Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 551

How can Song Licheng accept this?
If he wants to marry a woman from an ordinary family, then the woman becomes a waste, and he can naturally destroy the marriage contract.
But he married a woman from the second room of the Chen family.
At this time, if he dared to ruin the marriage contract, he would put the Chen family’s face on the ground.
Therefore, whether he is willing or not, Chen Yingrou, he is married.
It’s no wonder that Song Licheng hated Chen Feng so much. If he changed to someone else, he might have the heart to kill Chen Feng.
However, Chen Feng’s identity is obviously also very unusual, which can be seen from the fact that he abolished Chen Yingrou and has done nothing.
“You said Lin Wanqiu is your sister? Do you have any evidence?”
Song Licheng spoke again when everyone was speculating about the relationship between Chen Feng and the Chen family .
“No, Wanqiu is not my sister.” Chen Feng’s tone was calm. There was indeed no kinship between him and Lin Wanqiu. He had always looked at Lin Wanqiu as his sister.
“Isn’t my sister?”
“Then why should we give you the Ji Dao truth, who knows if Lin Wanqiu was kidnapped by you.” Song Licheng sneered.
Lin Wanqiu was kidnapped by Chen Feng?
Hearing Song Licheng’s words, everyone’s complexion changed suddenly, let alone, it is really possible.
After all, until now, the person who kidnapped Lin Wanqiu has not revealed the slightest information.
And if Chen Feng knew about Lin Wanqiu’s mobile phone, Lin Qingdi’s daughter, then he might have planned it a long time ago, including this gambling fight. Chen Feng would turn the tide for the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, and I’m afraid he is also aiming for the truth. To go.
At this moment, even Chu Yifei’s expression changed.
Although Song Licheng’s remarks implied framing and framing, it must be said that Chen Feng is indeed very suspicious.
He has both motives and strength to commit crimes.
Seeing Chen Feng’s silence, Song Licheng was immediately even more proud: “Is it right?”
“It’s you who kidnapped Miss Lin.”
“Perhaps you knew Miss Lin’s identity from the beginning. In the gambling battle between the Maritime Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, even if Brother Chu does not find you, you will definitely try to get in, because you alone cannot get the ultimate truth.”
Song Licheng made a loud noise. An analysis is so well-founded that Chen Feng cannot refute it at all.
“Brother Chu, do you believe me?” Chen Feng shifted his gaze to Chu Yifei. What Song Licheng said was not important. He wanted to know Chu Yifei’s attitude.
Chu Yifei’s complexion changed, and he did not give an answer immediately.
“Okay, I see.” Chen Feng sighed, Chu Yifei had already given his attitude, but this attitude made Chen Feng a little bit chilling.
“I admit that everything you said makes sense, but I didn’t kidnap Wanqiu.” Chen Feng glanced at Song Licheng calmly.
“If you say that’s not it? Do you have evidence?” Song Licheng raised his brows lightly, and his tone was triumphant.
“What evidence do you want?!”
Chen Feng was about to open his mouth when a loud voice rang out from the door of the conference room.
Everyone looked towards the door, but saw that a tall man with a mighty stature came with swift steps.
The man has a breath of majesty that is extremely captivating.
“Zhanmeng, Shibajun!” After entering the door, the tall man first glanced at everyone in the meeting room with a blank face, and then directly revealed his identity.
Everyone in the field was suddenly shocked. They turned out to be members of the Zhanmeng, and looking at the medals on Shibajun, they were also hall-master-level figures of the Zhanmeng.
Song Licheng’s eyes rolled and he took the lead to stand up: “Hall Master Shi is here for Miss Lin?”
Shi Pojun glanced at Song Licheng coldly, and then spit out two words.
Song Licheng’s expression was overjoyed: “Hall Master Shi has found out what eyebrows are. If there are no eyebrows, the younger generation has some suggestions.”
“Hall Master Shi, I suspect this person is the real murderer behind the kidnapping of Miss Lin. “Song Licheng pointed directly at Chen Feng. Regardless of whether Lin Wanqiu’s disappearance has anything to do with Chen Feng, Chen Feng is very suspicious. So at this moment, as long as he splashes dirty water on Chen Feng’s head, Chen Feng will just jump into the Yellow River. Can’t wash.
“Is there any evidence?”
“No, but I think he is very suspicious…” Song Licheng shook his head first, and immediately, he said his speculation again.
He didn’t notice, Shi Pojun’s face became colder and colder when he said this.
“Are you finished?”
Shi Pojun asked in angrily.
Song Licheng was taken aback, how could he see that Shi Pojun’s expression was a bit wrong.
Although he was shocked in his heart, Song Licheng still said: “It’s over.” The next second, Shi Pojun broke out: “It’s so nonsense!”
“Who gave you the courage to make you slander your heroes of the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce?! ”
Hall Master Shi…” Song Licheng was completely stunned, and even the people of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce were a little startled.
Shi Pojun glanced at everyone coldly, and said, “A bunch of ungrateful things!”
“There is no Xiaofeng, let alone the ultimate truth, it’s 200 billion, you don’t want to get a point!”
“It turns out that you are okay. When something happens, you suspect Xiaofeng as soon as possible.”
Everyone’s expressions changed. Why did he hear Shi Pojun’s words? He seemed to know Chen Feng?
After being scolded by Shi Pojun in person, everyone suddenly couldn’t get off the stage. Among them, Song Licheng’s expression was the ugliest one. After all, he suspected that Chen Feng was the one who took the lead.
After taking a look at Shi Pojun, Song Licheng bit his scalp and said: “Hall Master Shi, we suspect Chen Feng and we have our reasons. If you have evidence, you can take it out…”
“Evidence?!” Song Licheng said. Before he finished speaking, Shi Pojun was roughly interrupted by Shi Pojun: “Would you like evidence? I will give you evidence!” After speaking, Shi
Pojun threw a document on the table.
“Hall Master Shi, this is…”
“This is the source code of the video just found out by the Intelligence Division of the War League. The video sent to you was shot in Japan!” Shi Pojun said coldly.
When the words fell, the audience was shocked.
“How could it be Japan?!”
“So, this thing was done by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce?!”
Song Licheng’s complexion changed drastically. If the video was really shot in Japan, I’m afraid to talk to Chen Feng It doesn’t matter much, but it can’t be ruled out that Chen Feng has arranged a cloud of suspicion to disturb everyone’s sight, but that possibility is too small.
“Do you have anything else to say now?” Shi Pojun gave Song Licheng a cold look.
Song Licheng’s expression changed for a while, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Hall Master Shi, even if what you said is true, that video was really shot in Japan, and Chen Feng’s suspicion cannot be cleared up. Who knows if he has it? Intervene in Japan to settle in.”

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