Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 546

Zhou Potian nodded slightly, then waved Zhou Hao to leave.
He didn’t tell Zhou Hao that Chen Feng killed two Japanese geniuses in a row, which seemed to him unnecessary.
He has absolute confidence in Zhou Hao!
… At the same time.
Southwest, Wugong Mountain.
Li family ancestral land.
The head of the Li family also called the descendants of the Li family to his room.
“Be prepared, and you will go out with your father tomorrow.” The head of the Li family made the same decision as Zhou Potian.
As the oldest hidden family in China, the Li family usually does not participate in the disputes in the martial arts world. The hidden dragon list set up for geniuses in the Chinese martial arts world has never been listed by the Li family.
The reason why he didn’t make the list was not because the Li family heirs were not strong enough, but the Li family heirs disdain to make the list!
But this time, Chen Feng made the Li family smell something unusual.
Unlike the so-called geniuses on the Huaxia Qianlong list, Chen Feng is a real evildoer!
His current strength is very likely to be the early stage of Huajin, rather than the peak of dark energy that is rumored by the outside world!
If it is really the early stage of Huajin, even if it is a descendant of the Li family, he must pay attention.
“Get out of the mountain?” Li Jianfeng was a little surprised, and immediately raised a touch of disdain: “Grandpa, what are you doing out of the mountain? Go and compete with the stupid people in the world for the so-called genius name?”
“Jianfeng, don’t be so arrogant, there are still top evildoers in the Chinese martial arts world.” The Li Family Patriarch frowned. This descendant cultivated by the Li Family is good at everything, but he is too arrogant and doesn’t look at other peers at all. In my eyes, every time the Chinese martial arts world is described as the secular world.
The reason for saying this is not that he doesn’t know this common sense, but that in his opinion, the Chinese martial arts world is no different from the secular world.
“Top enchanting?” Li Jianfeng’s mouth was even more disdainful: “Are you talking about the geniuses on their Qianlong list? If I remember correctly, when I came out three years ago, I cleaned up one of their Qianlong The seventh-ranked so-called genius on the list, that genius is in my hands, and I didn’t even survive ten moves…”
“This time is different.” The Li Patriarch interrupted Li Jianfeng with a deep voice: “This time you came out of the mountain. The goal is not the Qianlong List.”
Li Jianfeng was puzzled, the goal was not the Qianlong List? what is that? As far as he knows, in the Chinese martial arts world, any genius with a little fame is on the Qianlong list.
The Qianlong List is a list set up specifically for the younger generation of China, and only the geniuses of the younger generation of China can make the list.
“Your goal this time is a young man. This young man only appeared after the public’s sight yesterday. His appearance caused an earthquake in the entire Chinese martial arts world.” said the Li family Patriarch. His remarks were not exaggerated. The composition, the appearance of Chen Feng, indeed caused an earthquake in the Chinese martial arts world.
Before Chen Feng, there were many geniuses in the Chinese martial arts world, but there was not a single leader.
But Chen Feng’s appearance was a faint sign.
With a punch to death, the hidden genius, powerfully killed the saint disciple of the knife.
Chen Feng’s strength has completely transcended the category of the younger generation.
Li Jianfeng’s complexion became serious. He is arrogant, but he is not stupid. The person who can cause an earthquake in the martial arts world is definitely not a genius on the Qianlong list.
“By the way, there is one more thing. This young man is only twenty-five years old this year, and his current realm is very likely to be in the early stage of energization.” Li Family Patriarch said again.
This sentence made Li Jianfeng’s pupils completely tightened.
At the beginning of the twenty-five year old Huajin!
How can this be? !
“Janus, people beyond Behind Huaxia Wu Road community does have many years not out of true genius, but that does not mean, Huaxia Wu road sector, there is no real genius!”
“This let you out of the mountains, is I hope you will take a look at the real Huaxia martial arts world. Don’t just focus on the hidden family.” The Li family’s head said solemnly, there are eight hidden families like the Li family in Huaxia.
On weekdays, among many hidden families, there will be some arena competitions that only belong to the hidden families.
Contests within the Chinese martial arts world, the hidden family rarely participates.
Over time, many hidden families have developed a sense of psychological superiority. Children born in hidden families always feel that they are a bit better than the martial artists of the Chinese martial arts world.
This mentality should also be beaten.
“Okay, grandpa, tomorrow I will go out with my father, and I will meet that young man well.” Li Jianfeng sneered, although the realm of the young man that grandpa said is likely to be the early stage of transformation.
But so what?
Isn’t it commonplace for geniuses like them?
A scene like Wugong Mountain happened almost everywhere in China.
The ancient martial arts forces, as well as the eight hidden families, almost all sent their own descendants.
These people chose to be born at this time, Chen Feng only accounted for part of the reason, and a large part of the reason is that the martial arts world has not had a martial arts master for almost 30 years.
Thirty years, too long.
It is time for a new master to appear.
Who can take the lead at this time, stepping on the bones of the young generation of Tianjiao, who can hope to advance to a new master!
Yanjing West Mountain is a branch of Taihang Mountain. It was called “the head of Taihang Mountain” in ancient times and Xiaoqingliang Mountain. It is like a python rising from the Tengjiao, which guards the city of Yanjing from the west, and is known as the “right arm of Shenjing”.
After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Xishan was a military station for a long time, and military giants and some special organizations have set up offices in Xishan.
Nowadays, with the development of the times, many institutions have moved out of Xishan, but Xishan is still marked by a strong military brand, and some special institutions still remain in Xishan.
For example, the headquarters of the military’s most mysterious Dragon God Special Combat Team is in Xishan.
According to rumors, the Dragon God Special Combat Team is a team composed of pure warriors.
In addition to practicing martial arts, they will also learn a variety of special skills, rock climbing, nuclear submarines, tactical sniping…
In short, the Dragon Special Forces is a special combat unit that perfectly combines modern technology and ancient martial arts.
The strength of a single member of the special forces group may be worse than some geniuses in the martial arts world, but their combined strength is surprisingly strong.
If you put ten special forces and ten geniuses of the same realm on the same battlefield and let them fight life and death, then those ten special forces will definitely win in the end!
Because their cooperation has already reached the point where it is seamless.
They can even fight across tiers. Ten special forces in the late stage of the Dark Force, using various high-precision modern weapons, can completely besieged and killed in the early stage of the Force!
At the beginning, the original intention of the military to establish the Dragon God Special Combat Team was this. When encountering some urgent tasks, the dark warrior can also be used as a chemical warrior.

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