Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 560

Saito Yekuma curled his lips and did not take Chiba Yoshimasa’s words to heart. He felt that Chiba Yoshimasa was too careful, and Chen Feng was only a genius at the beginning of his transformation.
And he and Chiba Yoshizaki are both elderly people who have entered the early stage of Huajin for more than ten years.
Moreover, in addition to the two of them, there are dozens of soul-bearing ninjas and hundreds of armed elites below. Such power is enough to fight a local war, let alone deal with a warrior.
At this time, Chiba Yoshimasa picked up the military pager beside him, and said in a deep voice: “Those who notify you, cheer up and don’t take it lightly. Once you find something, report it immediately!” “Yes, Master Chiba!”
A respectful voice came from the pager.
At the same time, on a hill not far from the playground, Chen Feng was standing on a big tree, holding a night telescope, carefully looking at the playground.
He found the telescope from Matsushima Yumino’s bodyguard.
In addition, he also found two pistols.
And he learned from Matsushima Yuno’s mouth that the killing bureau was arranged here, but Matsushima Yuno did not know that he was not the person in charge of the scene.
Ok? Soon, Chen Feng saw human figures in the cockpit of the Ferris wheel hanging in the air, and there was more than one.
This discovery made Chen Feng’s heart move, and then he immediately used his eyesight and took a closer look. next moment.
He clearly saw several figures of the Ferris wheel, and clearly saw Lin Wanqiu tied to the top cockpit of the Ferris wheel.
This discovery made Chen Feng secretly relieved that Lin Wanqiu was okay. It seems that his behavior of using the pressure of public opinion to persecute the Japanese martial arts world is effective!
While reassuring, Chen Feng also understood that except for Lin Wanqiu at the top of the Ferris wheel, everyone else was a sniper. This was the commanding height of the entire playground!
This detail confirmed from the side that it was not easy to kill the game. He thought it was not easy to successfully rescue Lin Wanqiu!
Through the details of the sniper being arranged by the other party, Chen Feng realized that the killing was very dangerous, and did not immediately carry out rescue operations, but continued to observe the entire playground with binoculars.
He first carefully observed the vicinity of the Ferris wheel.
In his opinion, since Lin Wanqiu was tied to the cockpit of the Ferris wheel, the Ferris wheel must be heavily guarded by the enemy.
, the ten Ninja Ninjas under the Ferris Wheel have received extremely rigorous training and have a very high level of concealment. They hide in the grass, use the grass and trees to block, and the night light is weak, almost blending with the night. .
Chen Feng watched for two full minutes and did not find a single figure, but he was sure there were enemies there, but the enemies were too well hidden.
In this regard, Chen Feng did not continue to observe the vicinity of the Ferris wheel, but diverted his attention to observe the second target three floors.
The three-story building is the only building in the entire playground, and the lights are on, there must be people inside.
“The commander of this operation should be in a three-story building, but no one guards the door, which proves that there is a master in the building, and even the commander is the master himself.”
After observation, Chen Feng made such a judgment, and then turned the camera again. , Began to observe other parts of the playground.
Soon, Chen Feng discovered that there were people in the entire playground. Those people were wearing black suits, headsets, and guns. Groups of five were patrolling various areas of the playground, covering almost all areas without leaving any dead ends.
“According to the layout of the enemy, the biggest danger comes from the masters in the three-story building, followed by the snipers on the Ferris wheel, and finally the enemies hidden near the Ferris wheel.”
“Wan Qiu is at the top of the Ferris wheel. , If you want to rescue her without disturbing the master in the three-story building, it is almost impossible even if I attack and kill the sniper and kill the people near the Ferris wheel, when I am Wan Qiu Mengnan, the master in the three-story building will I rushed over at the first time so that I could not escape.”
“The most urgent thing is to figure out the specific number of enemies and the strength of the masters in the three-story building.” After viewing the entire playground, Chen Feng put down his binoculars and thought quickly. With.
Thinking of this, Chen Feng no longer hesitated, and immediately put away the telescope, taking advantage of the night, lurking towards the playground.
Although he knows that between three and four in the morning is the most sleepy time and the best time to carry out the assassination, but for him, the sooner you act, the better.
On the one hand, he used the identity of a Korean citizen to enter Japan, concealing everything from everyone, no one knew that he had arrived in Japan, the enemy would relax his vigilance because of this, and he could be caught off guard.
On the other hand, after he killed Matsushima Yuno and his sons and several bodyguards, although their bodies were taken into the main building of the villa, they still might be found.
Once the news of Matsushima Yuno’s death comes out, the enemy will surely guess that he is lurking in Japan. Not only will the enemies in the amusement park fight with great spirits, but they will even increase their personnel.
In that case, the difficulty of rescue will increase again!
Just as Chen Feng was lurking close to the playground, whether it was the four snipers above the Ferris wheel, the three ninjas below the Ferris wheel and the hundreds of Ninja soul elites who were in charge of patrolling and guarding, they all received increased vigilance. The command.
Among them, in the two cockpits on the top of the Ferris wheel, four snipers observe their respective positions.
The four of them have a clear division of labor, each of whom is responsible for one direction in the south, east, north, and west, and they add up to cover all directions, and there are no dead ends.
“Master Chiba is too careful, right?”
Soon, in one of the cockpits, the sniper in charge of the east put down the observation mirror and said: “At present, we have not received news that China Chen Feng has entered Japan. What’s the use of being more vigilant?”
“Yes. In my opinion, we shouldn’t have carried out this operation at all. With Chiba hitting people and Lord Saito, Chen Feng would die even if he had ten lives! “The sniper in charge of the north also put down the observation mirror and echoed.
He was in the same cockpit with the sniper in charge of the east, while the other two snipers were in the cockpit on the other side, separated by Lin Wanqiu’s cockpit.
Not only are they a little listless and passive, but also the two snipers in the other cockpit.
In this operation, the Shinobu organization seemed to be to defend the glory of the Japanese underground world, but in fact it was only helping, thereby further strengthening the relationship with the Matsushima and Miyamoto families.
At the same time, the ten ninjas under the Ferris wheel did not move at all.
According to the plan, their task is to wait for Chen Feng to reappear after approaching the Ferris wheel, prevent Chen Feng from rescuing Lin Wanqiu, and buy time for Saito Wild Bear and Chiba Yoshimasa to arrive here.

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