Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 550

After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng pressed down the restlessness in his heart.
Guan Nantian gave him a good identity, but in the end everything depends on himself.
This identity is only useful if he is strong.
If he is not strong, then this identity can protect him for a while, but it cannot protect him for the rest of his life.
At this time, Chen Feng’s phone rang.
The caller ID is Shi Pojun.
“Big Brother Shi, how is it?” Chen Feng said in a deep voice after pressing to answer.
“There’s news.”
Shi Pojun’s tone was a little low, and Chen Feng couldn’t help but sink in his heart: “Brother Shi, let’s talk, I’m mentally prepared.”
Shi Pojun nodded and said, “Ten minutes ago. Someone posted a video to Chu Yifei’s cell phone. The video showed that Wan Qiu was in a small dim house…”
“Did they say who they are?” Chen Feng asked, taking a deep breath.
“No, they didn’t identify themselves. They only said that Lin Wanqiu is a descendant of Grandmaster Lin. If you want Lin Wanqiu to live, you can exchange it with the ultimate truth.”
“What did China Shipping Chamber of Commerce say?” Chen Feng asked. In one sentence, he wanted to know the attitude of China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
“The China Shipping Chamber of Commerce has already quarreled over this matter. The Chu family agreed to send the Ji Dao Zhen Jie out, but the Song family and the Qin family strongly opposed the Chu family. On the Wang family side…their attitude is a bit unclear. , I don’t know what they think at the moment.”
“I know.” Chen Feng nodded a little irritably. I have to say that things are very tricky now, but the true understanding of the extreme way can make a master of martial arts, and the opinions of the four people Not yet unified.
“Xiaofeng, don’t worry for the time being. This matter will have a great impact. If Lin Wanqiu is really a descendant of Great Master Lin, then the Wumeng and Zhanmeng should immediately intervene. They will not sit and watch Lin Wanqiu’s accident. “Yes.” Shi Pojun said solemnly.
Masters of martial arts are also humans, they can also give birth and have offspring.
Although Emperor Lin Qing has disappeared in this world for more than 20 years, if Lin Wanqiu is really a descendant of Emperor Lin Qing, then the Wumeng and Zhanmeng must protect Lin Wanqiu’s thoroughness.
For nothing else, because she is the offspring of the martial arts master.
If the Wumeng and Zhanmeng can’t even protect the safety of the grandmaster’s descendants, what else are they talking about protecting the Chinese martial arts world?
Moreover, there is still a rule in the martial arts world, that is, it will not harm your family.
There is a gap between the warriors, and it is enough to find each other’s troubles, and never find family members. This is the bottom line of the Wumeng and the Zhanmeng.
If everyone threatened each other with family members, then the martial arts world would have been messy, because most martial artists have parents, wives and children, today you kill my parents, wives and children, tomorrow I will kill your parents, wives and children, the so-called martial arts world, What is the difference with the evil demon’s Waidao?
“Well, let me go to the headquarters of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce first.” Chen Feng nodded. He believed that the Wumeng and Zhanmeng would intervene, but he didn’t know when and how to intervene.
Therefore, he must do something himself.
Half an hour later, Chen Feng arrived at the headquarters of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce.
At this time, the heads of the four major families have also gathered together.
After Chen Feng entered the conference hall, he immediately attracted the attention of many people.
“Xiaofeng, why are you here?” Chu Yifei took the lead to stand up, with a look of surprise.
“Brother Chu, I have something to ask you.”
“What’s the matter?”
“Half an hour ago, did someone send you a video?” Chen Feng asked.
“How do you know?” Chu Yifei was stunned. Someone sent him a video half an hour ago, but the only ones who knew the content of the video were the four masters and the Alliance. How did Chen Feng know?
“A friend of mine told me.”
Chen Feng did not say Shi Pojun’s name because it was inappropriate. Shi Pojun told him that Lin Wanqiu’s news was a violation of the rules in the War League.
“Xiaofeng, do you know the girl in the video?” Chu Yifei quickly realized Chen Feng’s purpose.
“She is my sister…” Chen Feng is straight to the point.
Everyone in the hall was in an uproar, with surprises on their faces.
“Brother Chu, you should be clear about the purpose of my coming this time.”
“Tell me the truth about the truth, and you can mention the conditions.”
Chen Feng said directly, but as soon as his voice fell, an objection rang out in the hall. sound.
“Impossible!” It was a handsome young man who spoke out against Chen Feng. At this moment, the young man was staring at Chen Feng coldly: “You said she is your sister, she is your sister?!”
“If I didn’t If you remember it wrong, your surname seems to be Chen, right?”
“Who are you?” Chen Feng frowned and glanced at the handsome young man. He had never seen this handsome young man before, but why did this handsome young man show him so deeply? Hostility.
“My name is Song Licheng.” The handsome young man reported his name coldly.
“We’ve seen it before?” Chen Feng’s brow furrowed deeper, Song Licheng, I heard his name should be from the Song family, but when did he complain to the Song family again.
“I have seen it?” Song Licheng sneered suddenly, “Of course we haven’t seen it.”
“However, you probably don’t know that Ying Rou is my fiancee, right.”
Chen Ying Rou? !
Chen Feng’s face turned cold, no wonder this handsome young man would have such a deep hostility towards him, it turns out that he is Chen Yingrou’s fiance.
This way everything made sense. He interrupted Chen Yingrou’s legs, abolished Chen Yingrou’s martial arts foundation, and turned Chen Yingrou into a waste person. It is strange that this handsome young man does not hate him.
“You want to trouble me?” Chen Feng’s tone suddenly calmed down. He didn’t expect to meet Chen Yingrou’s fiancé here. However, he is not a fearful person. If Song Licheng really troubles him, he doesn’t mind letting Song Licheng. Seeing his methods,
“Trouble you?” Song Licheng sneered, “You think too much, I am not the kind of person who does not distinguish between public and private. You abolish Yingrou’s affairs. Sooner or later, I will settle with you. Now we The discussion is about real solutions.”
Everyone in the hall frowned, and no one had expected Song Licheng’s sudden attack.
However, the information revealed in his words shocked everyone in the field.
Chen Feng turned out to be the ruthless person who abolished Chen Yingrou.
In the past, everyone only heard that the Chen family had such an incident, but the specific truth of the incident was not very clear to everyone.
The only thing everyone knew was that after Chen Yingrou became a useless person, Song Licheng, who was originally envied by the four people, became Zhong Hai’s joke.
After all, he originally wanted to marry a beautiful and beautiful daughter-in-law, but this daughter-in-law was interrupted by someone overnight, and the foundation of the warrior was also abolished.

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