Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 542

“However, they can’t come by themselves, but they may send disciples over. You have to be prepared.” Wang Gan reminded him again.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, he also thought of this.
Although it is impossible for the two of them to come to China to make trouble for him, it is not a problem to send a disciple over there.
However, the cultivation level of the disciple sent must be exquisite. First of all, it is absolutely impossible to be too low. You don’t need to think about it when you reduce your energy.
Above Huajin, the initial stage of Huajin is not safe, but it is possible in the middle and late stage of Huajin.
But the number of warriors in these two realms is absolutely very rare.
Even the highest martial arts temple in Japan, Shenyin, could not find a few warriors in the late Huajin period.
But this is all for the future, and for the time being, he doesn’t have to think about so much.
The gambling battle that attracted countless lights between the two countries ended in a dramatic way.
That night, Chen Feng and Guan Nantian went back to China on a helicopter.
Wang Hongyi was escorted back alone, and the Zhan Meng and Wu Meng formed a joint investigation team to investigate Wang Hongyi’s affairs.
After Peng Yanfang, Wang Shiyuan and Li Shiping woke up, they were interrogated again. The results of the interrogation were indeed as expected by Chen Feng, and the three did not know.
The three of them not only didn’t know about Wang Hongyi’s poisoning in the food, even Wang Hongyi was a warrior before, and they also didn’t know anything about Wang Hongyi’s serving in the Zhan League.
Finally, the investigation team released the three of them.
At this time, Chen Feng had already returned to China.
As soon as he got off the helicopter, Chen Feng received a call from Chu Yifei.
“Xiaofeng, are you in China?” Chu Yifei’s tone sounded cheerful, obviously because he was in a good mood after winning the gambling fight.
“Here, Brother Chu.” Chen Feng smiled. Chu Yifei did not come back with him and Elder Guan. At this time, Chu Yifei and Wang Haiyang should go to Japan to get the treasure and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. A hundred billion bet.
“On this road, no one will take action against you, right?” Chu Yifei asked. The reason why Chen Feng and Elder Guan were allowed to go back together was to protect Chen Feng. After all, Chen Feng showed it in the ring yesterday. The realm of strength.
Such a realm will inevitably make the entire Japanese martial arts world panic.
The twenty-five-year-old Huajin can no longer be described by words like genius, it is more appropriate to use enchanting.
If Chen Feng can go on safely, he will definitely be China’s tenth martial arts master!
Huajin is not scary.
China has hundreds of chemicals.
But what is terrible is that it is expected to break through to the martial arts master’s energy!
The Chinese martial arts world and the Japanese martial arts world are in the same situation. Every additional martial arts master in the Chinese martial arts world is a disaster for the Japanese martial arts world.
That was the case for Xiao Guozhong back then. After the First Battle of the Dark Age, he broke through to the realm of the martial arts master, and then he killed the highest temple in the Japanese martial arts world, Shenyin.
After that battle, he killed Shenyin so as to close the gate, and smashed the Japanese martial arts world into a fault.
Today, China is very likely to have a second Xiao Guozhong.
Naturally, the Japanese martial arts community cannot allow this to happen, so they are very likely to send a master to kill Chen Feng in the cradle.
The journey back to China on Melai Island is a good opportunity.
“No.” Chen Feng shook his head and said: “There are elders in charge, they dare not attack me unless they send a martial arts master over.”
“Master of martial arts?” Chu Yifei smiled dumbly. The master of martial arts is not a Chinese cabbage.
“By the way, Brother Chu, have you got the things?”
Chen Feng asked, the gambling battle is over. It stands to reason that the Japanese should return the treasure that originally belonged to China. It can be the shameless temperament of the Japanese. It is hard to guarantee that they will not play any tricks.
“I got it. The process went smoothly. It even made me feel a little surprised.”
Chu Yifei smiled. He originally thought that Qianshui Merchants would not give them things so easily, but he and Wang Haiyang arrived. After the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce Mansion, the staff did not embarrass them, and directly handed over the things.
And also sent a military plane and a few strong men to escort them to the airport.
“Just get it.” Chen Feng nodded without thinking.
The reason why Qianshui Chamber of Commerce handed over things so easily may be because before the gambling, they and the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce signed a gambling agreement in front of the IWUF.
The International Wushu Federation, that is the supreme institution in the global martial arts world.
In every country, there is a master in the IWUF.
If the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce really dares to shame, the IWUF will certainly not sit back and watch.
“By the way, Xiaofeng, the reason why we can win this gambling fight is inseparable from your credit.”
“So, the people in our chamber of commerce discussed it and decided to spend 20 billion from the 100 billion. For you, as compensation, in addition to the two tens of billions, there are any requirements, you can mention it, as long as our chamber of commerce can do it, we will do our best to help you.” Chu Yifei said.
The reason why this gambling battle was won is entirely due to Chen Feng alone.
So the 100 billion bet he won should have Chen Feng’s share, and even in his opinion, the 20 billion is a bit less.
Chen Feng smiled helplessly: “Brother Chu, there is no need for compensation. This time I shot it entirely because of the face of you and the celadon. In addition, I am a Chinese. This gambling fight involves the face of the Chinese martial arts world. Without you, I would stand up too.”
Chen Feng’s words are naturally not polite, they are what he said in his heart.
Even if there is no factor of Chu Celadon and Chu Yifei, he will make a move this time.
Because he is a closed disciple of Xiao Guozhong.
“Xiaofeng, you should accept the two tens of billions. Favors belong to favors, and rewards belong to rewards. These two cannot be confused. If everyone is like you and does not take money, then we will have no face to open our mouths if we encounter anything in the future. I’m looking for you.” Chu Yifei said with a smile. He could hear that Chen Feng really didn’t want the two tens of billions, but Chen Feng shouldn’t be the same thing. China Shipping Chamber of Commerce will give it another time. thing.
“Well, these two tens of billions, I will accept them.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Now his Cangzhou industry has been blocked by the Chen family. The cash he can use is indeed not much, 20 billion, but it is. Can solve his urgent need.
“By the way, Brother Chu, what exactly is that thing? Is it convenient to say?”
Chen Feng suddenly asked, thinking of something.
He knew very well that in this gambling battle between the two chambers of commerce, 200 billion in cash was just a cover.
What is really important is that the two pieces are supposed to be one’treasure’.
Chen Feng is very curious, what kind of “treasure” it is, can be more important than 200 billion.

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