Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 559

Chen Feng did not speak.
Soon, he took Matsushima Yuno to the bathroom, directly pushed Matsushima Yuno’s head into the toilet, and then turned on the water pump button.
Wow! There was the sound of running water, and Matsushima Yuno’s face was completely immersed in the water, unable to breathe. The strong suction made his face distorted and pained. His body was struggling and twisting violently, but his head could not be lifted.
One second, two seconds, three seconds, a full sixty seconds later, Chen Feng grabbed Matsushima’s head.
Yuno Matsushima opened his mouth and breathed hard, only to breathe two breaths of air before being pushed into the toilet by Chen Feng again.
This time, Chen Feng reduced the time to only fifty seconds.
Fifty seconds later, Chen Feng followed suit and grabbed Matsushima Yuno and let him breathe three times.
“Let go of me!”
Matsushima Yuino shouted ferociously while breathing heavily.
“When did you understand what I said, when did I let you go!”
Chen Feng said expressionlessly, pushing Matsushima Yuino’s head into the toilet again.
“Huh…huh…I…I said, I said!” At the sixth time, Matsushima Xiongye’s face turned purple, he breathed hurriedly, looking at Chen Feng beggingly. I felt afraid that Chen Feng would push him into the toilet again.
He was scared.
I’m really scared!
When he was pushed into the toilet, not only was he unable to breathe, but the toilet was constantly pumping water. The terrifying suction couldn’t wait to draw his head into the toilet. The whole process made him feel painful!
“Go ahead, but I advise you not to try to deceive me, otherwise I don’t mind changing you a show.”
Chen Feng said, letting go of Matsushima Yugino, letting Matsushima Yugino lie on the ground, breathing .
“Our plan is like this…”
Matsushima Xiongye said. He didn’t dare to conceal or deceive, and truthfully informed Chen Feng Qianshui Chamber of Commerce of the entire plan.
Ten minutes later, Chen Feng ended Matsushima’s life, and then left Matsushima’s villa and went directly to Chiba Prefecture.
Chiba Prefecture is located in the southeastern part of the Kanto Plain of Japan, on the east side of the metropolitan area. It consists of the Kanto Plain in the north and the Boso Peninsula in the south-central part. It is a long and narrow peninsula with a length of 96 kilometers from east to west and 129 kilometers from north to south.
Chiba is a satellite city of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and an international trade port with the largest domestic cargo throughput in Japan.
The killing game carefully prepared for Chen Feng by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce and Ninth Soul is set in Chiba, which is precisely a small amusement park in Chiba.
This was the earliest amusement park in Chiba. Later, because Tokyo Disney was built in Chiba, this amusement park was abandoned.
The land near the amusement park was bought by the Matsushima family, who abandoned their military business. The land price has doubled over the years, but it has not been developed. As a result, the surrounding area of ​​the amusement park looks a little barren. Not to mention it is at night, almost no one comes during the day. .
At ten o’clock in the evening, the originally deserted playground was lit. In addition to the street lights on both sides of the road, the only three-story building in the playground was also lit.
In the darkness, hundreds of soul-ninja elites are scattered in every corner of the amusement park. They are divided into groups of five, divided into 20 groups, and are responsible for the outermost guard.
In addition, there are only two places where people gather in the entire playground, one is a Ferris wheel, and the other is a three-story building.
Under the night, the Ferris wheel stopped running, Lin Wanqiu was tied to the top cockpit, unable to move, and with a towel in her mouth, she could not speak.
In the cockpit on both sides of Lin Wanqiu’s cockpit, four killers from the Ninth Soul Organization, armed with their own sniper rifles, stood on standby.
Their task was to attack Chen Feng after Chen Feng appeared.
At the bottom of the Ferris wheel, ten ninjas from Shinobu, dressed in black ninja suits and carrying samurai swords, each looked cold and awe-inspiring to kill.
As members of the Ninja Hall, they are Ninja’s deterrent against other forces. Not only have they practiced martial arts, but they have also undergone strict and cruel ninja training, and they have experienced more than one shopping experience. They are true dead men.
Compared with the heavy guard of the Ferris wheel, there are only two people on the three-story building, but they are more dangerous than the four killers of the Ninja Ninja organization and dozens of Ninja Ninjas on the Ferris wheel.
They are all masters of Huajin martial arts!
Among them, Saito Wild Bear is the master of Huajin martial arts of the Miyamoto family. As early as ten years ago, Saito Wild Bear broke through Huajin.
At that time, he was caught in a state of ignorance in order to practice a Japanese ancient body training exercise. The whole Japanese martial arts community thought that Saito wild bear died in that practice.
But only the Miyamoto family knew that Saito Wild Bear was not dead. On the contrary, his strength was a bit stronger than it was ten years ago.
Sitting next to the Saito wild bear is Chiba Yoshimasa, the master of martial arts of the Matsushima family.
Chiba Jizheng was sitting cross-legged on a round mat, his eyes closed, like a wooden sculpture, motionless.
As the ace killer of the Matsushima family, he practiced martial arts when he was young and inherited the “Iai Swordsmanship”, one of the top ten swordsmanships in Japan. Later, he joined the Matsushima family and became a killer.
Five years ago, he was ordered by Matsushima Yuno to assassinate the heirs of the hostile forces of the Matsushima family. After encountering Waterloo, he was seriously injured and dying.
But Matsushima Yuino didn’t give up on him, but used expensive nutrient solution to help him survive.
Two months ago, all his injuries recovered.
Chen Feng was led by him in this ambush.
“Chiba-kun, is there no news that China Chen Feng came to Japan?”
Saito Yexiong asked impatiently. He has been sitting here for almost a day, but he hasn’t heard anything about Chen Feng. News.
Chiba Yoshimasa shook his head: “As of now, there is no news of Chen Feng taking the opportunity to go to Japan.”
“Will he not come?” Saito Wild Bear frowned.
“No.” Chiba Yoshimasa glanced at Saito Nokuma, and said solemnly: “I have learned about his information in detail. According to his style of behavior, it is absolutely impossible to watch his woman die in Japan. He He will definitely come, it’s just a matter of time!”
“Since that is the case, I hope he can arrive in Japan tonight. When he comes here, we will kill him sooner and finish the work sooner.” Saito Wild Bear said, then It felt as if Chen Feng was already the fish on the chopping board, and he could be killed as soon as the hour came.
Because, in his opinion, with their preparations tonight, not to mention Chen Feng, even the powerhouses in the middle stage of Huajin will die!
“Saito-kun, don’t despise that Chen Feng too much. That Chen Feng can break through to the early stage of Huajin at such an age is definitely not easy to follow.”
“If we despise him too much, we should carefully respond to Hua Xia’s words. The old saying, capsize in the gutter.”
Chiba Yoshimasa said solemnly. He felt that Saito Wild Bear was too arrogant. Chen Fengneng broke through the early stage of his transformation at the age of twenty-five. Looking at the world, he was a top genius. It should be faced with the most cautious attitude.

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