Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 543

“Convenient, what’s inconvenient.” Chu Yifei laughed and said, “Even if you don’t ask me, I intend to tell you.”
“These two treasures are actually two true interpretations.”
“True understanding? “Chen Feng hesitated, why it sounds a bit like exercises.
“Yes, true solution.”
“The full name is Jidao Zhenjie.” Chu Yifei said.
“Extreme Dao real solution?!” Chen Feng’s pupils shrank. If it was what he thought, then the value of this Extreme Dao real solution was really much greater than the 200 billion.
It’s not even an exaggeration to say that it is a priceless treasure.
“Xiaofeng, have you heard Jidao Zhenjie before?” Chu Yifei asked, listening to Chen Feng’s surprised tone, it was obviously not the first time he heard the name Jidao Zhenjie.
“I’ve heard it.” Chen Feng nodded solemnly. He had indeed heard Xiao Guozhong mention the true understanding of Jidao before.
Jidao true interpretation, the extreme here means extreme.
Tao means martial art.
The combination of Jidao means the ultimate of martial arts.
As for the true interpretation, it can be understood as a practice, or insight.
This is the ultimate understanding of martial arts!
In today’s world, there is only one kind of person who can write the ultimate martial arts, and that is the martial arts master!
Undoubtedly, the true understanding of the Jidao in Chu Yifei’s hands was left by a martial arts master.
Before that, Chen Feng couldn’t figure out what could be more valuable than 200 billion.
Now Chen Feng understands that it is the true answer!
It is the true understanding of the ultimate martial arts master!
If a martial arts master who has the peak of Huajin gets this Ji Dao true explanation, then his probability of advancing to a martial arts master will be at least 50% higher than the original!
It is no exaggeration to say that a true interpretation of the ultimate realism can create a martial arts master!
No wonder the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce and China Shipping Chamber of Commerce are so crazy, so they won the gambling battle regardless of the cost.
Because this Jidao true explanation is really too important.
If anyone can get the true understanding of the ultimate way, how convenient is it possible to have one more martial arts master!
This is enough to affect the pattern of the global martial arts world!
“Since you have heard the true interpretation of the
Jidao, you should understand the importance of the true interpretation of the Jidao .” “It is true that the true interpretation of the Jidao I am holding in my hand is left by Grandmaster Lin.” Chu Yifei Shen said.
“Grandmaster Lin?” Chen Feng was taken aback. There is an unwritten rule in the Chinese martial arts world, that is, you can’t call the grandmaster directly.
But through the surname that Chu Yifei said, Chen Feng was able to tell who was Grand Master Lin that Chu Yifei said.
Lin Qingdi!
The only martial arts master in China Overseas!
However, Chen Feng hadn’t heard the name of Emperor Lin Qing in 20 years, but didn’t want to. Chu Yifei mentioned it again today.
“Well, there are rumors that this piece of Ji Dao true explanation was left by Grand Master Lin 18 years ago.”
“After leaving the Ji Dao true understanding, Grand Master Lin mysteriously disappeared, and he still has nowhere to go.” “And his. Ji Dao Zhen Jie was robbed by his disciples. In the end, Ji Dao Zhen Jie was divided into two parts, one in the hands of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, and the other in the hands of the
Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.” Chu Yifei said in a deep voice . Tell the truth about the past.
Chen Feng was secretly surprised. He didn’t expect that Ji Dao Zhen Jie had such a history.
“Brother Chu, what are you going to do with this Jidao True Explanation now?” Chen Feng asked. There is only one Jidao True Explanation, but within the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, there are four big families.
The Chu family, the Wang family, the Qin family, and the Song family.
No matter which one gets the ultimate truth, the other three are bound to be unwilling.
Because the family that got the Ji Dao true solution is very likely to use the Ji Dao true solution to create a martial arts master.
A martial arts master can completely break the current pattern of Zhonghai.
Eighteen years ago, when Emperor Lin Qing was in Zhonghai, the entire Zhonghai respected Emperor Lin Qing.
At that time, Zhong Hai had only one voice, and that was the voice of Emperor Lin Qing.
Now, if one of the four major families gets the ultimate truth, then the future Zhonghai must be the final say.
“I haven’t figured it out yet. Although we have obtained the Ji Dao true solution, we have not found the descendants of Grand Master Lin. Only the descendants of Grand Master Lin can open the true path.” Chu Yifei said.
Although Ji Dao Zhen Jie is a volume of exercises, it is different from ordinary exercises.
As long as ordinary exercises are written down, everyone can circulate them.
However, the true explanation of the Jidao was written by the master with his own spiritual thoughts and strength. Every martial arts master can only leave one true explanation of the Jidao after spending his entire life.
Each Jidao True Explanation has a different way of opening.
The opening method of this Jidao true explanation left by Emperor Lin Qing is hidden in his direct descendants.
Only by finding his direct descendants can we find a way to unlock the true understanding of the Jidao.
Moreover, even if the Jidao true understanding is opened, it can only be provided for one person to understand.
This is also the reason why Chen Feng had to say how to deal with Ji Dao’s true solution before.
A true understanding can only create a master.
But within the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, there are four big families that are not the same.
“The descendants of Grand Master Lin?”
Chen Feng frowned slightly. For some reason, when Chu Yifei said this, Lin Wanqiu’s figure suddenly flashed in his mind.
Lin Wanqiu, isn’t it the daughter of Emperor Lin Qing?
Chen Feng couldn’t help being startled by the thought that came out of his mind.
The reason why he was so suspicious was not unfounded.
When the saint disciple of the knife assassinated him before, Lin Wanqiu prevented him from a catastrophe. At that time, Lin Wanqiu’s body exploded with great energy.
It was this strength that saved Lin Wanqiu’s life.
Thinking about it now, the energy in Lin Wanqiu’s body was probably left by Emperor Lin Qing. After all, there were not many grandmasters in China, there were only nine, and Lin Wanqiu happened to be surnamed Lin.
Even if she is not a descendant of Emperor Lin Qing, she probably has a very close relationship with Emperor Lin Qing.
Various thoughts passed through Chen Feng’s mind, but Chen Feng did not say them.
Such things cannot be said.
Lin Wanqiu now is just an ordinary person.
If she is really the key to unlock the ultimate solution, then she will become a bargaining chip that the four big families must compete for, and she will instantly be involved in a monstrous vortex.
If you are not careful, you will be crushed.
Therefore, even if he is closely related to Chu Yifei, he will not tell the matter.
Human nature cannot stand the test.
Especially when things also involve the Grand Master, anyone will be crazy about it.
After hanging up Chu Yifei’s phone, Chen Feng felt a little heavy.
By now, he was almost certain that there was some connection between Lin Wanqiu and Lin Qingdi.
Although Lin Wanqiu had been in Cangzhou before, she would never pass Zhonghai in the future.
But Lin Qingdi is very likely to have been to Cangzhou.
It was not difficult for him to give birth to Lin Wanqiu with Mother Lin there.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng decided to call Lin Wanqiu and ask about the situation.
But I didn’t want to. As soon as the phone was taken out, there was a call.
It’s Chen Zeli!
Chen Feng’s pupils shrank involuntarily. Why would Chen Zeli call at this time?
Did Lin Wanqiu have an accident?

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