Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 547

At this moment, the Dragon God Special Battle Hall.
Several middle-aged men in military uniforms were sitting on both sides of the meeting room. They were solemnly staring at the high-definition large screen directly in front of the meeting room. The video of Chen Feng and the disciple of the swordsman was playing on the screen.
Seeing the stunned sword light of the Sword Saint disciple cut down, everyone’s pupils couldn’t help shrinking. In some scenes, I heard that it was one thing, and seeing it was another thing.
Before, they only knew that Chen Feng was strong, but they didn’t have a clear idea of ​​how strong Chen Feng was.
Now they have.
Just look at the astounding sword light of the disciple Sword Saint, you know that Chen Feng’s strength has completely surpassed the level of An Jin!
At least in the current Dragon God Special Combat Team, no one can compare to Chen Feng.
Even the saint disciple of the sword, alone carrying out a member of the Dragon God Special Forces Brigade, no one can deal with it.
Soon, the video was played.
There was a brief silence in the meeting room.
After a while, Guan Nantian, who was sitting in the first place, broke the silence first: “What do you think?”
“This Chen Feng is indeed very strong.” A middle-aged man sitting on the right side of Guan Nantian slowly spoke. A standard face with Chinese characters gives people a feeling of selflessness.
After the middle-aged man finished speaking, an old man in military uniform sitting to the left of Guan Nantian followed up: “Elder Guan, this person is really a child of the Chen family?”
“Why have I never heard of such an outstanding person in the Chen family before ? ? ” ” he was the illegitimate son of Chen. “the old man looked at the south tube, lightly. illegitimate child?
The army elder’s tone was stagnant, and he fell silent for a moment.
It turned out to be an illegitimate child, no wonder the Chen family never mentioned it.
If it is the son of the Chen family who is serious about it and has done such a famous thing, the Chen family may be making a big fanfare at this moment.
“What do you think of my previous proposal?” Guan Nantian glanced at the crowd again, and put forward his own purpose again.
The middle-aged man and the old man in uniform looked at each other. After considering for a while, the old man in uniform slowly spoke: “Elder Guan, I don’t think there is any problem with your proposal. This person is indeed strong enough to serve as the instructor of the Dragon God, but …” At this point, the old man in the military uniform paused and said: “However, this person is the illegitimate child of the Chen family. If we let this person act as the instructor of the Dragon God, then the Chen family…”
“Your military Do you still need to consider the opinions of the Chen family?” Guan Nantian interrupted the old man in uniform. Although the old man in uniform didn’t finish his words, he knew what the old man in uniform meant.
The old man in military uniform is afraid of the Chen family.
Because once Chen Feng became the instructor of the Dragon God Special Combat Team, he was marked by the military’s brand.
In a sense, the military’s move can be regarded as a platform for Chen Feng.
Although the Chen family can’t do anything to the military, the Chen family can do something to the people who made this decision, such as the old man in military uniform and the middle-aged man.
“Elder Guan, I didn’t mean that…” The old man in military uniform suddenly became a little embarrassed when Nan Tian was in charge.
“Okay, I know what you mean.”
“The Chen family, if you want to trouble you, just let them come to me.”
“You just said that I asked you to do this.” Guan Nantian faintly He said that the status of this old man in military uniform in the country is actually not low, but compared with the Chen family, it is still a bit inferior.
Therefore, he was afraid that things were normal.
But the old man in military uniform is afraid of things, but that doesn’t mean that he will be afraid of things when he manages Nantian.
The Chen family, if you want to trouble him, just come and find it.
“Then… Elder Guan, we will prepare the appointment letter today. Logically speaking, the rank of the instructor of the Dragon God Special Forces Brigade should be major general, but Chen Feng is too young to give him the rank of major general directly. Therefore, we plan to give him the rank of colonel first.” The old man in the uniform asked for instructions. He didn’t know what Guan Nantian valued Chen Feng, so he wanted to give him the rank of Major General Chen Feng directly. You know, Chen Feng only this year. Twenty-five.
There is no reason to give a 25-year-old man the rank of major general directly.
“No, just give him the rank of major general. He deserves it.” Guan Nantian waved his hand. In the early stage of Huajin at the age of twenty-five, he was the first person in China’s younger generation. Such a person can win the military. In the camp, the military earned it.
Not to mention the rank of a major general, or a rank of lieutenant general, the military can give it.
The old man in military uniform was shocked by Guan Nantian’s words again, but Guan Nantian said so, then he could not help but give the rank of major general.
When the military agreed on the military rank for Chen Feng, several important figures from the Chen family also gathered in the Chen family compound.
Headed by it was Chen Boyong.
At this moment, Chen Boyong’s face was very ugly.
It has been a long time since he was so angry. The last time he was so angry was because his daughter Chen Yingrou was abandoned by Chen Feng.
This time, it was because of Chen Feng!
“Second brother, has the wild species really broken through?”
Below Chen Boyong, a middle-aged man with a Kong Wu figure couldn’t help but speak. His name is Chen Jianyong, the head of the seventh house of the Chen family.
The old man of the Chen family took four wives in his lifetime, and these four wives gave birth to 13 children for him.
These thirteen children were divided into 13 rooms in the Chen family according to their ages.
Dafang Chen Zhennan.
The second room, Chen Boyong.
… Thirteen rooms, Chen Haotian.
Chen Haotian is Chen Feng’s father, and he is also the youngest of the 13 siblings of the Chen family.
Although Chen Haotian was the youngest, he was the favorite of Mr. Chen. If it hadn’t been for the first time, Chen Haotian insisted on marrying Su Zhaoxi in, and angered him.
I am afraid that the head of the Chen family today will not be Chen Zhennan, but Chen Haotian!
“He really broke through to Huajin.” Chen Boyong nodded with a gloomy face. The twenty-five-year-old Huajin can no longer be described as horror, it should be said to be a peerless evildoer!
In the third generation of the huge Chen family, there are hundreds of children, but among these hundreds of children, the highest cultivation level is only the peak of Anjin.
At the peak of Anjin, it was only one step away from the early stage of Huajin, but this step was a great moat!
There are a lot of people, at this step, one sleepiness is seven or eight years.
But now, Chen Feng has broken through this step.
He broke through this step and hit the entire Chen family in the face severely.
It stands to reason that the martial arts resources of the direct descendants of the Chen family should be a hundred times higher than that of the illegitimate child of Chen Feng, but in the end, the martial arts realm of the illegitimate child of Chen Feng is ahead of all the direct descendants of the Chen family.
After getting a confirmation from Chen Boyong himself, the heads of the room fell silent.
They are very clear about what the news of Chen Feng’s breakthrough of Huajin means.

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