Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 557

A passenger plane flying from Korea to Tokyo landed on time at Tokyo International Airport. A young man with long hair and a hip-hop style, carrying a bag, pushing a suitcase, walked out of the airport with the flow of people.
After leaving the airport, the young man took a taxi, got off the bus when he was one kilometer away from the wealthy Tokyo Bay area, and then lost his luggage, disappearing into the night like a ghost.
At this moment, it was just ten hours after Lin Wanqiu was kidnapped.
While the global martial arts community was discussing that Chen Summit would not go to Japan, and the Miyamoto family monitored all the Chinese who came to Japan in an all-round way, a young Korean who was replaced came to Japan.
The youth is Chen Feng!
After arriving in Japan, Chen Feng did not go to the soul for the first time, but according to the information provided by Shi Pojun, came to a villa area.
This villa area is located in Tokyo Bay, a well-known wealthy area in Tokyo.
Songdao Feng’s family lives here.
Chen Feng didn’t plan to go directly to the soul to save Lin Wanqiu, he planned to ask Songdao Feng’s mouth about the deployment of Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.
Unlike the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, Qianshui Chamber of Commerce has only two families.
One is the Miyamoto family where Miyamoto Hanzo lives.
The other is naturally the Matsushima family where Matsushima Maple is located.
In Japan, the Matsushima family is also a prestigious super family. The industries their family controls are almost all over Japan.
When Songdao Feng came to celebrate the birthday of Chu celadon last time, he directly gave a luxury yacht as a gift.
At that time, Songdao Feng’s gift shocked the Chu family.
Because the value of that yacht is more than one billion!
Chen Feng’s contact with Songdao Feng was limited to that time.
So he didn’t have a deep impression of Matsushima Maple, he just remembered that Matsushima Maple was a short and short fat man.
Before coming to Japan this time, Shi Pojun told him that if he wanted to save Lin Wanqiu, he had better find a breakthrough from Songdao Feng.
Because, the master of the Matsushima Maple family is retreating these days.
Therefore, the entire Matsushima Maple family is currently weak.
At this moment, inside the Maple family of Matsushima, the Matsushima family is having a meal.
“Feng’er, listen to them, do you know that Chen Feng?”
Matsushima Feng’s father Matsushima Xiongye suddenly put down his knife and fork to speak.
“Yes, I do know that Chen Feng.” Matsushima Feng nodded with a complicated expression.
“Do you think this person will come to Japan?” Matsushima Yuno asked.
Feng Songdao shook his head: “Father, I don’t know Chen Feng very well, so I don’t know that Chen Summit will not come to Japan.”
“However, Chinese people have always valued love and justice. If this Lin Wanqiu is Chen Feng’s woman Then he will definitely come to Japan.” Matsushima Feng said.
“He’d better come here. If he can’t come, then our arrangement will be in vain.” Matsushima Xiongye said.
“Father, are we really sure to kill him?” Matsushima Feng couldn’t help but ask. Even now, he couldn’t believe it. The gentle youth he saw that day turned out to be that terrifying. Genius.
“Huh, this time, Shinobu sent thirty ninjas, plus ten elite ninjas. How could it be impossible to kill him with such power.” Matsushima Xiongye snorted coldly.
Matsushima Kaede’s expression was slightly solemn. The Xia Ren in Matsushima Yuno’s mouth was the lowest ninja in Japan. Such a ninja was equivalent to Hua Xia’s bright energy, and Zhong Ren was equivalent to Hua Xia’s dark energy.
Thirty bright energies, plus ten secret energies…
In order to kill Chen Feng, the soul of Ninja sent such a power!
“Father, what about us?” Matsushima Kaede couldn’t help asking. Obviously, what Matsushima Wild Bear just said was just the power sent by Shinobu, as the real messenger behind the attack, the Matsushima family and the palace. This family, I am afraid they will send more elite forces!
“We?” Matsushima Xiongye’s mouth raised a sneer, “We only need to send two people.”
“Two people?” Matsushima Maple was startled, and his expression changed drastically after thinking of something.
“Father, Chen Feng’s rescue this time, it is very likely that a live broadcast will be launched in front of the global warriors. If we let our family’s Shangren move out, I am afraid…”
Everyone in a big family like the Matsushima family The top Ninjas are all well-known masters from the outside world. If they openly block Chen Feng, they will definitely be recognized by the global powerhouse.
“Don’t worry, the Shinobu dispatched by our family was’dead’ ten years ago…” Matsushima Xiongye calmly interrupted Matsushima Maple.
Like the Miyamoto family, the Matsushima family also has a Shinobu who should have died ten years ago!
“Dead?” Matsushima Maple’s eyes lit up. What Matsushima Xiongye said of death could not be a real death, but that their identity was dead!
When Matsushima Maple and Matsushima Xiongye discussed how to deal with Chen Feng, Chen Feng had already entered the villa area.
Came to the residential area of ​​Maple Songdo.
At noon today, Shi Pojun promoted the kidnapping of Lin Wanqiu in the Budo Forum according to his plan, which caused a huge sensation. At the same time, he disguised himself and traveled to Seoul in Goryeo with a fake identity, and then used the Chu family’s relationship in Goryeo. I found a Korean young man with a similar appearance, used that Korean young man’s identity, swaggered to Tokyo, and went straight here.
At this moment, Chen Feng lost the wig on his head and put on a black suit, as if he had melted into the dark night.
In the night, he squinted his eyes and looked at Matsushima Maple’s villa while pricking his ears, listening carefully for everything.
Like all top-notch Japanese-style villas, in addition to the main building, Matsushima Maple’s villa also has a yard covering an area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters. The yard is planted with various precious flowers and trees, and built two pavilions, A stone lamp and a pond.
In addition, the villa is built with a two-meter-high courtyard wall. The walls are covered with monitors, which can be called 360-degree shooting without blind spots. Anyone approaching the villa will be monitored and photographed. In the monitoring screen of the concierge monitoring room, the bodyguard found it.
After a few seconds, Chen Feng retracted his gaze and took a deep breath. The strength in his body surged to the soles of his feet.
Whoosh! next moment.
Chen Feng moved his feet and his figure flashed like a phantom. He quickly swept over the courtyard wall, jumped over the two-meter courtyard wall, and landed on the ground quietly.
All of this seems complicated, but because Chen Feng has used his speed to the extreme and completed it in a very short period of time, there is no sign of him in the monitoring screen, only a broken black shadow.
“Is that a human figure just now?” In the monitoring room, a bodyguard saw the black shadow. When he wanted to confirm, he found that the shadow had disappeared and couldn’t help asking his companion.

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