that Chen Feng’s clothes were torn a few holes and his face was paler than before.
On the other hand, the young man who slashed the sky-shaking sword was half kneeling in front of Chen Feng at the moment, bleeding from his seven orifices, looking extremely miserable.
“Bang” The young man glanced at Chen Feng unwillingly, and then fell to the ground in a daze, losing his voice instantly.
“Chen Feng actually won…”
In the audience, Hu Qixing’s voice trembled a little, and his expression was a little frightened. In the last gambling fight, Chen Feng defeated the short youth with a punch. Although it brought him a great impact, he still barely accepted it.
But in this case, Chen Feng even caught such a shocking knife casually.
What kind of terrifying power is this? !
Is that human being?
“He won.” Zhang Tianyu sighed, and then slowly closed his eyes. He also couldn’t accept the result before him, but he had to accept it.
Chen Feng’s current strength has crushed all the players from the two chambers of commerce.
“Is this your real strength?”
Wang Gan in the wheelchair gave a wry smile. Last night, Chu Yifei said that when Chen Feng was with him, he still felt that he was underestimated.
But at this moment, he understood that the reason Chu Yifei said that last night was purely to take care of his face.
Chen Feng’s true strength definitely surpassed him by a lot.
It can even be said that he and Chen Feng are not on the same level at all.
He could also catch the knife that the saint disciple cut out, but the price of his catching the knife was half his life.
And Chen Feng caught the price of the knife, but his clothes were torn a few holes.
This is the gap between him and Chen Feng!
The body of the disciple of Saint Knife was carried down.
Many warriors in the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce looked like a concubine, and Yuichi Miyamoto was trembling with anger.
Two! The gambling battle has now been carried out, and two saint disciples have died!
And the one who just died was still a disciple whom the saint of swords extremely loved.
How should he explain to the saint of swords?
“Shameless! Extremely shameless!”
“Guard Nantian, how can you let the Huajin fighters participate in the gambling fight?!” On the
VIP seat, Miyamoto Hanzo was also shaking with anger. At this moment, if he can’t see it anymore, Chen Feng’s true state, then he is a true idiot.
Turn your energy!
It’s definitely energizing!
And it’s the kind that has been in Huajin for a while!
Otherwise, the saint disciple of the sword would not be able to catch it at all.
“Miyamoto, in the rules of gambling fights, it seems that there is no such thing as Huajin warriors who are not allowed to participate in gambling fights.” Guan Nantian said with a smile. At this moment, he is very happy.
Not only happy that Chen Feng killed the disciple of the sword, but also happy that Chen Feng’s strength.
It was too unexpected.
Even he did not expect that Chen Feng’s strength would turn out to be energizing!
Twenty-five-year-old Huajin!
It’s simply unprecedented!
At least in the Chinese martial arts world, absolutely no one can break through before the age of twenty-five.
Before Chen Feng, the youngest person in the Chinese martial arts world to break through was Zhou Potian, the suzerain of Kunlun Sect.
Thirty-three years old.
Zhou Potian was a breakthrough at the age of 33.
He is the holder of Huaxia’s fastest breakthrough record.
But today, this record was broken by Chen Feng, and it was still broken by an eight-year horror gap.
After today, the name of Chen Feng will surely resound in the Chinese martial arts world!
Miyamoto Hanzo’s tone was stagnant. Indeed, there is no rule in the rules that does not allow Huajin fighters to participate in gambling fights… But in order to prevent Huajin fighters from participating in gambling fights, they specifically formulated the rule that warriors over 30 years old must not participate in gambling fights. .
But who would have thought that a freak like Chen Feng would appear on Huaxia’s side. He simply broke the common sense of cultivation!
Even if you start practicing in your mother’s womb, it is impossible to break through your energy before the age of thirty.
“Does it compare?” Guan Nantian smiled and glanced at Miyamoto Hanzo. If Miyamoto Hanzo continues to compare, then Chen Feng will kill him and kill two Japanese geniuses.
“No comparison, surrender.” Miyamoto Hanzo gritted his teeth and said, it was a fart, there is no comparison between the dark warrior and the Huajin warrior.
Not to mention one, even if the ten warriors of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce go together, they will not necessarily win Chen Feng.
“Acknowledge?” Guan Nantian’s mouth raised a playful look: “Are you sure you want to give up?”
“I really want to give up, those two treasures can go to China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.”
“I’m sure!” Miyamoto Hanzo gritted his teeth. The anger continued to gush out from his eyes.
Completely planted this time!
Although he did not want to admit it, he had to say that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce was completely planted this time.
After losing several geniuses, I didn’t say anything, neither did the two hundred billion bet and the two treasures.
Really lost his wife and broke down.
All this is because of Chen Feng!
“Then let Xiao Xu announce the result.” Guan Nantian said with some regret. He originally planned to let Chen Feng kill two Japanese geniuses, but he didn’t expect that Miyamoto Hanzo would be so’acquainted’.
Xiao Xu in Guan Nantian’s mouth is the middle-aged referee.
Hearing Miyamoto Hanzo’s surrender directly, Xiao Xu’s face suddenly became strange.
The China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce have held seven gambling battles. They surrendered before the gambling battle ended. This was the first time.
“This gambling battle is over. The China Shipping Chamber of Commerce won the final victory!”
Xiao Xu announced the result loudly with a weird expression .
There was an uproar in the audience.
“What do you mean? There are two more games? Why did they end directly?”
“It seems that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce has surrendered in advance.”
“Admitted in advance?!” The audience was in an uproar again. The China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce in the past three In fifteen years, seven gambling fights have been held. In the past, no matter what happened, the two sides will fight to the last one.
But this time, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce gave in early…

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