Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 56

“Just wait, and be Young Master Shen’s mother-in-law. When the time comes to marry the Shen family, don’t forget your sister-in-law and me.” Sun Guifang laughed. At this time, she was a little jealous of Lin Lan. Although she was stupid, Life is really good. Having a good daughter who can be valued by Shen Junwen, a person who has the right to ascend to heaven, and even the status of the entire Xia family, will probably rise.
“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I can forget anyone, but sister-in-law, you and I will never forget.” Lin Lan is in a good mood. After tomorrow, she will be a wealthy lady. She wants to let those who looked down on her before, Know what regret is!
Early the next morning, a breaking news spread in the streets of Cangzhou.
Shen Junwen, the nephew of the richest man in Cangzhou, may want to marry Xia Mengyao!
This news is not unbelievable.
Shen Junwen and Xia Mengyao are influential figures in Cangzhou City. One is the prince charming in the hearts of billions of girls. Not to mention handsome and handsome, they are still the second generation of super rich.
The other one is the number one beauty in Cangzhou. Not only is she beautiful, she is also a business woman and the dream lover of countless young people.
The combination of these two people, apart from the appearance of a talented woman, everyone could not think of other words to describe it.
However, there are rumours that Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao did not divorce. Shen Junwen married Xia Mengyao in front of Chen Feng. To put it bluntly, he wanted to blatantly cuckold Chen Feng in front of the entire city.
Many people began to sympathize with Chen Feng. It was pitiful enough to be a man at this level. His wife was looked at by other men, but he didn’t even have the right to resist.
Of course, many people ridiculed Chen Feng. After all, Chen Feng’s useless name has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is normal for him to be unable to keep a beautiful beauty like Xia Mengyao.
After the news reached the Xia family, the entire Xia family exploded.
“Shen Junwen fell in love with Xia Mengyao?!” Xia Zilan was full of disbelief. She was the one who could not accept this. From childhood to age, she had to compare with Xia Mengyao in everything. In front of Xia Mengyao, her only advantage is that Her husband, Zhao Shihua, is a hundred times better than Xia Mengyao’s waste husband.
But today, someone told her that Xia Mengyao was going to marry the nephew of the richest man, but Shen Junwen, a hundred Zhao Shihua couldn’t compare.
“Well, I don’t know how that bitch hooked up with Shen Junwen again.” Xia Hao said with a gloomy expression. Xia Mengyao had already made him feel uncomfortable when he became the head of the Yuquanshan project. Now he wants to marry Shen Junwen again. He has no way to survive.
“Is Shen Junwen blind! Xia Mengyao is such a lousy product, and he can see it too!” Xia Zilan roared angrily. She didn’t understand what kind of shit luck Xia Mengyao had in the past month and became the head of the Yuquanshan project. Not to mention, now that she still wants to marry into a wealthy family and be a Kuo wife, doesn’t it mean that she will always be crushed by Xia Mengyao in the future.
“This stinky bitch must have given Shen Junwen ecstasy soup again.” Xia Hao said viciously. In the entire Xia family, he was the one who offended Xia Mengyao the most. If Xia Mengyao really married into the Shen family, he would definitely not be able to eat it. Go around.
“What should I do now? Can you find Shen Junwen and say something bad in front of him? Let him dispel the idea of ​​marrying Xia Mengyao.” Xia Zilan asked uneasy.
“Are you a fool for Shen Junwen? He must know our relationship with that bitch, so he won’t believe our words! Maybe he thought we were slandering that bitch.”
“Up to now, I have to find a chance to bow to that stinky bitch, or she will become the young grandmother of the Shen family and will not let you and me go.” Xia Hao’s face was full of unwillingness, once Xia Mengyao became Young Master Shen, let alone him, I’m afraid Xia Yunsheng, she will not take it seriously.
“Where is Chen Feng’s uselessness? Is he going to watch this stinky bitch marry Shen Junwen?” Xia Zilan thought of Chen Feng again, and she hoped that Chen Feng could cause some trouble to Shen Junwen at this time.
“Chen Feng?” Xia Hao gritted his teeth, “This rubbish only dared to play sideways in front of us. When he arrived at Shen Junwen, he absolutely wouldn’t even dare to put one fart. Maybe this time, he tried to send Xia Mengyao to Shen Junwen. In hand.”
“It’s very likely that this waste, what I like most is to send my wife to another man’s bed.” Xia Zilan could only comfort herself in this way.
At the same time, Xia Yunsheng, who was sitting in the office, was also deeply surprised. Logically speaking, he should be happy when Xia Mengyao married into the Shen family, but he was not happy. He knew very well that he was dealing with Xia Mengyao and Xia Hao. When it happened, he was partial to Xia Hao, so Xia Mengyao was bound to have a grudge against him.
If Xia Mengyao was a little less minded, she would definitely use the power of the Shen family after marriage to stumble the Xia family.
Xia Yunsheng had a headache. At this time, even he had to find a way to repair the relationship with Xia Mengyao.
In desperation, Xia Yunsheng called Lin Lan. The tone on the phone was extremely kind, and he told Lin Lan that he could raise any request, and the family would do their best to help, and must let Xia Mengyao take care of Shen Junwen.
This was the only opportunity for the Xia family to soar into the sky.
Lin Lan also rarely raised her eyebrows over there, and the Patriarch Xia called her personally to show her good. This was something she couldn’t even think of before, but now, it really happened.
Lin Lan felt that she was really wise this time. Marrying Xia Mengyao to Shen Junwen was the most correct decision she made in her life.
After hanging up the phone, Xia Yunsheng sighed again.
The Xia family is really going to change this time.
At this time, Xia Yunsheng could not help but think of Chen Feng. Logically speaking, Chen Feng is still Xia Mengyao’s husband in name. Xia Mengyao and Shen Junwen are married, and Chen Feng should have reacted.
But unexpectedly, there was no news about Chen Feng. It was as if Chen Feng was invisible. This made Xia Yunsheng very puzzled. He still couldn’t understand Chen Feng a little bit, especially After going through the incident at Yuquan Mountain last time, Xia Yunsheng felt that Chen Feng might have a huge amount of energy hidden in him. This energy was even so huge that he couldn’t imagine it!
The rest of the Xia family also called Lin Lan one after another to congratulate Lin Lan, which was considered a flattery to Lin Lan in advance.
But they didn’t have as many thoughts as Xia Yunsheng, from beginning to end, no one cared about Chen Feng’s life or death.
I even feel that if Chen Feng is smarter, he should take good care of Xia Mengyao at this time. Maybe after Xia Mengyao and Shen Junwen get married, they can still take care of him for the sake of the old couple.

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