Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 549

After a day of practice, Chen Feng let out a sigh of relief.
After getting off the bed and taking a brief wash, Chen Feng took out his mobile phone.
I wanted to call Shi Pojun and ask about Lin Wanqiu’s situation, but when the number was lost halfway, Chen Feng dispelled the idea.
There should be no progress on Shi Pojun, if there is progress, he will notify himself.
After thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to call Xia Mengyao and ask about Xia Mengyao’s recent situation.
At this moment, there was a knock on the door.
Chen Feng frowned, who would be looking for him at this time? Not many people know that they live here.
Go to the door and pull the door open.
Three straight figures in military uniform caught Chen Feng’s sight.
In the center is a middle-aged man with a grinning mouth, and behind the middle-aged man are two soldiers in their thirties with firm expressions.
“Hello, Mr. Chen.” The middle-aged man smiled and stretched out his hand.
“Hello.” Chen Feng stretched out his hand and shook the middle-aged man with some confusion. The three men in front of him were obviously members of the military, and judging from the star on the middle-aged man’s shoulder, this The status of the three in the military is not low.
But why do people in the military look for themselves?
“Introduce myself first, my name is Wang Feng, the head of the Yanjing Special Operations Department.” Soon, the middle-aged man reported his identity.
Special Operations Department?
Chen Feng was slightly surprised, it turned out to be this organization.
Wang Feng has been observing Chen Feng’s expression. After seeing the flash of surprise in Chen Feng’s eyes, Wang Feng couldn’t help but speak: “Mr. Chen seems to know our special warfare area?”
“Know a little. “Chen Feng nodded.
He has heard of the name of the Special Operations Department, which is a pilot department jointly established by the military and the martial arts community.
It is said that this department has been established for more than 30 years. The original intention of establishing this department was to test the feasibility of combining martial arts and modern technology.
Because in recent years, the development of China’s martial arts and technology has reached a bottleneck period.
Therefore, more than 30 years ago, someone proposed to combine ancient martial arts with modern technology to break through the limits of human power.
At first, this idea was recognized by many people.
But in the concrete development, this kind of conception encountered great difficulties.
That is, the power of the warrior is too strong, and most of the instruments made by modern technology cannot carry the power of the warrior.
At this stage of Ming Jin and An Jin, modern technology can barely carry the power of the warrior, and some modern technology can even make the power of Ming Jin and the dark Jin warrior super increase.
But when it came to the stage of chemical energy, this increase was much smaller.
Even the power of some chemist fighters far exceeds the limits of modern technology.
Therefore, this idea did not continue to be implemented at the end, but became impossible.
However, the department created to implement this idea at the beginning has been retained and transformed into the current special operations department.
Today’s Special Operations Department is naturally still dominated by warriors.
To be precise, it should be a military fighter.
These military fighters not only learn the secrets of martial arts, but also learn professional special forces killing techniques. Their martial arts talents may not be very good, but their strength is not much worse than those of the so-called martial arts genius.
And they are equipped with high-precision modern thermal weapons. In terms of combat capability, they are much stronger than traditional warriors.
It can be said that military fighters are killing machines born to kill.
Their duty is to perform special tasks that are inconvenient for ordinary warriors and ordinary soldiers.
“Since Mr. Chen has heard of our special operations department, it will be easy to handle.”
“That’s how it happened. A few days ago, the instructor of the ace special operations team Dragon God under our special operations department resigned, which led to the entire dragon. The special forces of the gods have fallen into a state where there are no dragons. Therefore, we would like to invite Mr. Chen to serve in our special forces of the dragons.” Wang Feng stated his purpose clearly.
“I’m sorry…”
Chen Feng frowned, and he subconsciously refused, but when he was just talking about it, Wang Feng smiled and said, “Mr. Chen, don’t refuse, and be the instructor of our Dragon God Special Combat Team. but very leisurely month only need to take two or three days to Xishan special warfare Department to teach us about the special operations martial skills on it, you do not need Mr. Chen stayed in Nishiyama special warfare unit every day. ” ” every Only need two or three days a month?” Chen Feng was a little moved when he heard Wang Feng say this. Originally, he was worried that the position of the instructor would require him to stay at the Dragon God Special Combat Base and let him Losing his freedom, Wang Feng’s statement now dispelled his worries.
“That’s right.” Wang Feng nodded and smiled: “This is what Elder Guan means. Elder Guan said that the position of instructor is second, and the important thing is not to delay your cultivation.”
Guan Nantian?
Chen Feng’s heart moved, no wonder Wang Feng would find him, it turned out that all this was meant to control Nantian.
Why did Guan Nantian do this? Does he want to help himself?
“Okay, I agree.”
Chen Feng didn’t think about it any more, but made a decision directly.
The Special Operations Department is an extremely important department of the military. To serve in such a department, in a sense, has a military background.
With a military background, it won’t be so easy for some people to want to move him.
“Xiao Song.” Wang Feng glanced behind him.
Immediately, a man with a stiff figure walked up to Chen Feng and gave Chen Feng a standard military salute.
After paying the military salute, Xiao Song took a box from another man and brought it to Chen Feng.
“Mr. Chen, this is your military uniform and your badge certificate.” Wang Feng said with a smile, “Next time you come to Xishan, as long as you show this certificate, the guard at the door will let you in.”
“Troublesome Brother Wang “Chen Feng said politely. If he were to work in the special operations department, then the middle-aged man in front of him might be his colleague.
“No trouble.” Wang Feng smiled and shook his head.
“If there is nothing wrong, Xiao Song and I will leave first.”
“Well, I’ll send you off.”
Wang Feng came quickly, and went quickly.
In less than three minutes, they disappeared in front of the villa, but Chen Feng had an extra set of dark green military uniforms and medals, and a certificate.
Chen Feng glanced at the information on the certificate, and was immediately shocked. The position of the instructor of the Dragon God Special Forces Group turned out to be a major general. In other words, his current rank in the army is considered to be major general.
This level is not low, after all, he is only twenty-five years old this year.
At this time, Chen Feng became more and more sure that Guan Nantian wanted to help himself.
He wanted to give himself a military identity. With this military identity, the Chen family would no longer be as unscrupulous as before.

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