Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 545

However, the contemporary suzerain of Kunlun Sect, Zhou Potian, was once one of the most reputable people in the Chinese martial arts world. He was the fastest breakthrough martial artist in the Chinese martial arts world.
When he was thirty-three years old, Zhou Potian stepped into energization.
Zhou Potian this year is 58 years old.
This age, for the martial artist, is a prime man.
Zhou Potian’s realm also broke through from the early stage of Huajin to the late stage of Huajin!
His breakthrough speed is still terrifying.
Even if Kunlun Sect has disappeared in recent years, few people still dare to underestimate Kunlun Sect.
At very early in the morning, the red sun rises, and the morning glow runs across the eastern and western horizons, and the morning glow pours on the continuous snow-capped mountains, just like putting a layer of golden gauze on the white snow-capped mountains, beautifully.
On the halfway of a snow-capped mountain, some wooden houses were built there in a patchwork pattern, hidden in the mountains and forests, almost obscured by the luxuriant branches.
This is the seat of Kunlun Sect, which has existed for thousands of years, and it is like a paradise without any dispute.
On a hill ten kilometers away from Kunlun Zongmen, a man with long hair and a white robe sat cross-legged on a rock.
The young man closed his eyes tightly and breathed in the morning glow, his chest was like a toad inhaling, sometimes bulging, sometimes dry, quite strange.
A white sword was placed beside the young man, the scabbard was white all over, like ice crystals, and a lifelike blue dragon was carved on the hilt.
The Qinglong Sword, the Kunlun Sect’s handed down sword.
Thousands of years ago, this sword did not have this name, but it was broken once, recast and repaired and then renamed the Azure Dragon Sword.
At this moment, this handed down sword is placed beside the youth, which is enough to prove the youth’s identity and status in Kunlun Sect.
His surname is Zhou Minghao, the contemporary heir of Kunlun Sect, and a single disciple of Zhou Potian.
Just as Zhou Hao closed his eyes and breathed out, there was a slight noise around him, like the sound of a beast walking on the snow.
However, Zhou Hao didn’t seem to hear it at all, as if an old monk had entered concentration, motionless.
Gradually, the voice became louder, and dozens of huge gray wolves appeared from all directions, approaching Zhou Hao in an enveloping manner.
Gray wolves are cruel by nature and live in groups. They play an extremely important role in the biological chain of nature, and they are found almost all over the world.
Generally speaking, a wolf poses little danger to other animals, even humans are not afraid, but if you encounter wolves, even the king of the forest, the tiger, has to shrink back!
At this moment, dozens of gray wolves rushed towards Zhou Hao from all directions, with bloodthirsty rays in their eyes.
Suddenly a wolf roar sounded, and the head wolf roared and issued an attack order.
Swishw… following the order of the first wolf, dozens of wolves rushed towards Zhou Hao frantically and launched an attack like a tide!
At this moment…Zhou Hao suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes bursting brightly, and a cold killing intent emerged from his body, with his body as the center, spreading towards the surroundings.
He heard the running sound of the pack of wolves, and saw bloodthirsty wolves.
But he didn’t draw his sword, just stood up slowly.
As he got up, the killing intent emanating from his body instantly burst, and the whole person was like a born peerless sword, extremely sharp.
In the next moment, almost all the wolves that were approaching Zhou Hao were shocked by Zhou Hao’s sudden killing intent.
They stopped at the same time, their paws gripped the ground, and looked at Zhou Hao vigilantly.
They had been hunting for years, and felt extremely dangerous aura in Zhou Hao. This danger was enough to make their souls tremble.
Therefore, even if the wolves have issued an offensive order, they dare not attack rashly.
Afterwards, under the gaze of the pack of wolves, Zhou Hao carried the Azure Dragon Sword and walked down the mountain calmly. His casual posture seemed not to be besieged by the wolves, but to appreciate the scenery of the mountain.
Seeing this scene, the pack of wolves roared uncomfortably. Instead of daring to approach and besie Zhou Hao, they retreated uncontrollably.
“Oh!” Suddenly, the wolf let out a rapid roar, and dozens of wolves turned and ran wildly, quickly moving away from Tianying.
One person, one sword.
Before he drew his sword, he scared away the wolves.
This is the daily life of Zhou Hao, the contemporary descendant of Kunlun Sect.
An hour later, Zhou Hao returned to Kunlun Sect.
Zhou Potian called Zhou Hao into his room.
“Xiaohao, your opponent has appeared.” Zhou Potian said straightforwardly.
“Opponent?” Zhou Hao’s eyes lit up when he heard the words. He has been on Kunlun for twenty years, and this is the first time he heard the word opponent said by his master.
The person who can be his opponent of Zhou Hao must not be weak.
“Well, opponent.”
“He is a very good young man. He has broken the record of energizing for the teacher. He is likely to break it.” Zhou Potian looked extremely calm, and most people in the martial arts world believed the previous one. This version is different, he prefers the latter version, that is, Chen Feng is now in the early stage of Huajin rather than the peak of Dark Jin.
“Master, this…impossible.” Zhou Hao’s tone was a bit hesitant. Master Zhou Potian, a genius who has been a rare encounter with the outside world for a hundred years, broke through the early stage of Huajin at the age of 33. How could he still return? Someone is faster than him?
“Nothing is impossible.” Zhou Potian smiled and shook his head, and said: “The wave behind the Yangtze River pushes the wave forward. Your generation is destined to be stronger than ours. Even if that person does not break my record, you will definitely break. My record.”
Zhou Potian’s tone was very determined, and no one knew better than him how enchanting Zhou Hao was.
He broke through Huajin at the age of 33 and was hailed as a genius once in a hundred years in the martial arts world, but Zhou Hao, who was only 26 years old this year, was already the pinnacle of dark energy.
Before he is twenty-eight at most, he will definitely be able to break through the strength!
At that time, how could his breakthrough record as a master not be broken?
“Master, how old is he?” Zhou Hao asked suddenly.
“Don’t ask, it doesn’t make sense to ask this. The reason why I tell you this is not to let you compare with someone, but to compare you with yourself.” Zhou Potian said in a deep voice, martial arts, though it is important to break through the realm, But the foundation of martial arts is more important.
If Zhou Hao neglected the foundation of martial arts in order to break through the realm of martial arts, that would violate his original intention.
“Xiaohao, as a teacher, I want you to remember one thing. In history, it is not that the peak of the dark energy has crossed the stage to kill the early stage of Huajin. For the martial artist, the realm is not all, the combat power is everything! ”
Thanks to Master for his teaching.” Zhou Hao held his fist respectfully.
Zhou Potian nodded slightly: “Well, let’s go down the mountain. It’s time to let people in the martial arts world know about the existence of our Kunlun sect.”
“Yes, master! Tu’er must live up to expectations and let Kunlun sect become famous in the global martial arts world!” Zhou Hao said confidently.

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