Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 544

Chen Feng suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart. After some heavy presses to answer, Chen Zeli’s guilty voice came from the phone: “Uncle Chen, I’m sorry for you…”
” Did Wanqiu have an accident? “Chen Feng’s voice sank. Ever since he discovered the energy in Lin Wanqiu’s body, he has been asking Chen Zeli to protect Lin Wanqiu secretly. Lin Wanqiu is fine, and it is impossible for Chen Zeli to call him.
“Yes… Wanqiu has just been taken away.” Chen Zeli said with difficulty.
After he finished speaking, Chen Feng’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom, as if he had suffered a bolt from the blue.
“Do you see his appearance clearly?” Chen Feng asked, taking a deep breath.
“No…No, the other party seems to be a master of martial arts. He flashed in front of me, and Wanqiu was gone.”
“I know.” Chen Feng nodded heavily, making Chen Zeli even react. The only one who could not react was the master of martial arts.
“Uncle Chen, I’m sorry, I promised you…” Chen Zeli said with guilt.
“Don’t blame yourself. I don’t blame you for this incident. I was negligent.” Chen Feng interrupted. Chen Zeli really couldn’t be blamed for this incident. Chen Zeli couldn’t do much if a martial arts master personally took the shot.
To blame, he can only blame himself for not being thoughtful in advance.
However, he didn’t have the ability to predict a prophet. Before Chu Yifei told the truth about the truth, he had no idea that Lin Wanqiu would be related to Emperor Lin Qing.
After hanging up, Chen Feng’s expression was uncertain.
He couldn’t determine who took Lin Wanqiu away.
The four most suspects are naturally, and secondly, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is also possible.
It would be okay if it fell into the hands of the four great masters. Although they would use Lin Wanqiu to unlock the true understanding of the ultimate realm, they would not harm Lin Wanqiu’s life.
After all, Lin Wanqiu is a descendant of Emperor Lin Qing.
If Emperor Lin Qing did not die, they would not dare to move Lin Wan.
The anger of the martial arts master is not something they can bear.
Now Chen Feng is afraid that it will be the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce who will take Lin Wanqiu away.
The Qianshui Chamber of Commerce doesn’t care about Emperor Lin Qing. It is very likely that they will kill Lin Wanqiu directly, thus cutting off the idea of ​​the four masters being a master.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng dialed Shi Pojun’s phone.
“Big Brother Shi, Wanqiu is gone…”
Chen Feng told Shi Pojun the matter in just a few words. Now, among the official staff, only Shi Pojun is worthy of his trust.
“You mean that the one who took Wanqiu away was probably one of the four great masters, or the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce?” Shi Pojun’s voice became rare and solemn, and he did not expect that Lin Wanqiu, who looked ordinary, There will be such a big background.
“Yes, I’m not sure who it is at the moment, so I want to ask Brother Shi to help me use official power to check if there are any clues left by the person who took Wanqiu away.” Chen Feng said.
“Okay, I’ll check it now, but you don’t have too much hope. If the other party is really a master of martial arts, modern surveillance is a display for the other party…”
“I know.” Chen Feng nodded slightly, Martial Artist At this stage of Huajin, there are indeed thousands of ways to avoid modern surveillance, but there must be a sparseness in a hundred secrets. Chen Feng does not believe it, and the other party will not show any of his feet.
After hanging up Shi Pojun’s call, Chen Feng forced himself to calm down.
He couldn’t put all his hopes on Shi Pojun, he had to think of something himself.
First of all, finding people requires a lot of manpower.
But in Zhonghai, he is very few people can trust.
“It’s time for Han Long and Gu Dongchen to come over.”
Chen Feng murmured. Originally, he planned to let Han Long and Gu Dongchen stay in Cangzhou to help him take care of the Cangzhou site, but now it is unnecessary.
Han Long and Gu Dongchen have to come to Zhong Hai as soon as possible. If not, once he encounters something, he won’t even have a person to use.
After editing a text message to Han Long, Chen Feng returned to Royal Villa One.
Lin Wanqiu’s urgency is useless, his top priority is to improve his strength as soon as possible.
Although this gambling fight helped the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce to win the ultimate truth and 200 billion, but at the same time he has become a thorn in the eyes of some people.
Not to mention that the Japanese martial arts world can’t wait to get rid of him and then hurry up, just say that on the Chinese martial arts world, there are bound to be many arrogant peerless talents coming to challenge him.
If he still maintains his previous strength, he will sooner or later become a stepping stone for these people.
Therefore, there is only one thing he has to do now, and that is to cultivate and become stronger!
When Chen Feng concentrated on practicing, the news of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce’s victory in the gambling battle was also spread through various channels.
As the biggest dark horse in this gambling fight, Chen Feng was known to countless people in the martial arts world overnight.
The Wumeng, Zhanmeng, Dragonmeng, representing the official forces of China,…
Jianzong, Xingyimen… and countless ancient martial arts forces, the hermit family… all know the name Chen Feng!
At the gambling competition, he punched the hidden genius of death with a punch, and powerfully killed the disciple of the sword…
Chen Feng almost reversed the end of the gambling battle with his own power.
Whether it is Zhang Tianyu, the first apprentice of Longhushan, or the first talented king of Jianzong, they have become the green leaves that set off Chen Feng in this gambling battle.
Regarding Chen Feng’s realm, two different versions were also circulated by everyone.
One version is that Chen Feng has already reached the peak of Dark Jin, and the other version is that Chen Feng has already broken through the early stage of Huajin and broke the breakthrough record of the Kunlun Sect Master.
Both versions are rumored to have noses and eyes.
There is no doubt that the vast majority of people prefer the version with the peak of dark energy.
Because the early stage of Huajin at the age of twenty-five was too unbelievable, Chen Feng was practicing in the womb of his mother, and it was impossible to cultivate to the early stage of Huajin at the age of twenty-five.
But the 25-year-old Anjin peak is also terrifying.
At least in the current Chinese martial arts world, few Tianjiao can break through to the peak of dark power at the age of twenty-five.
Kunlun Mountain is one of the seven major mountain systems in the world. It is located in the hinterland of Eurasia, straddling four countries including China from east to west. It is the largest independent zonal mountain system in the world, the largest mountain system in the world from the ocean and the largest mountain system in arid regions in the world.
In China, Kunlun Mountain is called a snow mountain, and it is covered with snow all the year round. It is also called a sacred mountain by many local people. There are many mythological stories, such as the Ancestral Temple of the Western Queen. Apart from these accidents, Kunlun has been well-known in Chinese martial arts circles since ancient times.
All this is due to the existence of Kunlun Sect.
Kunlun Sect has always been one of the powerful forces in the Chinese martial arts circle, but because it is far away from the Central Plains, it rarely participates in martial arts battles and spreads less.

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