Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 558

“Did you say that the dark shadow just now? I saw it. How could it be a human shadow? How fast does it take to be captured by surveillance?” Another bodyguard shook his head and laughed.
However, his smile soon stiffened, his eyes widened, and his eyes were full of incredible!
Because he saw a figure through the door glass of the concierge monitoring room.
Chen Feng appeared like a ghost and suddenly appeared at the door of the concierge monitoring room!
“What’s the matter with you?”
The bodyguard asked for the first time when he saw this, with some confusion.
His response was the sound of the door opening.
Chen Feng opened the door directly as if returning to his home.
China Chen Feng?
As the bodyguards of the Songdo family, they not only knew about Chen Feng, but also about Chen Feng’s deeds of killing the Shenyin Assassin and the disciple of the Sword Saint, and they also knew that Chen Feng would come to Japan to save the grandmaster’s descendants.
Under such a situation, they suddenly saw Chen Feng appear, completely frightened!
They widened their eyes and looked at Chen Feng incredulously with their mouths slightly open, as if they wanted to say: How could he come here?
As if to respond to the two of them, Chen Feng slapped two palms in a row at lightning speed. He almost shot the heads of two bodyguards at the same time, directly shattering their heads and causing them to connect. Without making any calls, he fell to the ground and died completely.
After doing all this, Chen Feng walked out of the concierge and strode towards the main building of the villa.
“Father, when do you think Chen Feng will arrive in Japan?” Matsushima Feng asked.
“Maybe tomorrow, he wants to come to Japan, he must have to make a series of preparations, and also understand the defensive deployment of Shinobu.” Matsui Yuno said casually.
“Tomorrow?” Matsushima Feng was a little worried. Although he had only contacted Chen Feng once, Chen Feng gave him the feeling that he was a man of resoluteness. He didn’t think Chen Feng was so slow.
As if he knew what Matsushima Maple was thinking, Matsushima Xiongye smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the airport has been docked. As long as Chen Feng appears in the airport, we will definitely receive news as soon as possible. “As soon as Matsushima Yuno’s voice fell, he heard a bang.
The wooden door shattered!
Just when Matsushima Yuno and his sons couldn’t wait to hope that Chen Feng would come to Japan soon, Chen Feng appeared. He kicked open the door of the main building. The horrible inner force directly shattered the wooden door, and then strode. Left the hall.
“Uh…” The sudden scene made Matsushima Feng and his son all dumbfounded!
Under the light, their eyes widened, and they looked at Chen Feng, who was a strong beginner, like two wooden sculptures, motionless.
At this moment, they even suspected hallucinations!
You should know that in order to get the exact time of Chen Feng’s arrival in Japan, the Matsushima family is ready to kill Chen Feng. They have been docked with major airports in Japan, and can get information about all the inbound Chinese travelers who have not yet been there. When boarding abroad, they already have the information of the passengers!
Through monitoring, they have yet to get any information about Chen Feng’s coming to Japan, so they expect Chen Feng to come to Japan sooner.
As a result, Chen Feng came, coming so suddenly, he directly smashed the gate and entered!
This… can you imagine the horror that it brought them?
“Flap! Pop! Pop!”
Afterwards, without waiting for Songdao Feng and his son to recover from the horror, Chen Feng strode towards the two of them, and the dull footsteps broke the original silence in the hall.
That voice, like howling from a devil, awakened Matsushima and his son.
Under the light, their bodies were stiff, their hair exploded, their faces pale, their hearts beating like drums, and their eyes were full of fear.
Although they don’t know exactly how Chen Feng entered Japan, they can think of the purpose of Chen Feng’s coming here with their toes!
And they were still discussing how to break Chen Feng’s body into thousands of pieces, peeling his skin into cramps!
Hula the next moment, without waiting for Chen Feng to approach, Songdao Feng and his son got up at the same time, but because they were too panic, they directly hit the table and chair. Two of the dishes fell to the ground, and they fell after hearing only a “clam”. Become crushed.
“Don’t try to struggle, let alone hope to escape, it’s impossible.”
Chen Feng said, his voice fell, his body jumped, and he stood in front of Songdao Feng and his son in an instant.
Chen Feng’s words rang in his ears, seeing Chen Feng standing there like a gun, thinking of Chen Feng’s terrifying force value and methods of action, Matsushima Feng and his son felt like they had a knife on their necks, and they were stiff again. In the same place, he didn’t dare to move, his face was full of fear!
“Chen…Chen Fengjun, hello.” Matsushima Feng said tremblingly. After all, he had a relationship with Chen Feng, so at this moment, although he was panic, he would not lose his sense of measure.
“Matsushima Maple, we met again.” Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Matsushima Maple. He vaguely remembered the scene when he saw Matsushima Maple last time. At that time, Matsushima Maple also thought about giving him a chance. Humiliated him in public.
“Chen…Chen Fengjun, the kidnapping of that woman has nothing to do with me.” Matsushima Feng swallowed and said with a little horror.
Chen Feng smiled playfully: “Did I say that that matter is related to you?”
“It seems not.”
“It’s really no silver three hundred taels here.” As soon as Chen Feng said this, Songdao Feng’s complexion instantly changed, he was so stupid! Actually confessed first!
“You don’t need to look so ugly.” Chen Feng sneered, “Even if you don’t admit it, I know that this matter is related to you.”
“Chen…Chen Fengjun, listen to me…”
” Pop ” in response to Matsushima Feng Yes, it was a loud slap.
Songdao Feng flew upside down in an instant. Before he landed, he had already vomited several bloody teeth.
Until then, Chen Feng calmly said: “What are you talking about? How did you kidnap Wanqiu?”
“Misunderstanding, Chen Fengjun, we are not malicious.” Seeing Matsushima Maple being fanned out, Matsushima Xiongye I dare not have any complaints.
“Your name is Matsushima Xiongye, right?” Chen Feng looked at Matsushima Xiongye.
“Yes, yes, my name is Matsushima Yumino.” Matsushima Yumino nodded like a chicken pecking rice.
Chen Feng nodded slightly: “Ask you a question, what is your plan to deal with me this time?”
“What…what plan? Chen…Chen Fengjun, what are you talking about, I don’t understand.” Head sweating profusely, even speaking a bit uncomfortable.
“Don’t understand?” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised a touch of playfulness.
As he said, he grabbed Matsushima Yuno’s neck.
“You… what are you going to do?!” Matsushima Xiongye’s complexion flushed, fluttering in Chen Feng’s hands like a chicken.

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