Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 548

“Has my eldest brother known that this wild species has broken through its vitality?” Chen Jianyong couldn’t help asking. Three months ago, Chen Zhennan suddenly announced that he would be the heir to the Chen family.
At that time, everyone thought that Chen Zhennan would choose one of his own sons to be the heir of the Chen family.
Unexpectedly, Chen Zhennan chose an illegitimate son to be the heir of the Chen family.
There is no doubt that Chen Zhennan’s choice caused an uproar in the Chen family.
Almost all of the other dozen heads of the Chen family raised objections.
But in the end, it was rejected by Chen Zhennan.
Unlike other big families, in the Chen family, Chen Zhennan has absolute control over the Chen family. What he said is a golden rule, even Mr. Chen will not refute it.
Before, everyone could not understand why Chen Zhennan would let an illegitimate child be the heir of the Chen family.
At this moment, after Chen Jianyong said so, many people suddenly woke up, Chen Zhennan probably knew about Chen Feng’s breakthrough in Huajin a long time ago.
This is the real reason why his illegitimate son Chen Feng is the heir of the Chen family!
“My eldest brother is probably determined to ask that wild species to inherit our Chen family.” Chen Jianyong’s expression was gloomy, and he asked an illegitimate child to inherit the Chen family. I don’t know what Chen Zhennan thought.
“The eldest brother has half a month to leave the customs, otherwise, before the eldest brother exits…”
At this moment , a middle-aged woman in a Chinese dress suddenly offered suggestions. Yes, I understand what she meant.
Kill Chen Feng before Chen Zhennan leaves the customs!
Do things completely!
At that time, even if Chen Zhennan was dissatisfied, it was impossible to trouble so many of them for a dead person.
“No.” Chen Boyong shook his hair right.
“Not to mention that the wild species has now broken through to the early stage of Huajin. We can’t kill him at all.”
“Even if we can kill him…” At this point, Chen Boyong’s tone paused: “You really thought we killed him. He, brother won’t kill us?”
Seeing Chen Boyong’s faint eyes, everyone couldn’t help but shiver.
Yes, Chen Zhennan, really won’t kill them?
Although they and Chen Zhennan are brothers and sisters in name, they are actually not related by blood. If they insist on blood relationship, then they have the same father.
But in large families, this kind of half-parent relationship is actually the most ruthless.
“Second brother, is there a possibility that the wild species was used by the eldest brother for fishing…” Chen Jianyong swallowed and asked.
The fishing he said was that Chen Feng was the bait, they were fish, and Chen Zhennan was the fisherman.
Once they killed Chen Feng, they swallowed the bait.
At that time, Chen Zhennan is completely free to deal with them at will.
“Speak carefully.” Chen Boyong glanced at Chen Jianyong sternly. Although Chen Jianyong is a Qifang Fangtou, his martial arts realm is only in the late stage of dark energy, and he does not understand what the words martial arts master mean.
Even if Chen Zhennan is in retreat in the back mountain at this moment, it is not difficult for him to hear what everyone here says.
After Chen Boyong stared like this, the cold sweat on Chen Jianyong’s forehead suddenly came down.
“Big brother won’t do this, he doesn’t have that need.” Chen Boyong said in a deep voice. In his opinion, Chen Jianyong’s fishing incident was pure nonsense.
With Chen Zhennan’s current strength, there is no need to use Chen Feng as bait.
If he really wanted to kill them, it was just a matter of thought. Using Chen Feng as a bait would be unnecessary.
“Then what should we do now? Is it possible that the waste is allowed to become famous, and then the strength is enough, come back to take charge of the Chen family?” Chen Jianyong asked a little anxiously. Today, these house owners are most afraid of Chen Feng taking charge. The Chen family, because when Su Zhaoxi was in the Chen family back then, they belonged to a few rooms and suppressed Su Zhaoxi the hardest.
If Chen Feng is really in charge of the Chen family, then the first thing Chen Feng will do is probably to retaliate against them.
“We can’t do anything now, at least on the face of it, we must not deal with that wild species.”
“Because, many people in the outside world already know our relationship with that wild species. If nothing else, we already have many eyes. Staring at us, at this time, if we openly deal with that wild species, we will definitely become the target of public criticism.” Chen Boyong calmly analyzed.
“However, although we can’t make a move, we can use the relationship in our hands to deal with that wild species.”
“Second brother, what do you mean?”
“I have a little friendship with the Jing family’s owner. After the martial arts world became famous, the Jing family patron would inevitably send the Jing family descendants to challenge the wild species. During the challenge, if something accident happens, it will have nothing to do with us…” Chen Boyong’s mouth raised a sneer. In fact, Chen Zhennan‚Äôs Intent, he can more or less guess some.
Chen Zhennan did not use Chen Feng as bait, nor did he use them as fish.
Chen Zhennan’s real intention is probably to let them be Chen Feng’s sharpening stones!
He wants to turn Chen Feng into a sharp sword!
Although he didn’t know what Chen Zhennan’s intention was to make Chen Feng a treasured sword, he knew very well that as long as he shot Chen Feng within the scope allowed by the rules, Chen Zhennan would never blame him.
Jing family heirs are the scope allowed by the rules.
“Jing family?” Chen Jianyong’s eyes lit up. The Jing family, that was a serious family of ancient warriors, and unlike the wealthy family like the Chen family, the ancient family of warriors like the Jing family did not have much property in the secular world. Only concentrate on studying martial arts.
They are a group of very pure warriors!
Being pure often means powerful.
Generally speaking, the strength of the descendants of this ancient martial arts family is much higher than the geniuses of the martial arts world.
What they are best at is the battle of tiers.
Don’t think that Chen Feng was in the early stage of Huajin, but it was a joke in the early stage of Huajin when he encountered the enchantment of the dark peak of the Jing family.
Chen Feng didn’t know that because of his own reasons, the entire martial arts world began to surging.
At this time Chen Feng was cultivating attentively. He advanced to the early stage of Huajin, and it was almost half a year since he was young.
For half a year, the realm has not been completely stabilized.
What he has to do now is to completely stabilize the realm, and then look for opportunities to break through the mid-term of the strength.
Normally, it will take at least five years for a fighter to break through from the initial stage of transformation to the middle stage of transformation.
Chen Feng is not greedy. He just wants to cut the breakthrough time by half to two years.
If he can break through to the middle of Huajin within two years, then he is qualified to return to the Chen family to get back some things that originally belonged to him.
He is still too weak now.

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