Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 541

Everyone dared not think about this reason.
There is probably only one reason why the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce resigned so decisively.
That is why Chen Feng kept them from seeing the slightest hope of victory!
No doubt you will lose!
And two geniuses will be lost!
On the stage, Chen Feng was also slightly surprised.
Thousands of Water Chamber of Commerce actually gave up in advance?
I have to say that this matter was a bit beyond Chen Feng’s expectations.
But after thinking about it, it is normal to admit defeat.
I am afraid Miyamoto Hanzo has already seen that his realm is Huajin, and there is no comparison between Anjin and Huajin at all.
If it were to be compared, it would just cost the lives of two Japanese geniuses for nothing.
The gambling fight ended in this dramatic form, which no one in the field expected.
But what is even more unexpected is that China Shipping Chamber of Commerce has produced a dark horse like Chen Feng.
It was completely with his own power to reverse the whole situation.
Before Chen Feng played, no one thought that China Shipping Chamber of Commerce would win.
But after Chen Feng played twice, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce who played directly conceded the defeat, and he didn’t even dare to continue the match. evildoer!
The real evildoer!
“What kind of disciple is this Chen Feng? Why have you never heard of his name before?” Before
Chen Feng stepped down, the audience began to discuss.
“I don’t know, it is said to be a casual martial artist.”
“Who is a free fighter? You believe that too? A normal free fighter, how can it be so strong, even the genius of Jianzong has been suppressed.”
“If he is really a free fighter, wouldn’t it mean, Jianzong? These big sects and Longhushan have cultivated a group of wastes over the years.”
Everyone was speechless. Chen Feng’s strength was far stronger than Zhang Tianyu and Wang Gan. In this regard, there are eyes on the field. Everyone can see it.
They didn’t believe that Chen Feng was a casual martial artist.
After taking a breath, Chen Feng stepped down.
He returned to the camp of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
“You are very strong.”
Wang Gan stood up from the wheelchair and said solemnly.
“Thank you.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. It can be seen that Wang Gan said this from the bottom of his heart. This is a very pure warrior.
“We have the opportunity to learn from each other.” Wang Qian’s eyes were full of fighting spirit. Although Chen Feng’s current strength has crushed him, he will not be arrogant. Give him some time, and he can definitely catch up with Chen Feng. pace.
Chen Feng nodded. If nothing happens, he will definitely be famous in the Chinese martial arts world after today. At that time, there will be countless peerless geniuses like Wang Gan to challenge him.
Some are to prove martial arts, and some, I’m afraid it is to step on him.
But no matter what it is, he will accept it.
He also needs to fight to improve himself.
At this time, Hu Qixing and Zhang Tianyu came over.
“Congratulations Senior Brother Chen.” Hu Qixing said with a sullen expression. Before he called Chen Feng by his name, now he has become Senior Brother Chen.
“Congratulations Brother Chen.” Zhang Tianyu also congratulated him, but his smile was full of bitterness: “Brother Chen lied to us.”
“The love is too much, and I hope Senior Brother Zhang forgive.” Chen Feng smiled. He laughed, he had indeed told Zhang Tianyu before that his realm was the mid-stage dark Jin.
Hearing Chen Feng calling himself
Senior Brother Zhang, Zhang Tianyu suddenly smiled bitterly: “Brother Chen, don’t break the evil Tianyu again. In the martial arts world, strength is respected. How can the strong call the weak seniors? Later, among this generation , all of us should be headed by you and respect you as Senior Brother Chen.” Chen Feng’s strength today can be called the best of his peers.
Even Wang Gan, who is well-known on the Qianlong list, is much inferior to Chen Feng.
With Chen Feng’s strength, he can fully deserve the title of Senior Brother.
Chen Feng smiled and was about to open his mouth. At this moment, Miyamoto Hanzo walked over with a group of people.
Seeing Miyamoto Hanzo, the warrior on the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce’s face suddenly showed a vigilant look. This old guy is not annoyed into anger, is he coming to trouble?
“Your name is Chen Feng?” After arriving in front of Chen Feng, Miyamoto Hanzo spoke with a gloomy face.
“Something?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows and glanced at Miyamoto Hanzo.
“Do you know the identity of the two you killed?” Miyamoto Hanzo asked coldly.
“I killed them all, I still care about their identities?” Chen Feng smiled faintly. Of course he knew the identities of the two of them. The one in front was a divinely hidden person, and the one behind was a disciple of the sword.
The status and status of the two in Japan are certainly not low, and they are likely to be on the same level as King Zhang Tianyu.
But so what?
As he said, kills are all killed, what status does he care about the two?
Seeing Chen Feng so confident, Miyamoto Hanzo’s angry eyes spit fire: “The two of them, one is a disciple of the three leaders of Shenyin, and the other is a disciple of the Sage Sage…”
“So what? “Not waiting for Miyamoto Hanzo to finish, Chen Feng interrupted Miyamoto Hanzo lightly.
“Aren’t you afraid of the three chiefs and Lord Swordsman’s revenge?!”
Miyamoto Hanzo was about to be blown up. He did not expect that Chen Feng was so courageous. Normal people should not be scared to hear that he killed the disciples of the two masters. Do you have to tremble? Chen Feng did not do well, and he kept provoking him.
“Retaliation?” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised a bit of playfulness: “Let them come.”
If he is afraid of the revenge of the three leaders of Shenyin and the saint, then he will not kill those two.
Besides, he originally had an enemy with Shenyin, as for the saintly sword disciple, he had already killed one before, and killing another would make no difference.
“Okay! Very good!”
Miyamoto Hanzo was clenched by the anger, he could see that Chen Feng was a master who was not afraid of death.
Even if he moved out of two Japanese martial arts masters, he would not scare Chen Feng at all.
After he finished his harsh words, Miyamoto Hanzo turned his head and left. His original plan was to kill Chen Feng’s arrogance with the help of the sword saint and the god’s hidden reputation, but he did not expect that Chen Feng would embarrass him.
“Miyamoto, the old man’s words just now are mostly to scare you, the three leaders of Shenyin and the sword saint, they won’t trouble you for a disciple.” After
Miyamoto Hanzo left, Wang Gan said lightly.
“I know.” Chen Feng smiled. There is no need to say more about the strength of the saint. An absolute martial arts master-level figure, even if you look at the world, he is standing at the top.
And the three chiefs of Shenyin, even if they weren’t masters, might not be far away.
The noble status and respect of such two figures are absolutely unimaginable for ordinary people.
Chen Feng himself did not believe that they would enter China to kill.
Moreover, the nine great masters of Huaxia are not vegetarians. Even a world-class martial arts master such as Dao Sheng enters Huaxia and must be prepared for their fall.

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