Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 561

For this reason, not to mention that Chen Feng has not appeared, even if Chen Feng has already appeared, as long as they are not close to the Ferris wheel, they will not make a move.
“Group 1 is normal.”
“Group 2 is normal.”
“Group 3 is normal.”
… Soon, otherwise the patrol spirit Ninja Elite will report the situation in each group’s area by group, and all are normal.
“We haven’t received any news that Huaxia Chen Feng has entered Japan, so patrols are completely meaningless.”
“Yes, we have all guarded for a day, and even the shadow of Huaxia Chen Feng has not been seen, nor did Master Matsui. Let’s take a break.”
“If Huaxia Chen Feng arrives here in the last hour, we might not even have the fighting power.”
“I really don’t know who made this plan, it’s so fucking!”
After the report, he will be responsible for the east side. The tenth team members in the area stopped one after another, turned off the walkie-talkie, and talked with complaints.
“Come on, smoke a cigarette and take a break.”
Then, a man in black took out a cigarette from his pocket and handed it to his four companions.
Upon seeing this, the four companions put away the guns in their hands. Four of them were equipped with pistols, while the other was equipped with a submachine gun.
At the same time, in the bushes ten meters behind them, Chen Feng cat squatted down and clearly heard their conversation, and through the gaps in the bushes he saw them put away their guns and gathered together to smoke.
With the content of the conversation, Chen Feng can be sure that all five of them have turned off the intercom.
This is a rare opportunity for him!
Chen Feng did not immediately take action. Instead, he took out the binoculars and took a look at the Ferris wheel in the distance, and found that the sniper was not observing this side, and quickly put away the binoculars.
The next moment, Chen Feng’s internal energy boiled instantly, rushing to the spring of his feet, and his whole body kicked on the spot, like a cheetah dispatching a predator, swiftly rushing to the five people in front. fast!
At this moment, Chen Feng combined his inner strength with his physical strength, and his speed was so fast that he saw a black shadow flashing past, and he appeared behind the five black-clothed men, turning his hands into knives, and slashing to the end. The neck of a big man.
With two crisp sounds, the necks of the two big men instantly shattered, their heads tilted, their bodies shook, and they fell forward.
“Uh…” The sudden scene made the remaining three big guys suddenly startled, and their pupils went round instantly!
They were still complaining because Chen Feng hadn’t arrived in Japan, and Chen Feng appeared right now, and killed their two companions with lightning speed…
How can we stop them from all this? Horrified? call!
Without stopping, Chen Feng stepped forward, swiped his right hand away, in a claw-like shape, grabbed the neck of the third black-clothed man, squeezed it hard, just listened to a “crack”, and directly pinched the opponent’s Adam’s apple. broken.
Ok? At this point, the remaining two big men in black had recovered from the shock. Although they had received special training, although they were frightened, they still instinctively wanted to draw their guns.
Huh! At this moment, Chen Feng drew out the dagger from the waist of the third man in black who had just killed him. With a flick of his wrist, the dagger turned into a white light and quickly shot at the man in black who was the furthest away from him.
“Puff” did not wait for the man furthest from Chen Feng to pull out the pistol from his waist, a white light flashed by, the sharp dagger instantly pierced his throat, and the hot blood rushed out.
The last man in black successfully drew the pistol, but before he aimed at Chen Feng, Chen Feng appeared in front of him. One hand grabbed his wrist and prevented him from shooting. The other Hand, palm to the back of his head.
The back of the brain is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Once attacked, it can be coma or shock, or death.
With this palm, Chen Feng perfectly controlled his strength, only to make the last black man fainted.
Five big men in black, four dead and one dizzy, the whole process took less than two seconds!
After doing all this, Chen Feng did not stop, and quickly dragged the corpses of the four big men in black into the grass on the side of the road, then carried a submachine gun in one hand, and dragged the fainted black man with one hand. Dahan Yi quickly disappeared into the night, as if he had never appeared before.
He successfully completed the first step of the rescue operation!
Chen Feng quietly killed four big men in black, and quickly dragged the last big man into the bushes, then used the bushes to cover them and left the playground.
A few minutes later, Chen Feng stopped under the hillside 500 meters away from the playground, then drew his dagger and stabbed it on the thigh of the man in black.
“Puff” blood rushed out, and the severe pain caused the big man’s body to tremble violently. He opened his eyes and instinctively howled in pain. As a result, Chen Feng was covering his mouth and couldn’t scream.
Immediately, the big man regained his consciousness, looking at Chen Feng in front of him, as if facing a god of death, his face was pale, his breathing was rapid, his eyes were full of panic.
Apart from the horror, there is still a trace of puzzlement!
Although he recognized Chen Feng before, he still can’t figure out how Chen Feng came to Japan without knowing it!
“I’ll give you two choices.”
At the same time that the big man was frightened, Chen Feng said, in Japanese, “First, tell me the distribution and strength of the playground’s personnel. Second, I will pierce your artery. , Then blocked your mouth and tied you to the tree. You listened to the sound of bleeding and watched your blood flow until you died.” The voice fell, and Chen Feng released his hand so that the big man could speak.
Without answering, the big man’s breathing became even more rapid. He looked at Chen Feng in horror, not knowing whether it was because he was too nervous, scared, or unable to make a choice.
“I only give you ten seconds to choose the time.”
Chen Feng said again, putting pressure on the man and attacking the man’s psychological defense.
In addition, he did this to save time and prevent the news of this group of people from getting out of the way, which would not be conducive to subsequent actions.
“Kill…Kill me, you are dead too!” The big man said. He who has received special training is much stronger than ordinary people, and he is more able to withstand stress and fear. He did not give in, but gritted his teeth. Looked at Chen Feng.
“It seems that you have chosen the second one. In that case, then I will satisfy your wish!”
Chen Feng said, with a sudden wave of his right hand, and once again pierced the big man’s thigh, only less than a centimeter away from the aorta, blood Hurried out again.
The big man seemed to be electrocuted, his body twitched violently again, his hands covered the wound subconsciously, trying to stop the blood from flowing.

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